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Bell & Ross BR 01 BURNING SKULL BR0192-SKULL-BURN Replica Watch

Top watchmaking craftsmanship

The BR 01 CYBER SKULL‘s avant-garde and artistic symbolism means that the moving doll movement made with top-notch watchmaking technology is hidden.

Only skilled watchmakers can hide the BR-CAL 206 manual movement inside the skull: the shape of the main base plate is the same as that of the skull, and the splints covered by the bones extend to the four corners of the case. You can’t see where the movement is. On the transparent dial with 12 bar-shaped hour markers, the skull head is suspended in the case, and the secret can only be seen when you turn over the sapphire glass case back.

The moving doll movement has hour and minute functions. When the clockwork is tightened, the chin of the skull will open like a smirk; the forehead of the skull is hollowed out to reveal the balance wheel, which implies that the invisible movement is constantly working.

Bell & Ross uses extremely hard and lightweight high-tech ceramics to make the case and movement decoration, which blends aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. The ceramic material is fired at very high temperature, which is very hard and wear-resistant. Like matt black, it is not a traditional watchmaking material that can be made. Its surface is polished with diamond powder and can be polished repeatedly, just like a jewelry craftsman cuts precious gems.

The size of the case is 45 mm x 46.5 mm. There is no lug part. The rubber band is directly embedded in the case and the lines are integrated in one go.

Design boutique

Since its establishment, Bell & Ross fake has gradually laid a solid foundation and achieved reform goals. The BR 05 series launched last year is an important milestone. Its elegant and dynamic fashion rewrites the direction of brand design and also laid the groundwork for launching the science fiction futuristic CYBER SKULL watch.

CYBER SKULL retains the genes of aviation technology. Its distinctive design and matte color match are reminiscent of stealth bombers. The facets and delicate lines of the watch body highlight the complex personality of futuristic timepieces, inspiring new perspectives and perspectives. There are contemporary avant-garde aesthetics or artistic temperament, but also a simple skull or military style personality.

The BR 01 CYBER SKULL is based on design like other models. The retro-futuristic brushstrokes break the tradition, and the geometric lines coincide with the cars or art of the future world. Popular cheap watches

Inspiration for future architecture

BR 01 CYBER SKULL is the crystallization of the integration of retro and future. The skull on the dial is the best example. The human body, bones and skulls are originally arcs with no corners, but the skull decoration of the watch uses geometric lines to replace the natural arcs of the human body, because the brand designers do not intend to reflect reality, but to stimulate perception and imagination.

The case is derived from BR 01, but the outline is added with distinct corners to enhance the sense of the times, as well as the interaction of light and shadow and transparent elements, similar to today’s avant-garde architectural design. The building interacts with the sky, and the glass curtain wall reflects the sky and merges with the sky.

CYBER SKULL has rewritten the direction of the skull watch style and opened up the domain of the Bell & Ross watchmaking country. Both art fans and watch collectors will be moved.

Subtle avant-garde watches

BR 01 CYBER SKULL does not belong to a certain school, it is a pioneer in the world of avant-garde high-end watchmaking. It has the blood of the SKULL watch family that was launched in 2009, but it transcends the traditional watchmaking framework, symbolizing the new generation and achieving a wonderful heritage. Write a new chapter in the watchmaking story of cheap Bell & Ross design function and aesthetics.