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Ref. 1463 is the charming chronograph first introduced by replica Patek Philippe in 1940, and the last watches were made in the late 1960s. With a diameter of 35 mm, it is still small by today’s standards, but it was very moving when conceived. The fact that Patek Philippe provided a waterproof case for this reference was confirmed. It is also the only vintage chronograph model of the brand, with round buttons for chronograph functions.

The problem that Patek Philippe often encounters is that all functions are highly readable, equipped with a perfectly designed dial and an overall well-balanced watch. On the wrist, it has characteristics, sits moderately, and its diameter is larger than one would expect. What makes this special Ref.1463 so unique is that the dial is also engraved with the words “Cartier”. Although this world-famous brand is mainly known for watches and jewelry named after its own name, have they retailed other well-known brands for a long time? Brands, including Patek Philippe. However, a watch with both names on a single dial is still rare, and it is believed that this is the only watch with both names.

The watch is powered by the Patek Philippe calibre 13-130 based on Valjoux 23. This reliable manual-winding chronograph movement is equipped with a column wheel and can also be found in other chronographs of the time, such as the Rolex Ref.3525. . Patek Philippe produced different versions of Ref.1463 during his lifetime. For example, it also has rose gold and stainless steel, as well as a variety of different dials. A combination of Roman numerals, gues numerals or indexed Arabic numerals; Patek Philippe makes all of these. One of these pictures has a rather bold golden index, which has a more modern touch than most siblings, making it a very attractive vintage Patek Philippe chronograph.

Discovered the Patek Philippe 1463 chronograph (the only known work and no less than the original family) retailed and signed by Cartier

If you haven’t noticed, the latest Phillips Geneva catalog is out, and it’s not ridiculous, it’s not surprising (please view the full content here). We have already told you that they may auction the 1518 steel GOAT, but there are other parts that may make your motor operate in a more meaningful way. It just depends on what you might, maybe affordable (1518 Steel should be able to bring a gain of 3 million US dollars, but I personally think it will exceed 5 million US dollars). Patek Philippe and the other chronograph are indeed a very expensive watch, but to my surprise, it does have something special. This is a reference number 1463, similar to the old Patek Philippe gold chronograph, but this watch is retailed and signed by Cartier. Oh, and it’s more than that.

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Here’s the thing: the gold of 1463 itself is not particularly special. Of course, they are much rarer and more charming than 5070J or 5170J. There is no doubt that this is not the case in the field of super high-end retro Patek Philippe. Frankly speaking, unless the 1463 yellow is sold at the Phillips auction, it does not come with a special two-tone dial or is in really poor condition and is usually not worth writing.

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Case: Yellow gold
Case diameter : 35 mm
Dial: Silver
Movement: Manual winding
Glass: Sapphire crystal
STRAP: Leather
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Seconds

This watch is worth noting though. why? Because this is Cartier’s only retail and signed 1463. It doesn’t sound like much, but the idea of ​​combining the great production of Swiss Patek Philippe with the French Cartier mansion around the late 1960s gave rise to such a lovely idea in people’s minds. Or at least my idea.

This 1463 yellow has the Cartier signature displayed above 6 o’clock, and strangely, the “Swiss” signature has also been adjusted to the position above 6 o’clock. I can’t say that I have seen it before. More importantly, the watch was commissioned by the descendants of the original owner, who bought the watch from Cartier’s Fifth Avenue Building (Fifth Avenue Mansion) (Thanks to Mr. Jack, you now know its history). According to Phillips, this watch may be a special order, manufactured in 1968 according to the case number, and may actually be one of the last two 1463s ever produced.

On the back of the back cover, there is an inscription instructing the original owner to gift the watch to his second wife in 1987. I do like the idea that 1463 Cartier has been hanging on someone’s wrist since the late 1980s-imagine running into her in a supermarket and seeing the watch on her wrist.

This 1463 queen is not an unworn safety queen, and the case must have been weathered and polished. However, the dial is flawless, which is the value for this watch. I found this watch to be very cute, and the small “waterproof” case is also great on the wrist. Finally, the watch is also equipped with the original Cartier alligator leather strap and the original matching number Cartier buckle. This watch may not have a mint-shaped case, but it has such a great charm and freshness, coupled with the originality of the dial, can not make up for any signs of wear on the case. At least for me.

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The auction report announced the main points of the “Nautilus 40” themed auction at Christie’s this fall

We are the first in the world to tell you about the Nautilus-only auction held in four cities this fall, and as we said, now we will tell you again about the most interesting watches in this auction.

Dubai-October 19, 2016
The first of the four parts will be held in Dubai on October 19th and we will see two very rare works. The first is the reference 3700/1A (the first Nautilus, made of steel), with an Omani crown on the dial. This is only the second steel replica watch that has been confirmed to be genuine, and the first has the front case number. More importantly, both watches were sold on the same day in 1978.

The second highlight of the Dubai watch is a piece I have actually never seen before, called Reference 3700/3. This is a Nautilus gold case with an original wide bracelet, but with a factory-grade diamond bezel. According to Christie’s auction house, this is one of the first Nautilus watches manufactured by the Faffer Perret Case Factory.

Geneva-November 14, 2016
Dubai has very sturdy watches, but for Geneva, it is clear that Christie’s will show the largest and worst Nautili (Nautili?) they can trace. The star of the show is obviously the reference number 3700/031, or one of only two 3700s in platinum. This watch is already a record-setting recorder. It was sold for 783,000 Swiss francs in 2015. It is still the most important and coveted Nautilus in the world.​​

Another big lot at the Geneva auction was another golden Omani Nautilus. This watch has never been publicly sold, only the second 3700 gold Oman dial.

In late November, on the other side of the ocean in Hong Kong, we will see two giant but more modern works leading the way. Reference number 3800, immediately after 3700/11, manufactured from 1981 to 2006, at the top of the food chain is 3800/108 in 18k white gold. The entire watch is pavé diamonds-because this is how you want a sports watch.

Another slightly different Nautilus will be listed in Hong Kong, this time with reference number 5712GR. This is a special watch that was first shown in 2012 and has been removed from the catalog.

New York-December 6, 2016
The last 10 watches of the “Nautilus 40” auction will go on sale in New York on December 6, 2016. Highlights include four (yes, four) 3700 stainless steel, including a watch with an original cork box and certificate, and several. Other rare works. There will be two reference numbers 5711 with Tiffany stamps (one for each dial color) and the rare 3800/1 with a slate gray dial and Arabic numerals.

Overall, Christie’s has prepared 40 interesting variants on the watch, and its design may be somewhat repetitive. However, the collection of fake watches Online, especially the scholarships for watches like Nautilus, is about nuances, and the smallest details are the biggest difference. For those familiar with the subject, many works include some very special “Holy Grail” works. More details are coming soon!

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