Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde

Harry Winston Ocean Dual Time Retrograde: A watch designed for Only Watch 2015

The Ocean Dual Time Retrograde is housed in a 44.2 mm white gold case. Inside, the dial elegantly provides a variety of information in multiple thicknesses.

The name of this watch comes from its automatic movement, which can indicate the time in two different time zones. This complex movement consists of 281 different parts, including a platinum regulator.

The hands made of anodized aluminum show the local time on the left side of the dial. Next to the sixth mark, we find the iconic replica Harry Winston as a sign of autonomy.

In addition, the aluminum and sapphire hands are inspired by the same logo and the blue color that the company loves. The incredible accessories pay homage to Harry Winston’s house.

The 2015 “Only fake Watch” charity auction will be held in Geneva on November 7th. All proceeds will be donated to the fight against Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy. So far, the company has not mentioned price estimates. Participants in the auction will find it difficult to determine the value of this excellent item.