One of the most complicated watches ever: replica Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 Hands-O For a long time, Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 I have always thought that this is not a holy grail, but a myth. It’s not that I have looked for it specifically, but I have never stumbled on it anywhere on the Internet except for the places specifically noted in the company’s official photos. At the same time, as time goes by, in fact, I have worn and/or seen most of the craziest watches that the watch industry has successfully brought to the world in the wild. However, Aeternitas Mega 4 is nowhere to be found-at least in the areas I frequent. On the last day of the SIHH 2018 trip in January this year, a miraculous encounter happened when this watch just appeared. I was confused, but not so confused that I missed the person who called the first Dib before proceeding to take pictures of the beast myself. This is how Aeternitas Mega 4 looks and feels in the real world.

First, the basis of complexity. 36 complexities, through 18 hands and 5 discs, 23 instructions, 1,483 components, 99 jewels, 91 wheels (!), 7 pushers and 4 correctors, a five-year plan, and according to A whole year of reported assembly…oh, and a price tag of about $2.7 million. These are the numbers that the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4 shocked the world at the end of 2009-even if watches with more than 1,000 parts existed before.

I want to clarify that the complexity of a watch can be measured in several different ways-from the number of components to the complexity, the number of instructions, complexity and novelty of instructions, durability, level and complexity of ornaments, etc. on. Therefore, I would not call it the most complicated watch ever (although it was widely considered to be the case at the time of release), because mentioning other luxury watches that are inherently valuable can easily undermine its claims. The most advanced of the most advanced. Another important thing to consider is how Aeternitas Mega 4 has 36 complications, but “only” 23 signs. This is because, as you can see from the list below, the complexity list includes mechanical complexity These complexities make the function more complex/different than the basic features, thus increasing the total complexity-but not always indicated as such (e.g. flying tourbillon counts as two because it is a “flying” tourbillon, There is no bridge to press it down).

Now, let’s entertain ourselves with the complete list of features and complications inside the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega 4-remember that this is hard to find from the beginning of the release, and is not obtained from the official Franck Muller documentation. From the network.

Hour, minute & second display
Day-Night display
Grand strike
Small strike
Minute Repeater
Westminster Carillon on 4 gong
Programming of the Grand strike-Small strike function with a waterproof push-piece and display on the dial
Programming of the Strike-Silence function with a waterproof push-piece and display on the dial
Lifting-lever mechanism of the strike when in hand-setting position
Mechanism which will not allow the start of a new strike if the precedent is not to the end
Bolting mechanism of the hand-setting during the strike
Transmission mechanism to the hammer which permits the adaptation to different shape of the gong
Movement power reserve indicator
Strike power reserve indicator
Silent Centrifugal governor of the rate of the strike
Tourbillon on a ball bearing with ceramic balls

FM3480 QPSE is your all-you-can-eat high-end watchmaking complex function buffet. The movement is 34.40 mm wide, 41.40 mm high and 13.65 mm thick. In other words, the movement is the same size as a small barrel skirt watch full of the case-but the fact is that it is much heavier. I must say that I am a bit disappointed that Franck Muller did not add a complete list of complications to the letters of the caliber name (Patek Philippe style), just like I would love to see FM3480 QPSETCWCHRPEGMTARMFBPRDRGSPSSC! Talk about missed opportunities!

The fun begins when you get the watch and feel its weight first. The 18ct white gold Cintrée Curvex 8880 case has a width of 42mm, a length of 61mm, and a thickness of 19.15mm. The weight is definitely huge, but it feels good in a strange, inexplicably awkward way. I’m sure that when you wear the watch for a long time, you have been there. For a while, you a bit forgot to wear it, and finally shake hands in panic to determine if any watch is still wrapped around your wrist. Well, I don’t think there is a sane mind, or even an intoxicated mind, that would not ignore the feel of this watch on the wrist. It is so heavy and intimidating that you are constantly aware of its thickness (don’t hit things) and its weight… This is equivalent to the expression of The Mountain’s unnecessary broad knife – this is the “Power of Game” reference.