Hublot launches new MP-09 color 3D carbon fiber dual-axis tourbillon watch

Hublot’s MP-09 “Manufacture Piece” series has added four new models to continue its development and growth. “MP” represents the brand spirit…and interprets it vividly. These otherworldly creations are the fusion of technology and aesthetics, forming a unique and inseparable whole. Form and substance no longer distinguish each other-form is substance, and vice versa.

MP-09 uses a key word to embody this vision: integration. First of all, the king of watch cases and complications-the dual-axis tourbillon. The biggest challenge of this work is to create a completely different case and present the tourbillon in a unique way.

Then, integrate all the expertise of Hublot. As a 100% integrated manufacturer, Hublot controls the conception, design, production and assembly of each piece and fully demonstrates independent creativity. MP-09 is a perfect example.

After the three initial versions of titanium, king gold and black 3D carbon fiber, Hublot continues the adventure of MP-09, bringing four new models, which have in common the new color 3D carbon fiber case. Every word in the description is important: “new” because of the concept, but the most important thing is the method, because the processing of a watch case made of multilayer composite materials (such as carbon fiber) and a watch made of titanium or gold The shell is completely different, the latter is a homogeneous metal. Not to mention new plans, new tools and new decorations: the MP-09 has a truly ultra-high-tech chassis.

Hublot’s mastery of the “3D carbon fiber” material is unmatched. The brand can engrave it into complex and rare curves, angles and slopes, while maintaining water resistance and durability. The application of carbon fiber materials has significantly reduced the weight of the new MP-09, and highlighted the extreme appearance and unique complex functions…Wearing on the wrist, it is as light as a feather.

The last is “color”, which is what makes the new MP-09 series unique. The new watch offers four options: yellow, blue, green and red. Four completely different methods, using the original liquid-colored 3D carbon fiber case, with a structured rubber strap, hands and hour markers. Sporty, secretive or gorgeous, you can find the corresponding style for every taste.

The new Hublot MP-09 dual-axis tourbillon watch is equipped with the HUB9009.H1.RA manual winding movement, with a power reserve of 5 days. The first axis rotates once per minute and the second axis rotates once every 30 seconds. It is this unique and fascinating dual-axis rotation mode that promotes the concept of tilting the case. The tourbillon is set at 6 o’clock, combined with a new color scheme and 3D carbon fiber structure. The middle of the case and the back cover are made of titanium with a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal.

Hublot welcomes three-Michelin-star female chef Clare Smyth as a friend of the brand

Hublot is pleased to announce that Clare Smyth, the first and only three-star British female chef, has joined the brand family.

Pioneer chef Clare Smyth has won global praise and admiration for his ability to transform local high-quality agricultural products into world-renowned cuisine. The Core by Clare Smyth restaurant opened by Clare Smyth in Notting Hill in August 2017 embodies the spirit of excellence and innovation advocated by Hublot. In addition to providing a relaxing dining experience, the Core by Clare Smyth restaurant also presents a world-renowned novel experience by reconstructing high-quality British agricultural products, and has won the most prestigious praise in the high-end catering industry. Core by Clare Smyth is the first restaurant to be selected in the Gourmet Guide with a perfect score of 10. It won three Michelin stars in just three years. In 2021, Clare Smyth also became the fourth British chef to receive this honor. cheap men watches

Hublot’s control of the “art of fusion” is most evident in the brand’s innovation tradition. From the first use of rubber in the fine watchmaking industry to the creation of new precious alloys (such as scratch-resistant magic gold), the brand has discovered new uses for materials and boldly combined them, and has always been a leader in this field. Clare Smyth reconstructed the potato in the signature dish “Potato and Roe” (caviar and potato), to enrich imagination and creative ingenuity to elevate a humble staple food to the pinnacle of haute cuisine. In this bold innovation, we are proud to see the close connection with traditional watchmaking concepts and methods.

Whether gourmet cooking or high-end watchmaking, it is the perfect fusion of meticulous professional knowledge and sincere passion for fine art with time. From ordering to serving, and then to serving, precise timing is very important for chefs and customers. Entering the restaurant, customers of Core by Clare Smyth will see the Hublot Classic Fusion wall clock proudly displayed in the center of the kitchen; the heart of the restaurant is synchronized with cheap Hublot time.