JACOB & CO. Daily Star Shift


Case Material: BLACK TITANIUM,Sapphire
Model Number: AS310.21.SP.AA.A
Brand Name: Jacob & Co.
Movement: Manual Winding
Dial Diameter: 44 mm
Gender: unisex
Glass: Sapphire
Thickness: 21 mm
Dial: Skeleton
Clasp Type: TITANIUM Folding Buckle
Boxes: common box package without paper
Water Resistance Depth: life proof water
Band Material Type: Alligator strap
Functions: Hours,Minutes
Year: 2021

JACOB & CO. Daily Star Shift

As early as in ancient Babylon, ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and even China, since written records began, people began to observe celestial bodies, calculate calendars, and constantly explore and record the relationship between the sun, the moon and the stars. To this day, humans are still working hard. Study astronomy and the universe and discover all the unknowns. Although Jacob & Co. has only been founded for 33 years, he has always been curious about the universe. In recent years, he has been more enthusiastic about miniaturizing the Milky Way starry sky into the dial, providing the most exquisite products for star lovers who have to look up at the sky all day long. Astronomical watch. To appreciate the beauty of the day-shifting and star-shifting between square inches, the Astronomia series can definitely satisfy everyone’s hopes and let people indulge in more and more abundant astrology.

Three-axis tourbillon develops into the universe
In 1986, 21-year-old Jacob Arabo founded the brand under his own name and launched a jewelry series. He was born in Uzbekistan (one of the former Soviet Republics). At the age of 14, his family immigrated to the United States. Under difficult living conditions, he became a jewelry brand at the age of 16. Apprentice craftsman, stepped into the threshold of high-end jewelry. In 2004, Jacob & Co. officially opened a store in New York, which is still the brand’s flagship store and an important global base for the brand. For more than 30 years, the brand has entered more than 20 countries. Its brightly colored and huge gemstones have been sought after by many celebrities and stars, and they are often found on red carpets and fashion magazines.

As early as 2002, Mr. Arabo took a fancy to the bright prospects of the watch market, and from the first timepiece, he went slant, and got the attention of watch fans with his peculiar appearance and novel creativity. The first to enter the discount watch industry is a Five Time Zone watch with a quartz movement. Its design goes beyond the inherent concept of Volkswagen’s watch and it is interesting and practical. After gaining attention, the brand gradually embarked on the road of producing high-end complex timepieces. In 2006, he created Quenttin with a 31-day power reserve and a vertical tourbillon, breaking the direction of the tourbillon and setting the record for the longest kinetic energy at the same time. In 2012, after the brand established its own watchmaking workshop in Geneva, the following year, it launched a vertical scrolling display inspired by the mechanical clocks of railway stations in the 1980s, which can rotate the Epic with 24 world time zones. The SF24 watch is very bold and innovative.

Astronomia, launched in 2014, has a three-axis astronomical tourbillon, which became the ancestor of the brand’s subsequent creation of the same type.

After successive vertical tourbillons and vertical scrollers, the brand continued to develop complex scrolling functions. In 2014, the brand’s iconic three-axis astronomical tourbillon Astronomia watch was made. This is a watch that moves in an astronomical orbit. In addition to the hour and minute dial, whether it is a globe, a one-carat diamond, and a three-axis tourbillon, it can rotate and revolve on the dial with the middle axis. At the same time, the watchmaker also connects a differential gear system to the hour and minute display, which can make it always face upward at 12:00 like a horizontal device, without affecting the time reading during revolutions.

In 2016, it evolved into the Astronomia Sky watch. The globe was moved to the center, which can rotate with two axes at different times and display day and night. The original position is replaced by a small second wheel.

The 2017 Astronomia Solar Planets center is a Jacob-cut orange sapphire as the sun. The aventurine dial plus seven planets absorb the entire universe.

2016 coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the brand. At the same time as the second flagship store opened in Dubai, the second generation astronomical timepiece: Astronomia Sky was launched. The globe in the watch is moved to the center. The dial is made of blue titanium and is engraved with the zodiac signs. There are 12 months on the side. The month can be displayed as the dial rotates once a year. In addition to a rotatable dial that can display sidereal time, the sphere that keeps spinning like a satellite also continues to glow with golden blue light. Subsequently, the brand also successively created the Astronomia Solar Planets with seven planets display, as well as the Astronomia Maestro watch which added the timekeeping function to this series for the first time last year and has astronauts.

The self-made JCAM10 hand-winding movement, the hour and minute disc, the three-axis tourbillon, the globe and the one-carat diamond revolve and rotate on the dial respectively. Use the 12th sign of the zodiac to represent the complete cycle of a stellar year, with an elliptical moving window above the dial, to observe sidereal days and the current northern hemisphere astrology.

The brand logo is on the three-axis tourbillon. Jacob & Co., who started as jewelry, has its own way of cutting gems: Jacob-cut, it is this 1-carat diamond with 288 cut faces. In 2018, the Astronomia Maestro watch with astronauts as the protagonist added the minute repeater function for the first time.