Hublot E UEFA Eureo 2020TM

Hublot launched its first NFT with big explosion E UEFA Eureo 2020TM

Hublot shows the dazzling new version, including the official watch of the UEFA EURO 2020TM European Championship, celebrates with the UEFA EUREO 2020TM Championship – this is a huge bang stage – and a new podcast to interview the greatest sports Icon, with NFT to buy a watch for the first two hundred customers.

Hublot likes football!

Before the start of UEFA EURO 2020TM, only 30 days can start! Fans around the world are very happy to follow this game, which is due to the big popularity for a year. To celebrate, Hublot is launching its Big Bang E UEFA Eureo 2020TM connection watch. Once again, Hublot can maintain a competition by wearing a football fan on a wrist.

The baffle on Big Bang e Watch Sports is the color of the 12 countries that initially planned. In aesthetics, it has the properties of brand logo large explosive models. It can be obtained in 42 mm cases in black magic. Sapphire crystals means that AMOLED HD touch screen is easy to use, just like a mechanical watch, the button on the rotation crown is used to activate its functions.

Complex electronic modules run through Google Software on Wearos, which has adapted and improved to meet the requirements of Hublot, especially through applications dedicated to football, can comply with the game in real time. In the characteristics of this watch, of course, of course, to follow the time, half time, additional time and matching of the timing, the big explosion also notifies the employee reward, player replacement, punishment and goals. You can also choose to view information about team lineup, player rankings and their location at the scene.

In addition, users can also download free to download the color of their country, specializing in the Big Bang of Google Play Store. In addition, there is a huge rubber strip as a standard supply standard titanium deployment buckle, and fans will have the opportunity to purchase other bands in their favorite team. These will be easily interchanged because of the named one-click system developed by Hublot.

For the UEFA EUREO 2020TM European Championship, Hublot copy will equip all referees during the tournament during the tournament. The fourth official display of the board of directors will also be the Hublot color of sports.

Hublot pursues exploration in each of the series dimensions of technology, so from May 12, a podcast series called “Hublot Fusion Podcast” is being launched. The French Sport Broadcasting reporter host Anne Laurui, which will interview football legend and a friend and ambassador with Hublot. Podcasts will focus on 12 universal values: unity, alliance, passion, commitment, accommodation, equality, friendship, justice, respect, fair game, tolerance, and sharing.

In another major new initiative, 200 customers who join the Hublotista community will receive a non-entertainment tag (NFT), which contains a concentrated excerpt of “Hublot Fusion Podcast”! These Currency is developed through the leading Ethereum software company: consencsys. The token strictly abide by the ERC-1155 standard, and their owners can exchange these tokens on the platform including OpenSea’s NFT. fake watches for sale