Richard Mille RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen

Richard Mille RM 50-04 Tourbillon Split-Seconds Chronograph Kimi Raikkonen Watch Replica

Richard Mille RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen watch release Richard Mille partnered with Alfa Romeo Racing in 2018, and this year they are racing together on the F1 circuit. The Singapore Grand Prix just ended yesterday, I believe racing fans will never miss it; but of course, those of us who write watches are more concerned about the watches in the hands of the drivers, and this time I want to report that Alfa Romeo Racing driver Kimi Räikkönen is wearing a brand new RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen enters the field.

Richard Mille RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen belongs to the RM 50 series, equipped with a split-second chronograph function and a tourbillon system. RM 50-01 is a watch made by Richard Mille for the Lotus F1 Team in 2014. Later, RM 50-02 and RM 50-03 were created for ACJ and McLaren F1 respectively. We also reviewed the Richard Mille RM 50 in 2017. -03 McLaren F1, click here to read if you are interested. The latest RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen, which was launched this year, is similar in design to RM 50-03, but with different materials and tones. Its red and white color matches exactly the color of Alfa Romeo Racing’s new car C38 in the 2019 season. .

RM 50-04 Kimi Räikkönen implements Richard Mille’s iconic sandwich case, 44.5 x 49.65 mm, 16.1 mm thick, with a red strap. The back cover and bezel are made of white Quartz TPT, with a black Carbon TPT middle case. The TPT in the names of these two materials stands for North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT), which means that although Quartz TPT and Carbon TPT are two materials, they are made of the same technology. White Quartz TPT is a stack of 600 layers of silicon dioxide, immersed in white resin, and then autoclaved to 120°C for molding, while Carbon TPT is made of multiple layers of black carbon fiber.

The watch replica Popular adopts an open dial design, with a black titanium scale frame, and red decorates the inner shadow circle, sub-diameter circle, hour scale, power reserve and function mode. This work only uses Arabic numerals for the hour scale at 7 o’clock, because that is Kimi’s car number, and the words “RM50-04 KIMI” are written next to 8 o’clock.

The RM 50-03 movement inside can be seen through the dial frame type. What is amazing is that its weight is only seven grams, which is of course the power of the material. The bottom plate and bridge plates of the movement are made of grade 5 titanium alloy, and some bridge plates are made of Carbon TPT, including some bridge plates dedicated to the rattrapante timing system, the outer frame that supports the entire movement structure, and to stabilize the hair The horizontal frame of the drum and tourbillon bridge. Although light in weight, the entire movement is extremely strong and successfully passed the impact test of up to 5000g.

In terms of functions, the watch adopts a tourbillon escapement system with hour, minute, and small seconds display, and a dual-second split-second chronograph function. It is controlled by the column wheel chronograph system and can be started by pressing the 8 o’clock button on the shell side. Or stop the chronograph, the 4 o’clock button is used to control the rattrapante hands, and the 10 o’clock button can reset the chronograph hands to zero.

The movement has a power reserve of approximately 70 hours. There is a display ruler at 11 o’clock on the dial to indicate the energy status, and the arc ruler next to it is a torque indicator, which represents the tension of the mainspring. The pointer indicates that 53 Nmm or less represents too slack. More than 65 Nmm means the clockwork is too tight, which shows that the biggest advantage is to prevent the watch owner from over-winding. Like most Richard Mille watches, this watch is also equipped with a crown mode display. After the high quality replica watch owner pulls out the crown, there is no need to estimate which gear the crown is in, because the indicator at 3 o’clock will clearly mark it. It is in WIND, TIME SCHOOL or NEUTRAL mode.