JACOB & CO Astronomy Casino

Luxury watches are no longer just to tell the time. The acclaimed watch and diamond jewelry brand Jacob & Co.’s Astronomia Casino is a good example, which features a fully operable miniature roulette under the watch’s sapphire crystal dome case. Astronomia Casino’s reels are inlaid with a series of spectacular green, red and black enamel and mahogany, and are activated by a button at eight o’clock (this button also provides a power reserve for the animation).

This extraordinary timepiece is the latest in Jacob & Co.’s iconic Astronomia celestial-themed timepiece collection and can be personalized by Jacob & Co. craftsmen inlaying mother-of-pearl in the owner’s lucky number.

Roulette table animation
There has never been a complication watch with a spinning roulette that allows owners to play their favorite game of chance at any time. Although Astronomia Casino is easy to use and enjoy, the technical solutions that truly make it run seamlessly took more than a year of development time.

The ceramic ball is separated from the movement by a sapphire crystal and can bounce at will without affecting the function of the timepiece.