Patek Philippe first generation automatic watch

Patek Philippe fake is a brand highly loved by watch fans. In 1953, it launched a self-winding watch and officially entered another generation. If we take the 1970s as a watershed, it was the first generation before 1970, and then we will call it a modern style. Old PP watches or antique watches from 70 years ago are highly evaluated in the watch market, mainly because they are not many and supported by the auction market. Among PP’s self-winding models, Cal.12-600 and 27-460 from the 50s to 70s are recognized as the most classic and high-quality, and the models equipped with these two movements have good prices at auction. The market, especially the good-quality enamel face plate 2526 or platinum version 3445, are all watches that antique watch fans are competing to collect.

PP first-generation self-winding movement Cal.12-600

Cal.12-600 is the first generation of PP self-winding movement, 19800 frequency, 30 rubies, equipped with advanced Y-shaped ruby ​​horse-style pallets, double-layer blue steel balance spring, there are eight weights to resist Thermo alloy balance wheel, gooseneck speed fine adjustment device, movement with exquisite Geneva ripples and pearl polka dot polished, branded with two Geneva seals, this is the guarantee of the highest quality. Although the automatic winding mechanism uses a ball-free shaft bearing structure, it can operate freely and is highly praised. As for the working principle of automatic winding, when the two-way winding automatic disc rotates, the automatic wheel will drive the eccentric pinion, and then drive the rocker arm. The rocker arm has two woodpecker-like beaks to push and slide. The method drives the reverse tooth wheel, and then a transmission wheel transmits the kinetic energy to the mainspring through the pinion, because the operation is very dexterous and the winding efficiency is excellent. I admire the machine-engraved pattern of the automatic plate made of 18K gold. The detailed and three-dimensional pattern has its craft value and has become a must-have collection for PP players.

Among the discount replica watch equipped with the PP first-generation self-winding movement Cal.12-600, the most common ones are the 2551 and 2552, with sword-shaped hour and minute hands and small seconds. The dial font is burnt blue. .

The font of the 2551 face plate is burnt blue, which is similar to filling in enamel, and the font will not fade.

The first-generation automatic movement is most well-known in the model 2526. This watch is also known as the PP “Watch King”, except that it is the first automatic watch, and it is also equipped with high-temperature firing. Only 580 pieces of enamel face plates have been made, including 450 pieces of yellow gold, 50 pieces of rose gold, 30 pieces of white gold and 20 pieces of platinum. The market for yellow gold of good quality is about 40,000 US dollars, and platinum also has them. The price is $120,000. The most common models are the 2551 and 2552 watches, which have sword-shaped hour and minute hands and small seconds. The dial font is burnt green. It is a method similar to filling in enamel, and the font will not fall off and fade. This dial Even in the early period of the antique table, it is rare. In addition, these styles are equipped with a double P-shaped crown, which is made of K gold, representing nobleness and rarity. The 12-600 calibre has produced a total of only 7,100 pieces. There are not many surviving watches. Watches are even rarer. They appear more often in the auction market. If there is a good-looking one, it is worth keeping one.

Cal.27-460 cancel the gooseneck fine-tuning

Cal.27-460 is the second self-winding movement of the first generation. It came out in 1960. It has seven more rubies than the Cal.600 movement that uses axial bearings. It is used as the ball bearing of the automatic disc axis. In addition, It cancels the gooseneck fine-tuning, mainly because the fine-tuning of the weights is already sophisticated and advanced enough, and there is no need to superfluous. Although 460 is the follow-up model of 600, the structure of the two is slightly different. Basically, 12-600 is an automatic winding model of 10-200, while 27-460 is an automatic winding model of 23-300. Cal.460 is equipped with high-quality blue steel double-layer hairspring, with a vibration frequency of 19,800 times. Although it is a slower vibration frequency, it has stable and accurate travel time. The full chain has more than 50 hours of energy. At present, the most common model equipped with the 460 movement is the 3445 with right-angle lugs and rod-shaped needles, the 3514 similar to Calatrava, the 3435 close to the 96, or the slightly larger 3541. These nearly fifty years old The daily error of the watch is about 3 seconds, which is more accurate than modern new models. It can be seen that the rigor and technology of watchmaking in the past were impeccable, so that such a sophisticated watch could be made.

27-460 When the two-way winding automatic disc rotates, the rocker arm has two woodpecker-like beaks, which can be wound on the chain.

There are two types of PP weight balance wheels. The early balance wheel ring is wider, and the weight is located in the balance wheel ring. Because it is difficult to make, it is more worthwhile from the point of view of process technology. The latter is about the 70s. The produced movement weight is located inside the wheel ring, and the 3448 perpetual calendar is equipped with the later movement, which is also the method used by all PP movements at present. According to the data record of the watch factory, a total of 20,000 pieces of Cal.27-460 were produced, and they were installed in different watches. The current market price of yellow gold material is about 10,000 to 12,000 US dollars. If it is a 3445-100 type, Its mirror surface is not acrylic material but crystal glass. The production volume of that year was small, and the auction price was about 30,000 to 40,000 US dollars. It is a style worth collecting.

The antique PP self-winding movement, whether 12-600 or 27-460, is worth playing or wearing. They are all branded with the Geneva seal representing the highest quality, and they are hailed by watch fans as the most high-quality and most worthy model of the 20th century. 27-460 is more durable because the automatic disc is equipped with seven balls. The early balls were rubies, which were damaged by impact. Later, steel balls were used. The 27-460 board is still marked with 37 rubies, because the number is not large. , There is room for value preservation and appreciation. So which movement is worth owning? 12-600 is the first generation, with original DNA, 27-460 is slightly improved, more durable, it is recommended to store both. To this day, the evaluation of PP antique automatic watches is still higher than that of all newly developed automatic winding models. The two are not related in structure. Therefore, collectors of watch models equipped with antique movements are necessary. If you It is more necessary for PP Replica Swiss Watch Online fans.

The balance ring in the early stage of PP is wider, and the weight is located in the ring of the balance wheel. It is more worthwhile from the point of view of process technology. The weight in the later stage is located on the inner side of the ring, which is also the current method adopted by PP.