Oris Carysfort Coral Reef Limited Edition Watch

Rebuilding the “secret garden” in the ocean Oris Carysfort Coral Reef Limited Edition Watch By launching a new high-performance limited edition diving watch, Oris has funded the Coral Restoration Foundation™ (Coral Restoration Foundation™), which is an important milestone for Oris on the road to improving the future.

Under the sea level that you can’t see, a global ecological disaster is happening. Oris continues its ecological restoration business and cooperates with the International Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) to fulfill the mission of “Change for the Better” (bringing better changes to the world). According to statistics by scientists, in the past 30 years Among them, due to coral bleaching and others, 50% of the world’s coral reefs have severely declined and died. To make matters worse, if no direct action is taken, the coral populations of the reef islands will become extinct within 80 years.

By cooperating with various non-profit organizations, Oris continues to pay attention to marine protection plans to bring better changes to the world. This year, the Swiss independent watchmaking company joined hands with the International Coral Restoration Foundation for the second time. The organization is located in Florida, USA and is the world’s leading coral restoration expert.

At the beginning of the year, Oris issued a limited edition of 50 Carysfort Coral Reef Special Edition watches. The case was made of rose gold for the first time. The Aquis GMT diving watch was used as the prototype, and the Coral Restoration Foundation completed the milestone of the marine protection plan. Today, the brand is about to release the second Carysfort Coral Reef watch in stainless steel, limited to 2,000 pieces, in support of the foundation’s pioneering actions.

Hope emerges in the depths

Despite the scars, we still have hope. The restoration project of the Coral Restoration Foundation is saving the coral colonies in Florida. Oris is honored to once again provide assistance to the International Coral Restoration Foundation and do its best for environmental protection. The foundation is located in Florida, USA. Their advanced methods of coral conservation have been adopted by more and more organizations around the world, including the Australian Coral Reef Restoration Foundation, which was funded by the brand last year, which is the Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition 3rd Generation luxury men watch Partner.

Since 2014, Oris has provided assistance to the Coral Restoration Foundation, fulfilling the mission of “Change for the Better” (bringing better changes to the world). That year, Ken Nedimyer, the founder of the organization, was awarded the honor of “Hero of the Year” by Oris and received a bonus to continue the work of the foundation.

Until 2017, the birth of the first cooperative watch brought great results to the foundation in terms of fundraising and raising awareness. Oris is honored to be able to help the organization once again, and jointly release the Carysfort coral reef limited edition buy watches online, and contribute to the cause of marine protection.

Oris Carysfort Coral Reef Limited Edition Watch

The third watch created by Oris to support the Coral Restoration Foundation. This watch is made of stainless steel and is issued in limited quantities. The ceramic bezel is laser-engraved with a 24-hour clock, which can simultaneously display the time in three time zones.

Oris has been manufacturing professional diving watches since the 1960s, and it has also been indissoluble with the ocean since then. More than 50 years of accumulation allowed the brand to combine traditional Swiss craftsmanship with modern innovative ideas to create the Aquis series of diving watches.

Today, the water conservation plan has become the mission of this Swiss independent watch brand. The Carysfort Coral Reef Limited Edition watch is also a high-performance Aquis diving watch, inheriting the professionalism and design genes of the previous work, and has the GMT three-time function. It is a diving instrument that makes you feel safer and an exquisite watch that contributes to environmental protection.

product features
Model: 01 798 7754 4185-Set RS
Case: Oris Aquis, 43.50 mm, 1.713 inches, stainless steel
Movement: automatic winding GMT two places, calendar
Dial: blue
Strap: Rubber