Jacob & co. Fast and passionate tweeter boost

Jacob & Co. fake Looking at the limited edition watch that it is creating is to celebrate the fast and fierce film franchise rights.

Just like the top series, Jacob & Co. Fast and passion twin turbine boost will be based on the brand’s large sudden twiller growth family watch.

The dial of the watch echo is the original 2001 movie’s first game and “a checkered starting girl in a checkered flag, behind her is hot car to prepare bolts – a US muscle, another double import.”

Set between the twins of the watch, the three-axis gourmet is a power reserve indicator of a fuel gauge.

If this is not enough, the twin turbocharger also has a single hole time timer with a pusher start, stop and reset the timer integrated into the crank crown. jacob and co astronomia dragon

But just like the franchise rights Luxeris, fast and fierce double turbocharged is music music music, boasting very little one-minute repeater, these repeaters in this decimal time is stirred for a few hours, Dozens of minutes, then minutes in different hue.

The JCFM05 of the watch includes 832 separate components, which will occupy 57mm in the 57 mm forging carbon shell, which is composed of 88 parts.

“Our twin turbocharge is a franchise right for fast and passion,” Jacob & Co. CEO Benjamin Arabov said: “Not only the name of our watches, but also overall emphasizes speed and special. fake Jacob & Co It has been in a number of important and successful partnerships, but we have never been working with an entity such as our DNA. New fast and fierce double turbocharged angry watches will be great. ”

The only time meter that is committed to commemorating the fast and passion movie series.

Fast and passionate movie series of generic city studio is called the most iconic car movie legend. For a large number of car enthusiasts in the world, quickly and angry, followed by a group of driver, upgraded their ride throughout 9 series. As one of the most car inspiration, Jacob & Cop is a perfect brand to commemorate limited edition to celebrate the “F9” released on June 25.

Jacob & Co. Prideically announced the release of fast and fierce double turbocharged, it can be ranked four complications in the watch: double three-axis gyro, small molecular repeater, single-way timer and pit Board time difference calculator. All complications are provided by 832 components Jacob & Co. Caliber JCFM05 manual wound movement to Jacob & Co. The large sapphire crystal face, which is characterized by the “Fast and Passion” movie in 2001 Imagry IMONIC: a checkered banner, in After she, the hot rod car prepares bolts – integrated American muscles, the other double import, higher than the two logos. buy AAA replica watches