Urwerk UR-CC1 and EMC-the development of mechanical watches

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Some of you know that I am a big man. No, let’s say-I am a person who likes to express “modern” and “watch” in one sentence. Although many of our readers here already know what fake Urwerk is, let me give a brief introduction for those who do not know. The brand created by Felix Baumgartner and Martin Frei (two watch geniuses working together on a project) was founded in 1997, and it introduced new concepts and standards in the field of independent watchmaking. Today, Urwerk is known for its very successful projects, such as the UR103 or UR110 models, which use satellite hours to display the time while rotating around its own axis and dial.

Introduced a new concept in the field of watchmaking, and opened another direction for designers and watchmakers to explore. The first of these is UR-CC1.

Now you may think this name is too complicated and technical, but in fact it has a big story behind it. CC stands for Cottier Cobra, because the concept of the watch was originally designed by a very talented watchmaker in the 20th century-Louis Cottier. He named the crown Cobra, and hoped to introduce a linear time recording method, so that this idea Take the dashboard of an American car from the old method. He sold the design to one of the most famous people in the watch industry-Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe), but they never developed and manufactured such works. Is it their incompetence or does not want to experiment? What we do n’t know What we know is that today (or more like 2010) Urwerk finally introduced the original concept to pay tribute to the creator of the idea.

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Before I go further, the last price I want to shock you is that I want to sell it immediately – the watch, or I should say, the beast on this wrist sells for about $ 300,000. I know this money is a lot, so I let it sink and talk about the watch itself. I was very happy to wear it for a week, and it turned out that it fits the wrist better than the wrist. The case is made of gold and titanium and is 53 mm long and 18 mm wide. At first it looks like a digital watch is actually a very complicated mechanical movement.

The hours are displayed at the bottom, from 1 to 12, and then use the fallback system to jump back and start over. Each hour is a separate line that is displayed outside the movement, so the minute indicator is located just above it. As for the minutes, I did n’t immediately know how they work, but when Urwerk said “linear time”, they meant literally, because the seconds are represented by a spiral, and when turning, the exact time is displayed on a linear scale, And the correct seconds are displayed in a small window. Although only 25 pieces of these Shopping watches were made (I wore a 25/25 watch), it also has an all-black version and is a unique part of the London Marcus watch, whose indication is red instead of green. All models are automatic and use the special features of the Urwerk turbine winding system to provide 39 hours of charging time. The only uncomfortable part of the watch is the crown, which is located on the top of the case. If you do not adjust the wrist time, it will damage the timeout of the strap. Overall, this watch is really great. To my surprise, in the nearly four years since the advent of this watch, no one has tried to create a linear time display that is similar or more advanced. However, for some reason it is called CC1, so we hope Urwerk will continue to use this series of watches.

When I was sitting and dreaming, another cobra Urwerk had just released another watch, called EMC. Another technical name stands for “Electromechanical Control”. When CC1 was originally developed by Cottier, the credit was entirely due to the Urwerk team, which was designed, created and assembled in-house. This is the first.

This watch combines mechanical and electronic technology. Its mechanical aspects are responsible for time indication and power reserve, and the electronic devices we can see on the bottom cover are only for improving time accuracy. I have already talked about watch companies trying to invent new methods for more accurate time indication by using tourbillon alternatives (such as differentials or improved balance wheels), but this is completely new.

The indicator you see on the upper left of the dial shows whether the watch is accurate within + -20 seconds, and the test process is initiated by a huge winding player, you can pull it out of the side of the case and rotate it. To adjust your time, you need to screw a small bolt on the back of the watch to restore it to its perfect state. In this way, you will never lose real-time.

Maybe I have to add that although I am not the biggest fan of dial design, I really like the back, this is the first time in Urwerk history that it is completely open! As for the size, it is a little smaller than CC1, the “long” is 51 mm, and the thickness is 15.8 mm. The watch is made of a mixture of titanium and steel and has the largest power reserve of all Urwerks – 80 hours. This is definitely a collection that every Urwerk fanatics seeks!

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Introduction of URWERK UR-100 Gold Edition Watch

Urwerk released its sci-fi watch masterpiece UR-100 last year, which includes the original steel model and a special gunmetal version. Although these watches are a piece of cake, Urwerk has now launched the all-gold version of UR-100, which further enhances the level of luxury.

Urwerk watches also stand out with their unique timing experience, and the UR-100 is no exception. Like all other Urwerk, there is no pointer on the UR-100, but the brand’s iconic rotating satellite mechanism and a round minute scale to indicate the time. But UR-100 far exceeds the requirement of keeping time. The watch also tells the wearer the distance traveled on the earth in 20 minutes and the distance traveled by the sun on the earth in about 20 minutes through two additional displays on the left and right. When the hour satellite disappears from the main dial, the red arrow pointer on the hour satellite indicates this information.

Although the spatiotemporal display on the UR-100 is very attractive and familiar, it is indeed the case in this reference, which makes it special. The case is still made of 18k 2N solid gold, the diameter is still 41mm, the distance between the lugs is 50mm, and the thickness is 14mm. The use of gold not only exudes a warm feeling, but also adds some reassuring weight usually associated with luxury watches. The case has a good bristle effect throughout the process and contrasts with the black dial. Water resistance is limited to 30 meters.

The watch is powered by Urwerk’s UR 12.01 movement. The working frequency of the movement is 4Hz, which provides a power reserve of about 48 hours when fully wound. The movement has a special module developed by Urwerk for planetary functions. Urwerk himself once again created a special speed-regulating winding system, turning the fake watch Price over.