Richard Mille RM036 watch

If you are a fan of Monty Python, then you are a fan of comedy, usually out of irony and absurdity. Considering me a fanatic, I feel that Mr. Miller also belongs to this camp. At SIHH 2013, my immortal impression of him was sitting in a chair and talking with energy with both hands. “Absurdity” is the easiest way to explain the function and concept of the new Richard Mille RM036 “G-Sensor Tourbillon” watch.

In short, the watch is a mechanical tourbillon timepiece with a tourbillon force gauge. On the one hand, you have a rather fragile tourbillon escapement. On the other hand, you have designed a device that can measure force from speed…usually when you plan to withstand large forces. Most of these things are not together at all.

In fact, RM036 is a beautiful choice on the wrist. I have never made a car behind Mr. Miller’s passionate arrogance, because “I don’t know if I can have this kind of mentality.” Richard Mille has tried in the past to prove that his tourbillon watch can withstand the forces that will destroy most tourbillon movements. How did he do it? By placing such watches on the wrists of racers, tennis players, runners and golfers. Everything must be done in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, these athletes did it, and it is said that the watch survived-but it was not enough to make Richard Mille understand what he meant. After several years of development, Richard Mille has just released a watch with a mechanical gravity watch. cool. But what should I do? Well, all I did was test the gravimeter.

I held the watch tightly, clenched my fist, and threw it aside to see what would happen. Then looking at the dial, I noticed the gravimeter on the top of the dial. The little hand that used to be green is now red. All the way to red. If his car runs at the same speed, it looks like I just smashed my wrist with enough force to kill the car. I am very impressed with myself. Unfortunately, the gauge does not specify the force that the watch has just suffered. I support that you need to believe that anything in the “red zone” is dangerous. Pressing the pusher on the side of the case can reset the hands to perform more operations to see what the watch can withstand.

If you plan to put yourself in a centrifuge or other items that will overwhelm the internal organs, I must confess to you that I am not going to wear the tourbillon with me. When the power of many Gs convinces my stomach to be too low in the body, it is not particularly necessary to enjoy the almost romantic charm of the spinning tourbillon. Richard Mille may also be aware of this fact, but it seems that it has been a long time since I forgot the notion that clocks need more meaning. In fact, the absolute frivolity of the high-end watch design launched in the mid-2000s has revenge. Only this time, its production is more restricted and the price is higher. However, to get the media and many stimuli, only a few are needed. Why does RM036 exist? Because Richard Mille (Richard Mille) has the means to do, contact and customers.

Richard Mille RM 36-01 Tourbillon Competition G-Sensor - Sebastien Loeb Replica Watch

So why do they want to produce this watch? Fast driving is more or less. The work was made for Jean Todt, he is not a very fast person (as far as I know). However, Todt is involved in the French motorsports world and may be related to the FIA’s “Road Safety Action”. To be honest, Richard Mille has very few details about the official use of the watch, and it is ambiguous. Todt is a friend of Mille. Maybe both people think this watch is very interesting. The brand calls it a timepiece designed to help road safety. The meaning of a watch is to tell you whether you accelerate too fast (and then what? Will you slow down because the watch is willing?). To be sure, our own body can tell us this. However, 15 of these watches will be well-known…driver safety,

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) many watches were born in Renaud & Papi headquarters. The task of the watch movement designer there is to provide a gravimeter that is small enough and mechanical enough to be placed inside the watch. Although this is the most interesting function of the watch, Richard Mille has the least explanation. The RM036 meter looks a bit like the power reserve indicator on the dial, showing the largest Gs. The button at 9 o’clock resets the “G sensor” pointer. Therefore, after driving at an extremely fast speed, you can check your wrist and giggling to see how close you are to the red area. Unfortunately, the G-Sensor instrument lacks any values. Therefore, you only need to get safety tips from the colors.

The RM036 Jean Todt G-Sensor watch uses a 42.70mm wide titanium case with a rubber strap. It is actually very lightweight and very comfortable. If you are a fan of Richard Mille design, then this watch is pure passion. The movement is manually wound instead of pulling out the crown. The pusher in the crown acts as a function selector (wind, set time or neutral). The movement has a power reserve of about 70 hours and a tourbillon chronograph to display the second hand. Of course, there is the problem of the G sensor, which is a 17 mm wide module located on the top of the movement.

If RM036 is as durable as Richard Mille claimed, then we have another rather impressive and ridiculously erotic mechanical pornography that will definitely make our wheels turn. I don’t think it’s about letting the watch act as a safety tool, but to let racers who want to make more money rather than budgeting use it to see how far they can move the hands on the racetrack that quickly brakes their Lambos and Porsche.


In 2006, Richard Mille established a partnership with Italian yacht manufacturer Perini Navi. The best watch brand has also become the official timer of the Perini Navi Cup. To commemorate this collaboration, it launched the RM 014 Tourbillon Perini Navi watch in 2006 and the RM 015 Tourbillon Perini Navi watch in 2007.

Richard Mille has been the main partner of “St. Barth’s Cathedral” since 2010, and won the “Richard Mille Maxi Cup” (Richard Mille Maxi Cup).

In 2007, British sailor Ian Williams won the third round in the color of Richard Mille in the final round of the World Tour Tournament in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia Monsoon Cup champion and become the champion of world competitions.

physical education
Since 2013, Richard Mille has sponsored the Lacoste Women’s Open Golf Women’s Open.

In May 2011, Richard Mille (Richard Mille) founded the Richard Mille (Richard Mille) Polo team, the team by Brunei’s Prince Bahar, British player Max Rutley Max (Routledge) and Argentine Pablo Mac Donough (Pablo Mac Donough) and Alejandro Muzzo (Alejandro Muzzio).

Cars and racing

Le Mans Classic
Richard Mille is also the chairman of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Endurance Committee.

From the beginning, the brand has invested in auto events and competitions, and became a partner in auto events in 2002. Now it has become an indispensable classic event, the Le Mans Classic.

In 2014, Richard Mille reaffirmed his participation, always collaborating with Patrick Peter of Peter Auto, and created an event specifically for historic cars Contributed, the event has become one of the most prestigious car elegance competitions in the world since the first edition. : Richard Mille, Chantilly Art and Elegance.

The Richard Mille brand collaborates with many drivers of Formula One teams such as Alfa Romeo Sauber, Haas F1 and McLaren, and Formula One (Nissan E-dams, Venturi equation E).

In 2017, Richard Mille and McLaren Automotive signed a 10-year partnership agreement. The RM 11-03 McLaren Automatic Return Chronograph is a limited edition of 500 timepieces designed by McLaren design director Rob Melville and Richard Mille engineer Fabrice Namura. The RM 11-03 McLaren watch is a watch ordered by 500 McLaren Senna owners (this is the first model from the Ultimate Series from the Woking manufacturer) and its number matches the chassis number of its supercar. In addition, McLaren Speedtail’s first car launched in October 2018 applied thin layer technology (TPT) to automotive manufacturing. It is used for the upper control system of the super sports car, the steering wheel base and the gear lever.

In addition, in 2017, the watch brand became the official partner of the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi and the circuit of Paul Ricard in Castellet in 2018, here’s “Tour Time” (Game Display Board ) Designed by Richard Miller’s team.

At the end of 2018, just before the first round of the 2018-19 Formula E season, Richard Miller announced a three-year partner Venturi, the team’s management Pastor Gildo in Massa, a long-standing partner of the watch swiss brand , Teammate Eduardo Mortara of the race.

In 2019, Tolman Motorsport ran a pair of McLaren 570S GT4s with Richard Mille as the sponsor.