Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde FC Bayern Munchen

Hublot 406.JX.0120.RT Big Bang Unico Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Replica watch

In November, Hublot launched the new Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde, which is designed to commemorate the famous German football club Bayern Munich. wholesale watch replica

As you may already know, Hublot has been the official timekeeper of the Bayern Munich club since 2012. This season, the famous sports team is celebrating the best season in its history, and Hublot naturally participated in the celebration and performed a special interpretation of it. The flagship Big Bang model. The exclusive limited edition Big Bang Unico two-way Bayern Munich FC resurrection edition is limited edition, including 100 individually numbered chess pieces.

Like all Hublot watches inspired by the dynamic world of football, the new Big Bang is equipped with a two-way mechanical chronograph movement specifically designed for football fans. The movement and the patented mechanical interface allow the wearer to time football matches.

The central chronograph shows the duration of the half-time of the game, which is 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes of extra time, for a total of 60 minutes. The second and minute hands move in an arc between 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, and the opening located above the center of the dial indicates the ongoing time period: first half, overtime, second half, overtime and full time. The dial at 6 o’clock indicates the actual time. Review watch replica

Whenever the wearer presses the button at 2 o’clock, the timing mechanism is triggered. At this time, the retrograde mechanism will move the second and minute hands to the 60-second mark, then jump the second hand back to zero, and the minute hand back to the actual time in progress. The magnificent working principle of the movement HUB1261 is partially demonstrated through the sapphire caseback with the FC Bayern Munich logo. The movement is housed in a 45mm carbon fiber case mounted on a sports alligator leather strap, sewn on red alligator leather, sewn on rubber, and sewn with blue stitching.

Hublot 406.MC.0138.RX Big Bang Unico Perpetual Calendar Magic Gold Ceramic Replica watch

Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said when introducing this watch to the public: “Hublot loves football and has been committed to supporting football since 2006. In the beginning, this It is a child’s dream, desire to play, enjoy teamwork sports, discipline, enthusiasm and commitment. Bayern Munich’s track record is a source of inspiration and respect. Each new victory will only enhance the Red Army’s status as a record holder. Even while playing “Football”, they can’t deny their taste, tactical spirit and winning power. Tonight, all the players around the table are celebrities. This is an amazing moment that highlights the Hublot family. And friendly spirit.”

Hublot Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Bayern Munich Football Club, reference number 413.QX.1123.GR.BYM15, waterproof to 100 meters, can use 72 hours of power.

The world-renowned French football clubs Hublot and Paris Saint-Germain launched official watches to celebrate the team’s North American summer tour

Hublot displayed a limited edition watch of Paris Saint-Germain Football Club in one of the most exquisite places in the world on the top 620 loft and garden of the historic Rockefeller Center. The team’s official timepiece is Big Bang Unico Bi-Retrograde Paris Saint-Germain, which is limited to 100 pieces. This is the second timepiece that the brand has collaborated with the French team. It is a 45.5 mm titanium case with the Paris Saint-Germain logo on the sapphire crystal back.

Hublot Big Bang Unico two-way restoration Paris Saint-Germain red, white and blue titanium case model has an auxiliary clock, two-way restoration of the caliber, can retain two 45-minute time periods-the official length of the football game. A retrograde hand refers to a hand that completes timing and then jumps back to the starting point to start again. In this table, you can see two retrograde pointers (one red and one white) with a 0-60 arc.

This watch advertises a titanium case with a composite resin crown and buttons, while the 2:00 button is highlighted in red. The official timepiece of the Paris Saint-Germain Football Club is equipped with Hublot’s self-winding UNICO movement, which is manufactured by the brand’s manufacturer. The movement is composed of 385 parts, and a column wheel chronograph is also provided, which is waterproof to 100 meters.

Hublot US Managing Director Jean-Francois Sberro hosted an exclusive cocktail party with the team at the private roof garden on the top floor of the historic Rockefeller Center and launched the Big Bang Unico two-way Retrograde Paris Saint-Germain timepiece. Star players participating in the event included Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Blaise Matuidi and Thiago Silva, as well as the official last week Kevin Trapp (KevinTrapp) who joined the Paris club. Mr. Sberro supports the idea of ​​why high-end watches are suitable for athletes, that is, both are rooted in performance concepts.

At the end of the event, a large canvas painting was created, which will be auctioned later this season to benefit the charity organization of the Paris Saint-Germain Foundation, which helps sick and disadvantaged children live a life.