HYT skeleton watch

The brand’s first pocket watch will be released in a limited number of eight, and will provide its own mechanically generated electric light source through LEDs strategically placed in the watch (although it lasts only five seconds at a time). Electric feed is provided by a manual spring in the crown of the dedicated button.

The watch maintains its iconic liquid time indication system, in which fluorescent green liquid (on demand) moves around the perimeter of the skull, displaying time in hours and minutes. When soft blue light is activated, the color between light and liquid produces an interesting change. The process of providing light is accomplished through a complex patented system of 82 parts. This watch has a modern titanium case with black DLC titanium and leather inlays.

HYT 159-TD-49-GF-CH SKULL POCKET Replica watch

HYT Skull Bad Boy 151-DL-43-NF-AS

Since 2015, Skull has been HYT’s iconic timepiece. Its bold appearance breaks the boundaries of its brand that stands out from the crowd, starting with a smooth time display.

Each function of the skull is designed to act as a “souvenir” to remind people that life is short, you must grasp every moment. It is a symbol of life, not death. Just like the fluid driven by two flexible containers, they flow inside the capillary to mark the passage of time. Without liquid, life is impossible. When neither is accounted for: the process starts at the first water clock (or “clepsydras”) more than three thousand years ago As a leaky pot in the 21st century, HYT is a philosophical tool. This is especially true when it takes the form of a bold skull with hollow eyes.

Product specification

Brand: HYT

Model: Skull Bad Boy

Dial: black and silver

Case material: black Dlc titanium, surface micro-spray treatment. Diameter: 51 mm rubber coated screw-in crown. The black Dlc titanium dome is at 6 o’clock. Convex sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating on the side of the dial. Screw-in sapphire bottom cover

Frame material: titanium black DLC

Movement: mechanical movement with manual winding, exclusive Hyt movement. 28,800 Vph, 4 Hz, 35 jewels Hand-chamfered bridge and Geneva bellows decorated with rhodium-plated bellow

Bracelet material: light gray slate crocodile leather

Dial marking: unstructured, rhodium gold plated with Clous De Paris earrings pattern, black liquid for hours Skull made of Damascus steel. Black hour dial, gray numerals and offset black index. Seconds Disc (left eye). Power reserve indicator (right eye)

Water resistance: 50m

Power reserve: 65 hours

Case diameter: 51 mm

Size and fit: Wrist size 135mm-190mm

HYT cleverly uses many aspects of the watch’s past, present and future: ancient water clocks, traditional mechanical movements and revolutionary best fake watches complications. HYT watchmakers were fixed by ancient water clocks or leaking watches, and spent ten years of unremitting pursuit to transform water clocks into modern watches. The end result is an amazing engineering marvel: a hydraulic mechanical watch. HYT immediately challenged and paid tribute to the long history of timekeeping. HYT, MCT


Hydraulic Machinery Watchmaker (HYT)
Like Hautlence, HYT is a micro-brand that breaks the boundaries of watch design. If Iron Man Tony Stark commissioned a watches, it must be skull red. HYT has adopted a very futuristic approach in its design.

Their watch naming convention may be an indicator of their comic superhero longing. There are names like Dracula, Gotham and Metropolis. Take H4 Gotham as an example (as shown above). H4 Gotham is named after the city where Batman lives, and its execution will amaze you. If you look closely, there is no hour hand. Instead, the hour is told through a red liquid tube similar to blood. Time is indicated by the liquid pumped in the bellows visible at the bottom of the dial.

Manufacturing Times
MCT was founded by Denis Giguet (Denis Giguet) in 2007, established on the coast of Lake Neuchatel, belonging to the avant-garde craft watch genre. Like some of the movements shown above, MCT offers a series of internal movement movements, the case and dial design is extremely gorgeous.

The following picture shows the sequence of ONE S100 and frequent F110 movements. The S100 was inspired by British car design in the 1940s. The movement is another interesting method of timing. The movement rotates a sapphire minute disc, which includes a complex prism. There are 471 components in one hour, for example four modules. The four modules have five triangular prisms, which rotate to indicate the time, while the central minute dial rotates 90 ° counterclockwise hourly hourly to display the time.

The MCT F1.0 movement is a manual movement based on an innovative concept, but it breaks through the technical boundaries. The centrally suspended balance wheel is combined with the traditional hours and minutes display. The challenge here is to bring the escape wheel to the center by moving the gearbox from under the movement to the middle. The resulting movement looks beautiful. Trust us, this is really aesthetics.

HYT H3-Linear fluid revolution

Today, the amazing team of HYT, led by Vincent Perriard, made another announcement. Last time I wrote the HYT skull here.

Phenomenon engineering reinvents what we call or at least indicate time in a completely different way. HYT’s hydraulic mechanical watchmaker proposed H3. Fundamentally, it is the same as the previous models H1 and H2. However, there is a big difference. The capillary tube, which holds the colored liquid, is no longer “round”, but follows the outline of the housing. It’s straight now.


I can only imagine the news overwhelming you. Am I blaming you for this? Absolutely not, but before you finally decide whether this watch is different and finally decided to be cool, please continue reading!

This operation around the new part eliminates the circular capillary and manual operation. In fact, it completely eliminates the layout of standard watches. At present, all this sounds very linear, and you are not wrong. The casing is an epic thing, measuring 62mm x 41mm. The outline and side profile of the case remind me very much of the wings, smooth and purposeful shape. Under the bright tube is a set of six cuboids, each with four faces. This watch does not have a dial, but relies on this set of 6 to indicate the time. Each time they spin, they show 0-5, then 6-11, 12-17 and the last 18-23 hours. In fact, a special complex function is designed to allow the entire array to rotate the dial itself, so that only the relevant hours are displayed. The other three faces are no longer visible. When the hourly retrograde change and the energy stored in the bellows move the colored liquid back to its starting point, everything is related to the poetic movement.

Also unlike H1 and H2, bellows that move liquid inside the tube are installed at both ends of the capillary. Again in linear direction. The message seems to be related to telling the time in a linear manner. HYT has even designed and developed a linear display for minute display, which uses double articulated arms and can sweep across the scale. This is also a retrograde mechanism.


To date, the most outstanding part of HYT MA. Thanks to its two barrels, it has a power reserve of 170 hours (about 7 days). Made of charcoal gray PVD coated titanium and platinum, this series is limited to 25 pieces. Available from September 2015.

For me, this is a technological miracle that really reshapes what HYT has done for a long time. Gone are the days of moving liquid enough, and they have now paired it with a retrograde rotating hour display and retrograde minutes. With its open working mechanism and appearance without a dial at all, it is very interesting. Just like the bare cylinder of a car engine. Every surface and angle must be carefully checked. Dark, awkward and damn cool.

Charcoal gray PVD coated titanium and platinum, micro-sprayed surface, satin finish
Length: 62 mm
Width: 41 mm
Height: 16mm
Screw-in dynamometer crown, rubber sheath
Thread offset lug
Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating (box)
Titanium screwed into the back cover
Water resistant to 30 meters
Retrograde fluid time
Counterclockwise indication
Crown position indicator (TNW)
Power reserve indicator (rear)
Rotate hour button
Mechanical manual winding, HYT exclusive movement
21,600 Vph, 3 Hz, 53 jewels
Titanium bridge frame decorated with micro-carbon gray PVD coating, decorated with titanium metallic satin, rhodium-plated bellows
170 hours (7 days) power reserve
Sapphire minute dial
Aluminum hour dial
Black crocodile leather
Charcoal gray PVD coated titanium folding clasp