TOURBILLON G-Sensor RM 036 Jane Tote Limited Edition

Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor - Jean Todt Replica Watch

Angus Davies revisited the physics curriculum and also reviewed Richard Mille’s tourbillon G sensor RM 036 Jane Thoth Limited Edition.

The term “g-force” is a wrong term. If you talk to any students majoring in mechanical mathematics, they will tell you that “g” or gravity is a unit of measurement for acceleration or deceleration, expressed as the square of 9.81 meters per second with two decimal places.

A disciple of Sir Isaac Newton will explain that force is the mass of an object multiplied by its acceleration. To illustrate this point, suppose a person weighs 100 kilograms (Kg) and he is braking at a speed of 100 (kph) in a high-performance car. He wants to rest as soon as possible. He uses 1.5 g (1.5 x 9.81 m/s) The speed is reduced by the second square). The force of his body on the seat belt is 1472 Newtons (N).

If he drives a Formula One car, his mass will not change, but now he will withstand greater acceleration or deceleration, and will withstand greater force by default. For example, he may withstand an impact force of 5g. This means that the force of his body to tighten the seat belt is 4905 N, which is a greater force.

Someone may ask what this has to do with the watch. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) invented a timepiece that is characterized by increasing the complexity of the mechanical G sensor to inform the driver of the deceleration they are experiencing. Excessive speed changes may cause power outages, tunnel vision or death in extreme cases.

Fortunately, wearers of this complex watch can now determine the degree of deceleration they experience after exposure. After using the 9 o’clock button, the G sensor will reset.

Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor - Jean Todt Replica Watch

Owners of this model rarely explore the limits of deceleration, but this does not capture the point. This is another example of Richard Mille breaking the limits of high-end watch performance.

With the cooperation of Richard Mille and his long-time friend Jean Todt, the cheap swiss watches was realized. Some people will recall that Todt was Michael Schumacher’s successful planner on the blood-red Ferrari steering wheel. He claimed to have won the World Championships five times, and twice before. Won the championship with Benetton. Since leaving Ferrari, Jean Todd has been the chairman of the FIA.

The FIA ​​regulates the racing industry through regulations and regulations. In addition, it also strives to improve the safety of drivers as proven by its sports; “FIA Road Safety Action”.

This watch was unveiled at the FIA ​​Awards Ceremony in Istanbul on December 7, 2012. Jean Todt (Jean Todt) has agreed to donate profits from watch sales to the aforementioned global road safety movement and the ICM Brain and Spine Institute. He is the co-founder.

All of Richard Mille’s designs are endowed with modernity, and this model is no exception. Richard Mille (Richard Mille) did not create a false history, it resurrected the name of the 18th century that was forgotten in that era. They make no secret that they are a relatively young brand founded in 2001.

The brand has an honesty, and the design of its watches further reflects this. Appreciating the dial of this watch, you will see the mechanical strength, presented in frank glory. This watch does not have “smoke and mirror”, but truth and truth.

Arabic numerals are used to indicate hours. The font is modern, in keeping with the modern role of the watch.

Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor - Jean Todt Replica Watch

The hour and minute hands are hollowed out to give the largest view of the dial below.

The core of the Richard Mille brand is the inspiration for motorsport. The “function selector” that simulates a car gearbox can perfectly prove this. By pressing the button at the epicenter of the lower crown, the wearer can choose one of the following three setting functions: W (clockwork), N (neutral) and H (hand). This feature has appeared on other Richard Mille models, but it still makes me smile in some way, as if I knew it for the first time.

To the south of the dial is the tourbillon cage with a small second hand above it. The second hand and the corresponding scale are marked in yellow, which increases the vividness of colors and enhances readability.

The top of the dial is the G indicator. It was developed and patented by Renaud Papi specifically for Richard Mille. The G sensor system consists of more than 50 parts and is located in a small part of the wholesale replica watches. It uses a red pick to show the deceleration, which is curved from left to right. The left side of the scale is detailed in green, indicating that it is safe to decelerate. The right side of the scale is displayed in red, indicating the critical area of deceleration.

Richard Mille RM 036 Tourbillon G-Sensor - Jean Todt Replica Watch

The robust watch design can withstand deceleration, which is said to be tens of G. But for those who heard the story of Mr. Miller throwing valuable tourbillons on the wall and then presenting them to the assembled media, this is not surprising.

There is a black background behind the delicate mechanism visible on the front of the watch. However, this is not just a black canvas, but the reverse side of the carbon nanofiber floor. A lightweight, high-rigidity material, very suitable for Formula One racing.

There are many stories of Richard Mille seeking inspiration from Formula One. However, looking closely at this watch, your claim is confirmed. The transfer of technology from track to wrist is incredible and reasonable.

Recently, I sat in the passenger seat of the open tracking machine and trimmed the top at a very fast speed. My head dangled in the cockpit in a random position. Compared with the braking effect of carbon discs and brake pads, my acceleration is huge, but it looks pale. When I slowed down and shot forward, the comfortable seat belts combined to evacuate any remaining air in my lungs, and the disgusting thoughts were not too far away.

Richard Mille RM 36-01 Tourbillon Competition G-Sensor - Sebastien Loeb Replica Watch

The force I received when slowing down was huge, thanks to my round torso and huge weight. I don’t want to withstand greater deceleration, so it makes no sense to use the G sensor on my own timepiece. However, I don’t necessarily buy watches for practical reasons, but because they attract my heart and have mechanical virtues. In this regard, RM036 is undoubtedly the winner.

The continuous development of technology in motorsports and the continuous demand for continuous improvement of competitive advantage are unremitting. In the case of Richard Mille, I panted and waited to see the next watch that would make the paddock more elegant.

Model: Richard Mille RM 036 Jean Todt Limited Edition
Reference: RM036
Case: titanium; dimensions 50.00 mm x 42.70 mm; height 16.15 mm; water resistant to 5 bar (50 metres); sapphire crystal to front and caseback.
Functions: Hours; minutes; subsidiary seconds; G-sensor; function selector; tourbillon.
Movement: Calibre RM036, manual wind; frequency 21,600 vph (3 Hz); 26 jewels; power reserve 70 hours.
Strap: Rubber strap