Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days Sapphire & 3D Carbon Fiber Watch

I think HUblot’s most interesting new table in 2018 is a new Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days, there are two versions (sapphire crystal or 3D carbon fiber).

That is, the most complex watch issued by Swiss brand is actually a new version of MP-09 (MasterPiece Collection # 9), but MP-11 has new appearance and movement, which is part of the Hublot constantly improved. The long-motion reserve technology was originally designed for Hubei MP-05 LA Ferrari with a total of 50 days of power reserves.

The technology I am talking about is a system that stack the hair box to make the duration of the power reserve are extremely rare in most mechanical tables. La Ferrari is not the first mechanical watch with a longer power reserve time, but in the past few years, there have been many energy to this technology for this technology.

The power reserves of MP-11 are definitely fewer than La Ferrari, but in my opinion, wear resistance and technical perfect fusion. After launching the MP-05 LA Ferrari watch, the Hublot has released MP-07 with 42-day power storage. MP-07 is cool in traditional sense, but not “beautiful” is a transitional product, which is designed to play with watch design and long power reserve mechanical movements.

MP-11 is a reliable product because it uses a slogan Hublot Big Bang style case and can keep 14-day movement. From the aesthetic attraction and I think it is seen from the unique appearance of the Hublot as a sports designer as well as the unique appearance of the familiar Big Bang case, this model has a decrease in the model.

For 2018, the MP-11 power storage is 14 days with carbon fiber, reference 911.qd.0123.rx and a reference is 45 mm wide, waterproof depth of 30m Some of the thickness than the standard Big Bang case, because the front of the table can be seen from the table, the necessary “bump” accommodated.

The movement of the internal development of the Hublot MP-11 is internal development and produced, the movement is the HUB9011 manual upper chain mechanism, has two weeks of power storage. There are about 336 hours of power reserves from a total of seven connected hair boxes, you can stack them horizontally and see them through the dial. At the end of the main bin, it is an additional drum that is used as a power reserve indicator. I really admire how you read the current number on the power storage table (the number of remaining days) and display the text next to it, so that you can create a statement that can be read in your mind (for example, “12 days power storage” ). Above the hair strip box is an eccentric, clearly displayed hours and minutes.

Other versions of Hublot early exotic long-powered reserve table also include other complex features, such as gyromene. For these “simplified” versions of these complex and strange mechanisms, it has been deleted.

The MP-11 wearable and most Big Bang 45mm housings are similar, and the ideal movement should provide more daily practicality for those who like to wear this type of time. Do you still remember, the original MP-05 LA Ferrari watch even requires an external tool to top string. MP-11 is typically wrapped on a crown and is an uncommon and interesting movement concept, a huge attempt to provide familiar wear and operational experiences.

This watch is made of sapphire crystals, with beautiful appearance to provide you with everything you expect in transparent flesh. When wearing such a “centered” luxury watch, the ability to appreciate the movements from all angles and the material is extremely resistant to scratch resistance.

Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days 3D Carbon will also be launched in 2018 as a limited edition. At first glance, this looks like Hublot’s traditional carbon fiber case. Not. The Hublot claims that this is a form of carbon fibers (relative to carbon fiber), and the appearance is neat.

Hublot also used this novel “3D carbon” material as a case in its 2018 limited edition of Hublot MP-09. 3D Carbon touches very smooth, but there is an interesting pattern that is as deep as carbon fibers, but the surface is more matte to make an intermediate foundation between carbon fiber and black ceramics. In view of it is carbon, the treatment of 3D carbon cassettes is very light. Please note that considering the sides of the housings as sapphire crystals, this is more cool, even if the MP-11 3D carbon fiber case version is also a seamous sapphire crystal.

45 mm wide large explosive case with black or white detachable Hublot straps can be replaced with other Hublot straps suitable for the case. This is an interesting watch that can be worn, bold, and provide sufficient conversation energy to attract interest in other watches and mechanical project enthusiasts. The two versions of the 2018 Hublot MP-11 Power Reserve 14 Days watches are limited edition. Carbon fiber model 911.qd.0123.rx, while sapphire crystal model 911.jx.0102. Hublot MP-11.