Frank Muller (FRANCK MULLER) Long Island Big Date Automatic: The Roaring Style of the Twenties

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Franck Muller copy is an exception for watchmakers. Although the industry prefers round watches, Mueller is reluctant to use round watches. Among the manufacturers with the long dead-end figure head name, Mueller is still alive. Swiss watchmakers from Jean Richard to Hublot pursue endless romances with watches named after the icon of New York City, while Franck Mueller puts the entire model production line Throw into neighboring Long Island.

So why not? The Franck Muller Long Island Grand Date Automatic is an 18-carat white gold that pays homage to the wealthy, famous and notorious Prohibition Stadium in New York City.

Anyone who has read “Big Gatsby” or watched a film adaptation knows the score. Noisy parties, huge “Gold Coast” estates, big bands from the jazz age, and most importantly, the ubiquitous Art Deco vibe. Or at least this is the way we prefer to imagine.

Franck Muller is happy to wear his rose T.J. Eckleburg glasses. Muller’s Long Island Grand Date is a tribute to the romance of the past. Long Island (Long Island) 33mm x 45mm white gold case captures the linear aesthetics that debuted at the 1925 Paris International Modern Art Deco Fair and became the iconic style of the era.

The bold vertical and horizontal expansion of this watch is reminiscent of the layered base of the Empire State Building and the sweeping lines of the neon strip of Miami Beach. Art Deco didn’t begin to combine right angles with compound curves until the 1930s, but allowed artists to play quickly and slowly according to their own history.

Franck Muller is an artist. A close inspection of his Long Island event revealed that he had a great time with the Art Deco orthodox school. When viewed from the side, the case forms a soft arch. Far from being a sturdy metal brick, the Long Island is a delicate companion designed to track the natural bending of the wrist, and although the case proportions are firmly rooted in the 21st century, it sits lightly.

As a companion to the curved case, Muller includes a unique curved sapphire crystal that follows the case through elegant undulations. The crystal remains flush with the case, and the precision standard between these two complex craft components is a miracle of traditional craftsmanship.

Luxury is not a redundant issue, but a function that exceeds expectations. The solid weight of the wide white gold case is a sign of the real thing, but because the large back cover fits the wrist and spreads the mass, it emits heat. There are no pressure points. Fake Franck Muller wears a soft alligator leather strap with minimal support, allowing the watch to be easily fixed even on a petite wrist.

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Muller carefully designed a set of quick-release spring pins to suit the Long Island event. These devices have a small lug that can be retracted from pressure with a fingernail, so that you can change the belt yourself without going to a jeweler or using tools. Simply pull the tab and insert the quick-release pin into the new belt to complete the exchange.

The curved case and excellent short lugs ensure comfort and precise fit. If necessary, the strap can be pulled flush to the wrist at a 90-degree angle to the horizontal.

Although many large watches use hard leather straps or case straps to withstand smaller wrists (resulting in a terrible “hula hoop” feel), the Long Island Grand Date is clearly designed to easily adapt to wrist heights no larger than the span Box. Collectors who retain the approximately 45mm case can proceed with confidence when considering Long Island.

The impressive white gold case of Long Island is the leader of this jazz, while the whimsical silver dial is a worthy second trumpet. Its outstanding feature is the cartoonized Arabic numerals, which combines the linear middle section and extreme bending characteristics of Art Deco. These figures embody the rigid elements of Deco and its organic Art Nouveau style, which are both fun and break the norm.

Obvious modernists are not in awe of any particular fashion style, and these large black figures represent the ironic humor of Franck Muller. The style of this perfect copy watch is as liberating and in harmony as the bezel of the Stutsbir panda.

The unique guilloche pattern etching adds texture and visual interest to this majestic Franck Muller Long Island dial. It is as big as a watch, and additional details are used to animate the empty space of the dial. Muller uses a traditional 19th-century “train track” ring in the center of the dial, while a second miniaturized decorative pattern surrounds the small seconds dial at six o’clock. The huge blue hands and the fascinating big date complication at 12 o’clock complete Franck Muller’s hybrid vision of retro modernism.

Although the appearance of this watch exudes the energy and optimism of the early days of the war, Franck Muller’s handling of the automatic mechanical movement is not excessive. Although the movement is covered by a solid gold back cover, the movement is based on ETA 2892 and is personalized with Mueller’s unique finish. Geneva waves decorate the bridge and 95% platinum winding rotor. The Perlage pattern eliminates processing marks on the substrate.

Finally, use diamond paste to polish the entire component into a rich luster. Although only your watchmaker can appreciate this kind of workmanship, you can imagine the quality of Frank Mueller Long Island so satisfying.

All original Franck Muller factory packaging boxes, manuals and proof of provenance for the Franck Muller Long Island Grand Date Automatic Watch can be obtained from In excellent condition, this gold Shopping fake watch appears brand new. Its rich blue alligator leather strap is in excellent condition, and the matching 18k white gold pin buckle is also present and correct.

According to records, we keep pace with the trend and constantly go back to the past. But thanks to such expensive watches as Franck Muller Long Island, it has never been better.