Women’s watch is not only in the value to see these three advanced women’s tables

In our impression, women’s watch and small, exquisite, graceful words are not open, compared to men’s watch, female tables should pay more attention to design. However, with the continuous development of the female watch market, there are more and more women’s choices, and the brand has different interpretations of women. The female watch must have exquisite, high-brand appearance, and pay attention to the inside of the watch. The movement performance, both of which can make women’s watch more competitive in the market.

ULYSSE NARDIN Table New Lady Diver Ms. Diving Watch 8162-182B1-0A / 3A

Product model: 8162-182B1-0A / 3A
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: UN-816
Shell material: 18K rose gold, diamond lap
Waterproof depth: 300 meters

There are not many ladies in the market, and the ULYSSE NARDIN Table Lady Diver has the emergence of ladies submersible, so that women have more diving table options. This year, Athens Table has launched a new Lady Diver ladies submersible, which is created with 5N rose gold. In fact, the Ulysse Nardin table has launched a steel model, the ladies diving meter of the Pearl Beige Pan, The main change in this new product is still the material of the case. This brand new Lady Diver diving table has all the symbol features of the classic Athens table Diver diving series, a diameter of 39 mm, moderate; the case except for 5n rose gold, the rotating lap is also inlaid in the beautiful diamond, match Pearl Motherbei Dish, breaking the conventional dive design, bringing unique atmosphere to its traditional sports, more feminine temperament. The time standard on the dial also uses a diamond design, and the overall design of the watch is completed, and the date display window is set at 6 o’clock, add a practical function to the watch. The new Lady Diver lady’s diving meter is not floating, but is hidden in the un-816 automatic movement built in the case. This movement adopts advanced silicon technology, more precise, with power storage of 42 hours, waterproof depth of 300 meters.

Home Master Series 1242501
Product model: 1242501
Watch diameter: 36 mm
Case thickness: 9.4 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 925
Shell material: 18K rose gold, diamond lap
Waterproof depth: 50 meters

This ultra-thin master series month-to-face watch is a new product from the home masters, with rose gold and diamonds to interpret modern women’s exquisite temperament. The watch inherited the elegant atmosphere of the master series, and more gentle rhyme, the watches were 36 mm, and the case was made of rose gold, the lap islade beautiful diamonds while matching the silver dial. The dial is located at 6 o’clock position, the moon phase display, the golden sun is hung in the dark blue starry sky. There is a number of numbers in the outer edge of the month, which can be accurately displayed, which can be exquisite and practical. The transparent table is displayed in front of you, you can see the left and right flipstick, and do the beauty of the machine. Master a series of men’s watch before, this brand new ultra-thin master series month, inheritance, the unique charm of women.

BREGUET Nautical Series 9518ST / E2 / 984 / D000

Model: 9518ST / E2 / 984 / D000
Watch diameter: 33.80 mm
Shell thickness: 9.89 mm
Movement Type: Automatic Machinery
Movement Model: 591A
Shell material: steel, outer edge decoration with coin trim, lap inlaid 60 diamonds (about 0.846 carat)
Waterproof depth: 50 meters

This BREGUET Marine Navigation Series 9518 ladies inlaid steel watch will condense the navigation, self-contained, elegant temperament and sports make this watch a different existence of many women. The watch is integrated into the aesthetic characteristics of Baoshen, such as coinquulture decoration, squatting flowers, etc., but also echoes the navigation in many details, such as the second hand on the design of the maritime signal flag, also represents BREGUET Abbreviated “B” words. The dial of this watch is more special. Marble pattern blue paint dial Shanghai waves, very eye-catching, wants to form such a special effect, need to overlap, two types of blue lacquers that have not yet solidified After the pigment is contacted, it will intend to form a marble pattern. Diamonds and blue dials on the lap echo each other, shining. This BREGUET Marine Navigation Series 9518 ladies diamond steel watch showed women’s yearning and exploration spirit of riding wind and waves in the vast sea.

ULYSSE NARDIN LADY DIVER Ms. Diving Form Soft Belt, is a rare, color value and practical ladies diving meter; the home of the ultra-thin master series month, the poetry Ms. diamond steel watch is very empty, each watch has its own characteristics and meaning, and also highlights the unique taste of modern urban women on the watch.