HYT H1 is just the opposite!

HYT 148-DL-21-GF-RU-YS H1 Diamond dome chrysoberyl Replica watch

HYT Skull Green Eye 151-TD-41-GF-AB Replica Watch

SERIES:HYT Skull Watches
MOVEMENT:Mechanical Manual
Functions:Hours, Minutes, Seconds and Power Reserve
Case:Black DLC titanium with brushed, micro-blasted and polished finishes
Crystal:Cambered Sapphire Crystal
Dial Color:Unstructured, fluid hours, black hour dial, grey anthracite indices and grey numerals, seconds dial (left eye), power reserve indicator (right eye)
Bracelet Strap:Black leather alligator
Clasp Type:Titanium Pin Buckle

Aesthetically speaking, this watch is full of paradoxes and contradicts current trends. This is an imposing watch: the case (shown here as rose gold) has a diameter of 48.8mm, although 45 is hardly visible when worn, it is due to its short angle and the original visual effect produced by the prominent sapphire crystal glass . When it is placed on the wrist, the crystal rather than the bezel will often lead people to pay attention to the size of the watch.

Therefore, although the accompanying diameter is affected by the size of the movement and capillary, the watch does not appear to be too large. This detail reveals a great watch with a successful design: it fits the wrist better than you actually believe. Even better, in the H1 rose gold case, the comfort is not reduced by weight: the watch is comfortable to wear. For the titanium version, this should be more true, because the titanium version is expected to make the product lighter and more airy.

The relevance of choosing rose gold is worth discussing here. One might think that in this modern context, it has nothing to do with traditional alloys. I personally think it is an extra, interesting trick, a fusion form between classic materials and cyberpunk design.

The dial also helps reduce the size of the watch visually. The volume of the elements changes with the sense of space that appears on some large dials (the sense of space is also aesthetically pleasing).

The three-dimensional effect comes from 4 elements: the capillary to display the hour, the 12h minute dial, the secondary counter (power reserve and work indicator), and finally the bellows. This low-key style can be like Zenith Defy in the Nataf era. It lacks my display power and can never be returned in a watch: whether it is a case, a movement, a bellows, or a smoother…A If you use purer elements, you may taste three-dimensional better. Here I think of some materials or designs used by Hautlence…

Aside from these details, once you get this Best fake watch, there are other things to consider besides the dial surface. In order to make the time race against the clock on the dial, and play with the watch can achieve the best results. Here, hours are indeed an excuse to observe the passage of time. So big that one can imagine that the lucky owner of this watch “forgot” to rewind H1, so the interesting thing is that it just sets the time: soon, the liquid moves in the capillary with fascinating inertia. You will not be able to set the liquid to an accurate time, but after careful consideration, the yellow liquid will move forward at a slower rate than the minute until it reaches the accurate scale. The glass is tubular, with filters installed on all sides, and the fluorescent liquid is still bright under at least a little sunlight.

The technology used in this watch has a disadvantage: So far, because LumiNova particles cannot be dissolved in aqueous liquids, it is impossible to produce a liquid that glows in a completely dark environment. Sooner or later they will sink to the bottom of the test tube.

However, HYT is working on new fluid solutions and pipeline containers in order to obtain a luminous HYT model in the future.

Indeed, this is a liquid form problem, because the capillary is actually filled with two fluids: one is transparent and the other is yellow fluorescent. To make the separation impeccable, they are of course immiscible, such as water and oil. Just like in salad dressing, if you don’t add mustard to play the role of tension active elements, oil and vinegar will not mix.

Then, this H1 innovation can be found in the way the fluid moves in the capillary…this is the real leading technology!

The traditional watch part is made up of the crop cream developed by Jean-François Mojon’s company Chronode, which officially launched a series of eclectic creations, such as: MB&F Legacy Machine 1, Opus X Harry Winston , Cyrus Klepsys or Urban Jurgensen Chronometer escapement escapement. The completion of the H1 movement represents a variety of styles and influences.

The movement is indeed aesthetically pleasing. If there is no “Dufour” case, then a “standalone” watch in this price range can achieve outstanding performance. The outline of the bridge is primitive and expressive, and the semi-circular building is simply unheard of. The concept was optimized to send important linear energy to the piston through the cam propulsion system.

It takes a lot to make HYT’s two internal inventions-bellows and capillary-work together.

First of all, the capillary is specially designed for HYT by a German company specializing in lasers. Borosilicate glass was chosen because of its resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal shock. The tube has an internal diameter of 1mm and accepts seven layers of coating to minimize friction and avoid loss of accuracy. Whether it is a fluid or a gear train, friction is still the central issue! HYT’s partners found that this is a very specific work, so they need to come up with a machine dedicated to manufacturing this kind of microtubes!

Next, HYT’s exclusive bellows is issued by Aviation Science and Technology. In the past, so-called aviation science materials were often touted. But today, we can provide more than just some new alloys. These bellows are an indispensable part of the speed limiter on rockets, missiles and jets. When resetting the time of HYT H1, it is almost impossible to see the usual “accordion” effect with the naked eye, and the distance between each plate is less than one millimeter.

Although miniaturization is a feat in itself, the fact that these bellows are made entirely of metal should also be considered! Their strain depends on the elasticity and fineness of the alloy, which especially contains titanium and nickel. The inside is protected from corrosion by a gold-plated protective layer.

Understanding the way the bellows is constructed and the tolerance range beyond the limit can better understand Chronode’s achievements in the movement. In fact, important linear energy must be maintained throughout the movement of the oil drum. Surprisingly, I learned that the watch has only a barrel, a classic balance wheel, and no constant force system…

Since the beginning of time measurement, inventors have faced two challenges: regularity and miniaturization. Clepsydra provide good accuracy, but their size is troublesome. Gradually, they were replaced by mechanical watches. Today, HYT has made up for the shortcomings of this technology for nearly 10 centuries, and by minimizing it to integrate it into the watch, it has injected new vitality into the hydraulic wholesale watches replica industry.