Introducing Urwerk UR-105 CT rypto stone

Urwerk Watch Replica 105 collection UR-105M AITiN

New version of UR-105 CT replica with dark titanium case and bright green rypto stone like lu stone application.

Although the UR-105 CT’s hunter-style case design is not new, Urwerk has just announced a cool expression of the new “UR” form of UR-105 CT. The rypto stone is essentially just a dark case And the application of bright green luminous display, combined with the strong color use of UR-105 TA “Clockwork Orange” and certainly not mistaken for the appearance of other things Urwerk In addition, if you do not like lume, why should Reading? Who hurt you?

I must admit that I have a soft spot for copy Urwerk. I dig into mechanical principles, design and unique wrist appearance. The hunter-style variant of the UR-105 CT looks a bit soft, and I think the stone version looks great. The 39.5mm wide UR-105 CT rypto stone hides most of the movement in the hood-like hunter cover, providing the same visual inspiration as the original 105 with decorative inspiration, with a special emphasis on the wandering hour display, not the entire Movement (if you may be used to many Urwerk models).

Then we became obsessed, which I really wanted to see in person. Ever since I was a kid sitting on the edge of the bedside table with fireflies, I have loved things that glow in the dark. My early Timex Indoglo, Seiko SKX007, and glowing galaxy stars were stuck on the ceiling above the bed; these things are characterized by their ability to shine so brightly in the dark. With the application of Super-Luminova (green, so we can assume C3), the UR-105 CT looks like a torch-like diving watch charm, and the UR 5.03 self-winding movement can show the iconic satellite wandering time. It runs at a frequency of 4 Hz and provides a power reserve of 48 hours. The shell is made of titanium alloy, and the surface is coated with AITiN coating, and the slide switch above the time display opens the front cover. On the left side above the hour / minute display, please do not miss the wild digital seconds display, which is updated every 10 seconds by a system weighing less than 1 gram.

Although Urwerk’s design is wearable and clear and easy to read, it is romantic, fun and completely an exercise in unconventional thinking. This is a replica watch china for enthusiasts, I think it looks cool. Black / green is sporty, and I like to cover a large part of the movement, which can be viewed and shared with the push of a button.