Jacob & Co. astronomy tourbillon watch hands-on operation

At the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show in 2015, one of the most impressive things on my wrist was the completed Jacob & Co. Astronomical tourbillon watch (and Jacob’s astronomical tourbillon baguette set with diamonds). When I stared at the mechanical planetary system wrapped in a huge sapphire crystal on my wrist, a very real and wide smile appeared on my face. According to some people, it had no business at all because it was on it. This is a crazy watch, the best time is Jacob & Co.-I think it is a watch and jewelry company, much more attention from watch enthusiasts. Over the years, I have written many articles on Jacob Arabo and his controversial life and company. Let’s face it, his business dazzles the world’s rich and famous. This is a difficult task, what people need to appreciate is that so many companies try to praise the world,

During my time as a luxury watch writer / blog / reviewer /, I learned a lot. One of them is that the world of the rich is very different from the world of those who are not so rich. Classism does exist, and it does exist. When everyone goes to the bathroom every time and puts a pair of pants on one leg, people with a lot of money will only encounter a series of different problems and thinking in life. Okay, so far, let ’s go back to the dazzling Arab Mr. Arabi and some watches, I think those who are not in his world do n’t quite understand.

For example, if you try to measure the “points” of Jacob & Co. Astronomical Tourbillon with a dive gauge, it is like comparing a sturdy log cabin with a beachfront luxury villa. Yes, both are technical structures, the first may be more meaningful, but the latter is related to social positioning and self-rewarding ability. You will find that no matter how rich you are, you will need to save something for payment.

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Jacob & Co. is a brand whose top products are available to people who still need to consider multi-million dollar watches. I would like to put it another way: Royal members wear crowns and live in castles to exchange information about themselves-information about their power, prestige and status in life. Doing so will make those without crowns and castles uneasy, but those people will still understand those with power.

Diamonds and highly complex watches can be used as power wearable tools. In the final analysis, this is the meaning of status and social symbols. First of all, it’s about attracting partners, and then, it’s about telling companions around you that you have some control over them, and they have no privileges. We all want power, and we all get annoyed by others who have power (especially when we think they should not have power). Like it or hate it, Jacob & Co. watches are all about Mr. Arabo’s talented design. After all, this is the guy who just took out a watch called Billionaire Tourbillon.

You can think of the Jacob & Co. Astronomy Tourbillon as a compact, small machine, but when you wear it on your wrist and put on a two-inch-high sapphire hemispherical mirror and put it on 18k gold, you are really telling people About yourself. I think I hope the attention you draw is positive, right? Now, let me take a few steps back and remind you that there are both beautiful ways of displaying diamonds and extremely untouched ways. This is the nuance of the criticism of diamond watches. I think only a few people can fully understand that those who are in strange situations will pass them extremely expensive diamonds and ask for their opinions-and then be able to pass these diamonds Make comparisons and experience them again and again. Jacob & Co. Is unique in that they can

Please note that what you see in the case cavity of Jacob & Co. astronomers is the entire JCEM01 manual winding movement, while the planetary structure is actually located on the barrel. It is actually an electric barrel, designed based on certain systems in the historic pocket watches of the United States. All four arms are connected by a special differential system, and the system rotates around the dial every 20 minutes. That is the first axis of the tourbillon.

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At the beginning of timekeeping, the art of timepieces was mainly determined by stars and planets, namely astrology. In addition to the apparent solar cycle, lamps are often used to estimate time. If you look with the right eyes, the North Star will become the center of the clock, and you can draw an imaginary line through the two pointer stars of the Big Dipper to form the hour hand of the clock. The ancient civilizations of Babylon and Assyria are known for their tall structures and complex instruments, and they are used to better understand the roof of the universe. It is said that the 3 Sumerian period surrounding the divination process in the sky is the most popular RD millennium BC. Back in time, the night sky was seen as a valuable area for those conductors who supervised the Life Orchestra. In particular, priests use astrology to determine the wishes and intentions of the gods. Consider the fact that space also produces comets that are considered harbingers, occasionally causing eclipses, which are considered to have spiritual significance.

So, what does all of this matter? Well, today we are going to see the Astro Tourbillon baguette, a complex function of cutting-edge technology and dynamic dial, dedicated to the ancient art of watchmaking. This is a superb example of Swiss watchmaking craftsmanship, a bold aesthetic that highlights personality and a visual effect composed of rotating celestial bodies. fashion replica watches.It can be seen that the motion revolves around a controlled oscillator centered on the heart of the three-axis tourbillon. This forms a beautiful track display for measuring the passing of hours and minutes and beautified with 18ct rose gold setting decorated with diamonds and sapphires. It is powered by the exclusive Jacob & Co. manual winding movement and features a smooth, rotating minute dial and a patented differential gear system.