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If you want to Discount cheap watch the watch directly, learn to read between the two lines. Gear Patrol, blogs to watch, Quill & Pad, etc. The manufacturer’s pocket is so deep that the author may suffocate the lint to death. The mainstream watch media must be cautious in criticizing, lest they lose income, intermediaries and opportunities for new models. Check out Quill & Pad’s opinion on Chopard Alpine Eagle.

To be honest, Alpine Eagle fixed the bezel with eight screws and added some metal on the left to balance the crown guard on the right and make it not so easy. Especially in combination with the integrated bracelet and blue dial, the brand almost asked for comparison.

Due to dishonesty, writer Martin Green danced around a simple fact: Chopard Alpine Eagle tried to copy the Patek Philippe designed by Gerald Genta Nautilus) and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak (Audemars Piguet Royal Oak). And failed.

Unlike the less annoying fake Bell & Ross BR-05, the Chopard Eagle is not so gentle Genta. Chopard’s respect (generosity) is an overly picky thing, with a dazzling date window and eight small-spaced screws. Everything is there, but not there. The Houston Hawks did not land.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Mr. Martin color-matched Eagle’s dial and finished his thumb before moving on. “About the bracelet?” a small group leader asked, sending out a [almost disguised] red flag.

Another aspect that makes this watch stand out is the case and bracelet made of stainless steel. Chopard, which has its own gold alloy forging material, internally developed and named it Lucent A223. It took them four years to develop the product and produce it in an ethical manner, which is roughly the same as the production idea of ​​Fairmined gold. This is both an achievement and a major commitment.

Although this new type of steel does not cause allergies like surgical steel, it does have two additional advantages. First, it is 50% harder than many other steels, which is a good thing when you make high-end sports watches.

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You will notice this when you wear it, because I find it not easy to scratch. Another advantage is the way it looks and reflects light when finished. Chopin called this “emptiness and incandescence”. How correct is this description!

Such as the atheism in “lack of material substance: immaterial, intangible”? No, that’s just my mouth. But when I was using it, did Mr. Martin deliberately try to scratch Eagle’s bracelet to test its resistance? I don’t think so.

I want to give a better description of the “ethical production” of steel, which is one of the main PR points of watches. At the same time, the bracelet schmacelet. What if Chopard cheap shaped the eagle’s second hand into the feather of an eagle? What about the crown? You must like Chopard’s metaphorical extension, trying to associate it with the Nest theme of the watch’s PC Eagle.

The compass rose engraved on the crown evokes the spirit of adventure and has been helping adventurers find their way since ancient times. Today, it has become a symbol of contemporary eagles. They can choose the right direction to pursue their destiny. This is an invitation to explore the majesty of the surrounding natural environment.

Has anyone told contemporary eagles that they have a new emblem? When they are there, please inform Mr. Martin that he will have to work harder to hide his true feelings for the Chopin Mountain Eagle.

To be honest, I seriously doubt whether the people at the Patek Philippe Nautilus or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak market would consider other things. However, for those who are looking for something different, “Alpine Eagle” may be just right for their alleys.

Although Alpine Eagle is not cheap, the price is reasonable. Part of the reason is its chronometer-certified manufacturing movement, and more importantly, its excellent dial and ethical Lucent A223 steel.

Honestly, no. The Chopard Alpine Eagle is a swingman. There was a shout. ladies replica watches