U-Boat – Luxury watches made in Italy

U-boat-Italian design by Italo Fontana

Each watch has its own inspiration and style story. U-Boat watches stand out from the crowd. Large case, left crown and bold unique design. The quality of the selected materials and the exquisite craftsmanship make for an excellent watch that is extremely reliable and durable. Make them resistant to the most extreme weather conditions.

U-Boat copy watches include Swiss movements, and each watch is produced piece by piece. Assembled by craftsmen at the brand’s headquarters in Lucca, Tuscany. Hometown of Italo and U-Boat. Most of their timepieces use advanced and distinctive design/manufacturing techniques and materials to create higher quality. Examples include acid baths, carbon fiber, tungsten and bronze, as well as common materials such as stainless steel, titanium, gold and silver.


The case size of most of these watches means that they can be read at a glance without being cluttered by horoscope or moon phases. Keeping the dial clear and legible is the main focus. Each watch has a huge unique personality, and has outstanding beauty, conveying distinctive taste, confidence and strength, perfect harmony.

The name “U-Boat cheap” comes from the origin of the brand. Based on a watch intended to be produced for Italian navy pilots in 1942. This means that the original watch must have the highest quality and durability, while also being extremely precise. There is no doubt that these qualities have always existed. However, unfortunately, this project was never actually realized. That is to say, Italo, grandson of Ilvo Fontana, who has received this award, accepted these designs and plans and, together with his motto, turned them into what is now called U-Boat.

That was in 2000. When Italo Fontana began to design his own watch inspired by his grandfather’s design. For seven years, he has been committed to producing watches with new appearances. It has powerful functions and readability under all conditions, and is handcrafted and characterized by bold and unique design features. These watches have previously been worn by David Beckham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Nicolas Cage, etc., and have brought a lot of prestige to the best Replica Watches.