Urwerk replica watches

Urwerk UR satellite space-time gun metal There are good watches, there are legendary watches, and then there are Urwerk UR satellite time-space watches. The last category is not very suitable for any particular type, but it is definitely a category worth celebrating. The watch comes from Urwerk, a futuristic and avant-garde watchmaker.

The alluring Urwerk UR-100 satellite space-time machine gun
With its unique and unique color pattern and contrasting dial decoration, this watch has tried and attracted a group of new pf watch enthusiasts. What makes this timepiece unique is that it sets watch collectors apart.

The 41mm wide case has been carefully designed, keeping in mind its sturdy and firm appearance. The case is a combination of steel and titanium. The first thing you will see is also a key distinguishing feature, which is the position of the crown at 12 o’clock.

As you may already know, the gunmetal reference has a gunmetal PVD coating, hence the name. However, this is why you should not pay attention to this gem of a watch. The real reason is the satellite orbit hour display in the center of the watch dial. This is the main timing component of the timepiece.

The central axis of the watch runs on a three-arm cycling device made of aluminum. The turntable is partly open-processed, and the unused figures are blocked by the aluminum bridge of the mechanical device. The minute is the green function at the bottom of the dial. Minutes are indicated by red reminders

Original UR-100
The actual UR-100 was released in the summer of 2019. Because of its unusual and atypical design language, it immediately attracted people’s attention and reputation. The watch has also attracted the attention of watch experts, because it is not only a “clock”. This timepiece has two complications that make it transcend time. The first number represents the distance (in kilometers) that the watch wearer travels on the earth at any given moment. It is located between 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock. It emphasizes that our planet rotates rapidly in outer space at a speed of 555 kilometers every 20 minutes.

On the other side, there is another complication, which shows the distance the planet travels around the sun, which is about 35,740 kilometers every twenty minutes. Combining these two complexities, you will get a truly revolutionary set of wrist mechanical tracking data sets. Isn’t it incredible?

In-depth details
The width of the new UR-100 Gunmetal cheap replica watches is 41 mm, the length is 49.7 mm, and the height is 14 mm. The case is made of titanium and stainless steel and bronze PVD coating. The round texture and polished surface finish, the chamfered screw heads and the hour and minute hands painted by Super-LumiNova all bring you extra rewards.

The watch uses the self-winding movement UR 12.01. The winding rotor is controlled by the Windfänger screw. A total of 39 pieces of jewellery are at work. The core mechanism of the watch provides a 48-hour power reserve and runs at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour.

Movement UR. As mentioned above, 12.01 is a self-winding movement, adjusted by the planetary turbine automatic system. It also provides functions such as hour satellite, minute indicator, earth rotation in 20 minutes, and earth rotation in 20 minutes.

The movement is sturdy and durable, and has extraordinary manufacturing quality. The aluminum satellite hours on the Geneva titanium cross are commendable, while the aluminum carousel and triple bridge in ARCAP are amazing. UR-100 satellite

This watch also has a water resistance of 30 meters.

Who is it for?

To be honest, if I set this table as a revolutionary product, that would be my goal. The manufacturer of UR-100 satellite time and space aims to provide products that are completely different from today’s market, but they do not completely sell the highest-priced products. Having said that, for people like me, as you read this article, this watch is still years ahead of the technology currently used by most watchmakers.

The watchmaker wants to provide something to a more mature audience for well-educated watch collectors. It seems that they succeeded. UR-100 is not Submariner or Seamaster, but replica Urwerk.