HYT watch-HYT H2

Last year, we wrote about HYT H1, an amazing watch with mechanical and liquid dynamic time indication.

Following the successful launch of H1, HYT watches further push the limits of hydraulics with HYT H2.

With H2, the entire structure of the hybrid movement has been redesigned to seamlessly integrate and surround the bellows. After deconstruction, it can coexist, integrate, and close the bellows as well as the cam, antenna and piston systems.

The bellows is now positioned at the 6 o’clock position in the “V” shape and rises, which has attracted the attention of automotive and aerospace engineering.

There is a “T-N-W” crown position indicator at 3 o’clock, which reminds people of the gear lever of a racing car, and the appearance of the other hand counteracts this situation. The pointer is also a unique temperature indicator of HYT. After wearing the watch, this feature allows the user to accurately find out when the fluid reaches the optimal temperature range.

In the middle, the minute hand, designed in stages to perfectly match the structure of the jet system, jumps after 30 minutes to avoid the bellows.

At 6 o’clock, the two bellows are made of a very strong and soft electrodeposited alloy, and they move by pistons. When the first is compressed, the other is stretched, and vice versa, thereby driving the fluid in the capillary tube.

The movement is housed in a black DLC titanium case with a diameter of 48.8 mm and a thickness of 17.9 mm.

The double barrel visible on the back of the watch provides an 8-day power reserve

HYT H2 is equipped with a rubber, smoke-free alligator strap.