Urwerk UR-110 torpedo watch hands-on

When Martin and Felix of fake Urwerk wanted to create something new-they had to sit down for a while and think about what they had done before and what they could do next, which is unique in the watch industry. It is really difficult to do so. Even Urwerk’s famous satellite time telling system is not the only one, it originated in other places long ago.

Urwerk just adopted a satellite system that tells the time and made it. The torpedo-also known as UR-110-differs in two things. It slightly modified the satellite system, provided an interesting new vision glasses, and placed it in a novel and weird case.

UR-110 needs some habit on the wrist. It does not look like any watch case I have worn before. I jokingly described the design as “Mutated Ninja Star” (which obviously only makes sense in my mind). Think of the modified Urwerk UR-103 case with wings.

I think it makes sense… the torpedo is flying underwater, right? If you have a large wrist, the torpedo might sit well, but to me, the wings are sticking out like a watch trying to raise the height. The “embossed edge” on the side of the organic case is beautiful, and its details are certainly comparable to high-end timepieces.

The size of the case is awkward, 47 mm wide, 51 mm high, and 16 mm thick, but considering the large curvature of the case, all ranges are within this range. Although it looks like it is sitting on the wrist instead of on the wrist, since the bottom is mostly flat, the watch does not seem to slide all over the place. As I have said several times, the titanium case looks a bit bare and “unfinished”.

Some people may like this look, but I am waiting for the black case that will come out soon. I hope this model can better design the watch. Bare titanium does not always fall off easily. I also think that if you tilt the wings down to wrap your wrists, you can make the watch design more manageable.

Urwerk swiss calls the movement UR 9.01, which can easily become the commanding height of the watch. The movement is automatic, and those cool little “turbines” can be seen through the back of the dial, which rotate when the rotor rotates. Urwerk also pointed out that the turbine helps protect the rotor from impact damage. Back to the dial, you will have three satellites, each with four hours. When walking around, they always point “forward” as they move around. This is cool, as they approach the minute mark, the correct hour will rotate. It is easy to tell the time, and the idea behind the position of the minute scale is that when your arm emerges from under your sleeve, it becomes the first part of the watch.

The dial also has an auxiliary seconds dial, “oil change” indicator and day/night indicator. The oil change indicator is a service guide that advises you when to send your watch back to Urwerk for (expensive) service. This is a tribute to such indicators on cars. Future versions of UR-110 may bring other complications. I think the dial seems a bit incomplete. Although it is very clean, the surface of the satellite system after several hours of sandblasting appears to be bare. As I have always said, torpedoes are beautiful everywhere, but it seems Urwerk can spend more time perfecting the design – they might do it.

However, the details on the dial are really great. Urwerk always impresses me with the appearance of parts – the torpedo dial and mechanism are no exception. Operating the movement is also cool. There is a kind of cover on the crown, you can gently pull up a little to adjust the time. The crown is located on the top of the watch. You can see it better from the bottom of the 110. In fact-and in the case of some Urwerk watches-I prefer the case back of the watch to the dial! The elements of the watch are very handsome.

From the front, the UR-110 torpedo is unique, well-made and easy to read. At the same time, it may require more design improvements, and it may take some time to get used to the wrist. Urwerk fans may welcome it to be added to the product line, and it is really different, while keeping the look consistent with Urwerk’s pursuit.

Explanation of Urwerk UR-110 “Torpedo

We know you have been waiting for this post-HD video of the new Urwerk UR-110 “Torpedo”. Urwerk watches can indeed communicate with HODINKEE readers. The video taken by designer Martin Frei explains that Basel’s 2010 UR-CC1 “Cobra” is still our most popular video so far.

We know you have been waiting for this post-HD video of the new Urwerk UR-110 “Torpedo”. Urwerk watches can indeed communicate with HODINKEE readers. The video taken by designer Martin Frei explains that Basel’s 2010 UR-CC1 “Cobra” is still our most popular video so far.

UR-110 is Urwerk’s new watch. While in Geneva, we passed four seasons to see the new product, and a product engineer explained the new product to us.

The housing of the UR-110 is made of grade five titanium and is equipped with a stainless steel bezel. The satellite-based movement took the entire team nearly 2 years to develop. It consists of a central conveyor belt that makes the mechanism stable and balanced. The planetary gear device can ensure the parallel rotation of the artificial satellite on the turntable for three hours; three counter-rotating hour hand modules, each of which includes an hour hand, minute hand and balance, mounted on the planetary gear. The three modules are in a constant state of reverse rotation to counteract the direction of rotation of the central turntable.https://www.chronowatchmall.com

UR-110 passed the “under cuff” test. It may even be designed for this.

In addition, the UR-110 has a small second hand, day/night indicator and Urwerk, an oil change indicator that we have always liked, which can tell the wearer when repairs are needed.

The watch is regulated by the fluid dynamics of the twin air turbine, with the explicit goal of limiting the wear of the unidirectional rotor.

All in all, UR-110 is just one of our favorite brands, another cool modern high-end timepiece.