Basel-Jacob Astronomia SKY

“Jacob & Co, the founder of Jacob & Co, said:” As a sailor, driven by the sky dome and sailing towards the sea, I found my star: AstronomiaSky. In 2014, Jacob & Co replica launched the astronomical gravitational three-axis tourbillon.
This year, the brand further expanded astronomy innovations with the new astronomy Sky, adding unprecedented complications: three-dimensional display, oval sky indicator and 24-hour day and night display.

Jacob & Co Replica watch Grand Complication Masterpieces ASTRONOMIA SKY 750.110.40.AA.SD.1NS

Technical specifications:
The case is 18kt rose gold and measures 47mm x 25mm. It has double anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal and sapphire side holes.
The movement is a Swiss manual winding movement unique to Jacob & Co. Movement JCAM11, with 42 jewels, 21,600 vph and 60 hours of power reserve. It is made of titanium.
System: three-axis gravity tourbillon; finishing: plates and bridges: manual cornering and polishing, side drawing, round texture, polishing sink; polishing screws;
Features include:
The celestial dial covers the inner surface of the inner shell, and the sky is represented by the zodiac signs. 1 complete rotation of star year 1. Elliptical sky indication: shows the part of the star visible from the northern hemisphere, with 2 stars above the sky dome rotating in a full day. Month display: 12 months on both sides of the horoscope.jacob & co astronomia sky
Day and night instructions
The lacquered titanium hand-carved globe rotates on 2 axes: 1 axis: fully rotated within 24 hours. The second axis: the central axis, through the sky dome within 20 minutes. Inside the colored hemispherical sapphire, it symbolizes day and night.
Gravity three-axis gyroscope
Rotate on 3 axes: the first axis: within 60 seconds; the second axis: within 5 minutes; the third axis: the central axe through the sky dome within 20 minutes.
Track second indication
Rotate on two axes: the first axis: within 60 seconds, the second axis: the central axis, through the sky dome in 20 minutes.
Open the working titanium wheel and hands to indicate the seconds;
Hour and minute indication
Patented differential system
Rotate on the central axis and cross the sky dome within 20 minutes.
Cut the red moon
Weight: 1 carat; 288 orange-red sapphire patented Jacob cuts rotate on 2 axes: the first axis is formed in 60 seconds, and the second axis: the central axis, passes through the sky dome in 20 minutes.
Dial and hands: Celestial dial: blue grade 5 titanium, 18kt gold hand-carved and applied stars and zodiac signs; hour and minute dials: titanium, manual angle and polish, lacquered Differential system; blue hand done by hand.
Black alligator leather strap with 18kt rose gold folding clasp.