Bell & Ross BR-X1 PHANTOM BRX1-PHANTOM/SRB Replica Watch

It all started in 2009, when Bell & Ross launched the first BR 01 Skull, which dared to change the traditional watchmaking norms. From the Vikings in the first millennium to the paratroopers in the Second World War, including pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries, skulls have always been very prominent war symbols. On the tenth anniversary of the iconic Bell & Ross Skull series, it ushered in new faces and added a few faces. It is a meeting place for watchmaking, design, symbolism and bold innovation. The brand new BR 01 Cyber​​ Skull marks a breakthrough in fashion. Turn the page. Its avant-garde design pushes this iconic series into the future.

The pirates placed Jolly Roger on the mast, terrifying the crew members who were marked by the black skull and the skull. At dawn on June 6, 1944, during the landing in Normandy, paratroopers from the 82nd and 101st American Airborne Divisions emerged from the night, wearing hoodie badges with skulls, and it said: Falling from the sky. Bell & Ross’ Skull watch collection pays tribute to these experienced and brave military personnel.

In addition to its warfare meaning, the skull is a recognized symbol of death. It has philosophical significance because it symbolizes the fragility and simplicity of life, especially in precious artworks. Remembrance-remember that you must die-recall ancient paintings or the terrible depictions in the curiosity cabinet owned by the humanists of the Enlightenment. Mexico’s tradition is to celebrate the Day of the Dead in November, and now it’s time to put on the famous Calavera skulls and brightly decorated skulls to mock death. The irony of BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull lies in a playful smile when he opens his mouth. Its faceted reliefs show eternity and convey ancient symbols in an ultra-modern style. This timepiece reproduces the artistic style of the skull watch. Its design is far from the retro style usually associated with Skull, and cannot establish itself in contemporary modernity. It projects this kind of art born in the 20th century into the future. This multi-faced best men watch is the intersection of watchmaking, design, symbolism and bold innovation.

Bell & Ross BR 05 SKELETON BR05A-GR-SK-ST/SRB Replica Watch

Its avant-garde design pushes this iconic series into the future. Not only that, the Bell&Ross brand as a whole has moved towards an ultra-modern form. The futuristic Cyber ​​Skull opens a door to the future. The side profile and sharp edges of the Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull are reminiscent of certain fighter jets described as invisible silhouettes. Its case is modeled like the fuselage of an F117 fighter jet. In order to disappear from the radar and appear invisible, these bombers encountered choppy airframes. All of their surfaces are multi-faceted and can hardly be detected by radar. This stealth technology is also used on the most advanced warships to hide their visual identity as much as possible.

Bell & Ross replica chose to decorate Cyber​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ This anti-reflective color is also used in certain military vehicles. Its glass superstructure is reminiscent of the canopy of a jet plane. The new black matte used on the watch is not just a color, its depth comes from ceramics that match its design. Its lines are like fighter jets, passing under the radar and establishing a new language. In sharp contrast to classic watchmaking shapes that favor curves and roundness, the architecture of the new BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull differentiates it from traditional designs and allows it to be creative. Everyone respects its military and aviation roots. Every element of the watch (case, bezel, crown, skull, crossbones) is constructed on many faces of the engraved surface, resulting in volume and 3D images.

Carved like a stealth plane, it maintains a close connection with aviation. Its angular design and matte color are reminiscent of military stealth bombers. Escape the radar but attract attention. Designed like a work of art, its extremely modern lines echo contemporary art, especially a certain avant-garde trend. Many aspects of it provide a fascinating effect on the increase in the angle between the flat and smooth surface, creating a pixelated effect. After its provocative, symbolic and artistic face, BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull hides the secret of the automatic machine in the haute horology world. Created like a designer, the angular shape of Cyber ​​Skull breaks the tradition. Geometric lines are part of the same as the future world of cars or art. Like a highly pixelated image, the skull reveals multiple aspects of the same reality. With its sharp edges, its many facets provide a fascinating effect on the increase in the angle between flat and smooth surfaces.

The rubber strap is inserted into the large volume of the case and is engraved with the word “BR”, like a seal representing modern mythology. BR 01 Cyber​​Skull recognizes the ultimate paradox of black, enabling it to recognize light while absorbing light, thus exciting all possibilities. Whether it is a collector or a novice, a Jedi Knight or Sith Lord, everyone can have their own adventure.

In fact, only those who are proficient in the operation of the mechanical movement can hide the BR-CAL 206 manual winding movement under the facet decoration. In order to make it invisible to the eyes, the main board fits closely to the shape of the skull, while the bridge extends to the four corners of the shell and is hidden by the tibia. A structure like this makes the skull appear to float lightly inside the box. The total transparency of the dial enhances the impression, highlighted by only 12 baton-shaped indexes. Only when the watch is turned over, the sapphire crystal glass back cover can reveal the key to mystery.

In addition to the hour and minute indications, the movement of the automaton also activates the lower jaw, which opens and appears to snap when the mainspring is wound. The brain of the pendulum constitutes the brain-the brain finally has life-the balance spring reveals its vibration. The beating of the watch reminds the mechanical heart of the watch.

Bell & Ross chose ceramics to make this BR 01 Cyber ​​Skull, which is a strong and lightweight high-tech material for watch cases and decorations. The aesthetic power of the clock is combined with the power of the material to fuse technology together. Fired at extremely high temperatures, ceramic has the same density and resistance as black matte, a color that traditional watchmaking materials cannot achieve. Grinding with diamond dust means that it can be re-faceted, just like a jeweler cuts a gem. Bell & Ross BR 01 Cyber​​Skull model. BR01-CSK-CE / SRB is a limited edition.