Jacob & Co. Astronomer Casino watch AT100.31.AC.SD.A

Jacob & Co. watches at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation event Last night, the fourth annual Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation event-live auction was held in Saint-Tropez. The co-hosts of the gala, Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), Madonna (unexpected look and sang a few songs), Lenny Kravitz (also performed) And DiCaprio’s Titanic co-star Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) joined the party. In general, thanks to ticket sales and auctions consisting mainly of art and experience packages, more than 30 million US dollars have been raised for the cause so far. In fact, the auction will last until August 23.

One of the most popular auction items: Jacob’s custom Jacob & Co.Astronomical astronomical watch specially designed for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation’s Saint Tropez fundraiser. A unique astronomical model with the signature of Leonardo DiCaprio and the words “Generosity is the key to our future”. Unofficially, the price of the watch is hundreds of thousands of dollars higher than the standard price of the observatory .

The Astronomia Sky watch is a three-dimensional masterpiece that brings a sense of astronomy to the wrist. The three-axis tourbillon watch has multiple functions, including real-time display and oval sky indicator, 24-hour day and night indicator and rotating satellite. The dial of the watch completes a revolution in a sidereal year (compared to the actual time when the earth revolves around the sun in a fixed star). Above the sky disk is an oval sky indicator, depicting stars in the northern hemisphere. The indicator rotates a full circle in a sidereal day (the time it takes for the earth to rotate once on its axis: 23.5640916 hours). In addition to the technical aspects of the watch, it is extremely exquisite thanks to the hand-painted globe and the patented rotating Jacobian cut diamond globe with 288 facets. You can learn more about the first version of this watch and its latest development here, the astronomical solar watch with rotating planets.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a watch enthusiast (about 9 months ago, he bought a Jacob & Co. watch at the Friar’s Club auction), so he sold a special piece at the LDF auction It’s not surprising that Jacob & Co. is directed by Simon de Pury. Apparently, DiCaprio’s team contacted Jacob & Co. and came up with the idea of ​​making a custom cheap replica watches for the auction.

The evening party co-hosted with DiCaprio last night was LDF CEO Terry Tamminen and Global Fundraising Chairman Milutin Gatsby, who conceived this annual event. The funds raised will be used to support the mission of LDF: “Protect the last wild site on earth, implement solutions that restore the balance of threatened ecosystems, and ensure the long-term health and well-being of all residents.”

LDF was established by DiCaprio in 1998 to provide attention and foundation for the protection of biodiversity, ocean and forest protection, and climate change. Since 2008, LDF has pledged more than $80 million in grants to fund environmental projects in the fields of wildlife and landscape protection, marine life and ocean protection, climate change, innovative solutions, indigenous rights, and California plans.

In the event last night, DiCaprio summarized the current efforts and progress made, partly due to the efforts of LDF and its partners. “In the past year, LDF and its partners have had a considerable impact on our natural world. We have helped protect more than 1.6 million square kilometers of ocean-including the Ross Sea, which is two of the size of Texas. Times. Our work is helping to save endangered species such as wild jaguars and gray wolves. We are active in Tanzania and are restoring the wildlife in Mkomazi National Park. We are on the grasslands of Kenya. Help start important carbon sink projects. These are just some stories about the impact of our donors’ generous donations.”

MATERIAL: 18K White Gold with Black DLC Treatment; Sapphire Apertures on Sides
MOVEMENT CALIBER: Manufacture Jacob & Co. Manual Winding JCAM10
FUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes Dial Rotating in 20 min on the Central Axis, Patented Differential Gears System; Faceted Spherical Diamond Rotating in 60 sec on 2 Axes (Weight: 1 carat; 288 Patented Facets Exclusive Jacob Cut) Aluminum Lacquered Globe Rotating in 60 sec on 2 Axes; Gravitational Tourbillon Cage Rotating on 3 Axes: 1st Axis: in 60sec, 2nd Axis: in 5min, 3rd Axis: Central Axe in 20min.
FINISHING: Plate and Bridges: Hand Angled and Polished, Flank Draw, Circular Graining, Polished Sink; Hand-Polished Screws; Barrel: Circular Graining; Pinions: Conical Pinions, 4 Mechanical Ball Bearing Devices; Flat Balance Spring.