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Seiko 60th Anniversary Hi-Beat SLGH003 Enter the high-end market.

Last year’s 60th anniversary was a major event for Grand Seiko. It launched some new movements and many limited editions to commemorate this event. The most eye-catching product is probably the 9SA5 movement, which is a high-frequency, high-end automatic movement.

The movement first appeared in the luxurious gold SLGH002, and then a few months later in the Seiko 60th anniversary commemorative Hi-Beat steel SLGH003. Since then, the movement has been installed in a similar but more expensive platinum version, and finally the conventionally produced “White Birch” SLGH005.

Except for the different dial finishes and case materials, all models are basically the same. Here, we take the representative products of the “SLGH” series as a representative, and introduce the steel SLGH003 in detail.

Like its siblings in the family, SLGH003 is a brand new reference book. The design of the case and dial is evolved from the existing and familiar replica Grand Seiko style, but the inside is a completely new movement-the movement. 9SA5 has a double-pulse escapement. Aesthetic changes have created a more refined appearance that can better show the appearance of the brand’s case, but more importantly, these improvements mark the brand’s shift to the high-end market-the movement is more refined and the price is higher.

The “SLGH” series is unique in the Grand Seiko series in terms of movement and style. Most of its new features are refined, such as exquisite case and exquisite movement. It can be said that there are some inadequate elements, such as the movement decoration-best described as having Swiss or European aesthetics-contrary to the traditional characteristics of the brand.

The highlight is the 9SA5, which is equipped with a double barrel and a double pulse escapement, so that the escape wheel and the balance wheel are in direct contact, thereby improving the efficiency of energy transmission. Despite the high beat rate of 5 Hz or 36,000 beats per hour (bph), the result is an impressive 80 hours of runtime.

The new escapement itself is very eye-catching, because mass production of non-lever escapements is very small-George Daniel’s coaxial escapement manufactured by Omega is the only example-because of the new escapement The reliability and stability of the vertical mechanism are often inconsistent, so mass production is difficult. Shopping copy watches

On the basis of higher specifications, cal finishing. 9SA5 is an improvement of the previous generation of the brand. In other words, I found that the design style of the movement was a missed opportunity-like the new Spring Drive movement, a Japanese style that better reflects the historical beauty of Grand Seiko is more desirable. For example, 9R31.

The aesthetics of SLGH003, which is called “9 series design”, is surprising. The new case has distinctive lines and facets, which are the characteristics of the brand’s “44GS” case, but the workmanship is more elegant, combined with the curves associated with the first generation of modern mechanical Seiko watches, which were launched in 1998 It debuted from SBGR001.

In short, SLGH003 is an attractive watch in both design and mechanics. However, there are two factors that are detrimental to this. One of them is the blue dial, which is one of the many 60th anniversary models, and the movement looks more Swiss than the Japanese watch. Its price may also be a bit expensive, at US$9,700, which has nothing to do with the brand’s typical pricing strategy.

Nevertheless, SLGH003 sells well as a limited edition. For those who miss SLGH003, the conventionally produced SLGH005 “Birch Tree” (except the dial) is already a fan’s favorite.

Historically, Seiko’s biggest selling point can be said to be the finishing of the case and dial, but its generally restricted old-fashioned design has largely attracted experienced enthusiasts. The 9 series design changed this feeling, it became bolder and younger.

From a broader perspective, Series 9 Design can be seen as another step in the development of the brand, which may start with the Thin Dress series in 2018. The new design concept can be summarized as a thinner case, with more brushed surfaces, which can increase contrast; more prominent hands; and more subtle finishing on the indicators.

The design of the 9 series is obvious on SLGH003 and most obvious on the dial. Compared to previous generations, the hands are more frosted, rather than the once popular polishing effect. Coupled with the truncated flat tip, they appear more sporty.

Interestingly, the hour and minute hands are handled differently. When the minute hand is brushed linearly, the hour hand is slit longitudinally. Its most central part is frosted and decorated with linear brushes on both sides to make its surface echo the appearance of the hour markers.

The marker has many facets and various finishes: a finely ground groove on the top, a polished facet on the side, and a brushed groove in the middle. It is worth noting that although the new indexes look very different from the past Seiko dials, they have a double baton with the original Seiko “First” crown, which is a subtle nod.

However, since the index has expanded compared with the early Seiko (especially at 12 o’clock), it is unabashedly bold, with a slight atmosphere of the 1970s. The appearance may not be suitable for everyone, but Grand Seiko still offers a large number of classic designs.

The dial colors are equally bold, contrasting blue, gold and red. Nevertheless, almost all other 60th Anniversary Edition models are covered in similar colors, so the combination is not so special. Having said that, although the subsequent SLGH005 “Birch Tree” can be produced normally, it can be said to be more unique, and its patterned dial is very consistent with Seiko’s natural inspiration theme.

Like the dial, the 9-series design of the case is an evolution of the cheap Grand Seiko watches of the past. Looking back at the two watch case designs that were widely used after the resurrection of Grand Seiko in 1998, you can best appreciate their historical inspiration.