Don’t want to be abandoned by the times, then transcend the times!

Among the few top watch brands, cheap Ulysse Nardin occupies a place. It has a rare uninterrupted history of 175, superb watchmaking craftsmanship, and advanced and bold watchmaking thinking. It is able to do a good job between tradition and avant-garde. In 2001, Freak The whimsical series turned out to show us the unbelievable “wonderful” thinking of Athens. Starting in 2018, Ulysse Nardin has launched the “X” series of products with the unknown “X” as the element, writing a new chapter.

The BLAST skeleton tourbillon watch is a new watch work of Ulysse Nardin for the “X” series last year. The cool skeleton design and tourbillon device make this watch shine. The power of youth and passion lies in this watch. Collision and blending, we have seen the ingenuity and strength of Ulysse Nardin in watchmaking. This time we got the BLAST hollow tourbillon watch rose gold, let’s take a look. (Watch model: 1725-400/02)

The rose gold BLAST hollow tourbillon watch is very special. It is made of three different materials. The bezel is black ceramic, the upper case is 5N rose gold, and the middle case is DLC-coated titanium. Obviously, BLAST hollow tourbillon watches are more unique and fashionable than conventional gold watches.

The lug design is one of the most talked about in this watch. The lines in the triangle area are staggered, and the solid geometric structure resembles the sharp wings of a stealth fighter, full of power. The surface of the lugs alternately presents polished, satin and sandblasted textures, which can further highlight the layering of the lugs. The plump round case line and the geometric structure of the lugs form a strong visual contrast. The whole watch is like a fighter jet rushing into the sky, full of momentum.

From the front of the watch, we can see the beauty of the movement of the UN-172 movement. This movement is redesigned and transformed from the UN-171 movement of the original manager’s hollow tourbillon watch. The original manual The winding has been changed to automatic winding. The UN-172 movement adopts a hollow design, and the complex gear train of the movement plays a symphony of time. At 12 o’clock is the barrel, with a small miniature rotor on it in rose gold.

At 6 o’clock, symmetrical to the barrel, there is a flying tourbillon device. The escapement uses silicon material technology. You must know that Ulysse Nardin is one of the first brands to introduce silicon material into watches. The accomplishments in the material field are already very high.

The sandwich-type double “X” design on the front of the watch, two different sizes of “X” are connected with a rectangular frame. As the iconic “X” element of Ulysse Nardin, the interpretation of BLAST skeleton tourbillon watch is more unique and bold. Moreover, the polishing on the details is also very careful. The first layer “X” and the second layer “X” are respectively horizontally brushed and satin polished. The rectangular frame shows a horizontal brushing, and the outermost ring of the disk surface is Using satin brushing, different polishing techniques make the details more elegant.

There is also an “X” shape on the back of the watch. The hour markers and hands on the front of the watch are covered with a luminous coating, showing an ice blue luminous effect in a dark environment.

The watch is equipped with a black crocodile leather strap, and the clasp adopts a new patented three-stage design, which can be opened with one button, which is more convenient.

Waiting for the opportunity to burst into vigorous vitality, the Ulysse Nardin BLAST Skeleton Tourbillon is a fighter that soars into the sky. It is firm, individual, and powerful. It feels even more in kind. No wonder it is so popular with watch friends. I don’t like to define this watch as a formal watch or a sports watch. It is to break our traditional boundaries and is suitable for occasions in life. The spirit of watchmaking.