All 2020 Grand Seiko announcements

Since the first chesp Seiko model was released on December 18, 1960, 2020 has been an important year for Seiko. The 60th anniversary is a special anniversary of Japanese culture. There are 10 calendar signs and 12 oriental zodiac signs, among which there are 60 different combinations, so turning 60 is very special because it means that a complete cycle has been completed . In addition, one minute and 60 seconds and one hour and 60 minutes are also clearly related to timing.

Although I am sure that many of the original plans to celebrate the brand’s anniversary must undergo major revisions, Grand Seiko still managed to make various announcements and presentations.

Throughout the year, we released a total of 61 different models, including 36 limited editions, accounting for approximately 60% of all versions. The total number of limited editions throughout the year exceeded 14,447. In addition to the new model, a new movement has also been added. The 9F85 quartz with independent hour hand adjustment, the ultra-thin 9RA5 spring driver with a power reserve of 5 days, and the 9SA5 mechanical model with a new double-pulse escapement are all released in multiple models. A new concept watch with a constant force tourbillon movement was also released, but since this watch is not for sale, it is not included in the model. In the end, a new club for American Seiko customers was established.

SBGA-9R65 spring drive
In the SBGA Spring Drive series, there are 9 different editions, 7 of which are limited editions, and the remaining two are exclusive products for specific markets.

The first is a limited edition of 390 pieces of SBGA421 produced for the Association of High Watches and Clocks of Japan (AJHH), which can be purchased through an authorized dealer of Grand Seiko in Japan. This is a snowflake dial with red seconds and power reserve hands, red Spring Drive text, red ring around the dial, red back cover and gold GS logo. The model is worn on the bracelet and comes with an additional blue alligator strap.

SBGA423 is a limited edition produced for the 20th anniversary of JR Nagoya Takashimaya Store. It has a gold GS logo, a gold second hand and a red power reserve hand. I am not sure about the number of units produced for this model.

SBGA425 is a limited edition of 205 in stores located in the Ginza shopping district in Tokyo. It has a dark brown lion mane pattern dial with rose gold hands and hour markers.

When the autumn frost enveloped the forest, the United States released some exclusive models to celebrate Sōkō, the end of autumn. SBGA427 has a silver dial, while SBGA429 has a gray dial. The vertical texture on the dial reflects the majestic stems of bamboo. The green second hand and the power reserve indicator represent the life of Kyoto’s Arashiyama bamboo forest in the peak season at the end of autumn. Both models come with a bracelet and leather strap.

For the Chinese market, SBGA431 is a limited edition of 181 units. The model has a white lion mane pattern dial and red seconds hand, and is installed in a stainless steel case.

SBGA432 is a limited edition of Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Department Store, limited to 23 pieces. This model has a black dial, gold bezel, gold hands and gold Arabic numerals.

The other two limited editions for the Chinese market are SBGA433 and SBGA435. Both models have 222 units. According to reports, the series does not include a serial number 4, so the actual total quantity may be 182 units. . SBGA435 has a light blue lion mane dial, rose gold second hand and logo.