Roberto Mancini (ROBERTO MANCINI) automatic flyback watch RM11-04

Roberto Mancini Automatic Flyback Watch RM11-04 was born from the wonderful cooperation between the Italian national football team’s blue team manager Roberto Mancini and Richard Mille (Richard Mille), Rob To Mancini automatic flyback watch RM11-04 provides the coach with unparalleled control of the time on the field. Realize his dream of leading Italy to victory.

As the No. 1 Azzurri in the world, Roberto needs a sophisticated strategy and the ability to track and manage time seamlessly. This is exactly the case with this most refined and advanced skeletonized watch. RM 11-04 is equipped with a dial dedicated to tracking intermission, overtime and overtime, helping to relieve time-related pressures that may have a negative impact on tactics during the game. This timepiece is unique among luxury watches and provides a new level of time management on site.

RM 11-04 maintains the originality of RM 11-01 and highlights the latest Richard Mille style code. However, this timepiece is decorated with the colors of the Italian flag and Squadra Azzurra’s iconic official blue hue, which undoubtedly pays homage to Roberto Mancini’s background. This 9.00 mm thick watch is decorated with 68 jewels and is equipped with a three-position handle equipped with manual winding, data adjustment and pointer settings for optimal time control. In addition, the bottom plate and splint of the watch have been optimized for the best resistance, and are made of highly corrosion-resistant grade 5 titanium, which can easily realize the function of the gear train. Encapsulated in carbon TPT®, known for its excellent resistance to microcracking and splitting, this luxury timepiece is almost indestructible and offers first-class shock protection. RM 11-04 is equipped with an ultra-sports case made of “Carbon TPT® with raised round teeth”, showing a new facet of the grade 5 titanium alloy movement RMAC3.

As far as chronographs are concerned, Roberto Mancini’s skeletonized self-winding movement is first-rate-powered by the RMAC3 movement, equipped with a flyback chronograph dial, equipped with a central minute counter and Variable geometry rotor. The flyback chronograph not only shows that the game time consists of two 45-minute halves and up to 15 minutes of stoppage time, but it can also be reactivated in the event of overtime. Press the button at 4 o’clock to activate the flyback function, reposition the hands at 12 o’clock and start the second half of the game. After reactivation, the flyback chronograph will display 15 minutes of extra game time and 5 minutes of stoppage time. In addition, the variable geometry rotor of this timepiece has 18k white gold wings, 18k white gold weight sections, a 5-grade titanium alloy central flange, a 5-grade titanium alloy adjustable weight section, ceramic ball bearings and one-way counterclockwise upper chain. In addition, the skeletonized automatic winding movement with hours, minutes and seconds, as well as large date and month displays, allow users to use time as a strategic resource rather than a source of stress.

This uniquely designed Richard Mille cheap watch is suitable for sports and non-sports events, and can easily and effectively modify the winding of the mainspring to best suit the user’s activity level. With the help of adjustable six-position ribs, the inertia of the rotor can be accelerated to adapt to leisure activities or slowed down to adapt to more intense sports activities. The RM 1104 automatic chronograph Roberto Mancini also has a powerful power reserve of 45 to 55 hours, all of which depend on the degree of utilization of the timekeeping function of the timepiece. Thanks to the use of two nitrile rubber O-rings, this 50mm watch is water-resistant to 50 meters, which is equivalent to 165 feet.

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) is proficient in all the splendor of the art of horology. Whether you care about the impeccable quality of a luxury watch, its lifetime use, or other extraordinary benefits, Richard Mille can meet all your expectations and requirements.

Each of Richard Mille’s timepieces is an unparalleled gemstone with a timeless beauty. Its value, quality, function and design are highly respected by people of high taste and supremacy. So it does not say that its value will decline, but that it will increase over time.

Variety is another worthwhile benefit of buying Richard Mille. If you look at the varieties, you will have a wide range of choices, including many categories, models, styles and designs. Normally, when you go to buy a new Richard Mille luxury, you have a limited choice because only the latest series are presented in the store. On the other hand, the brand’s models have unique varieties, including retro or modern designs. This in itself is an important reason why you should choose second-hand Richard Mille.

Despite Richard Mille’s brilliant innovations in their watch products, many models of the brand are considered antiques. This means that they will continue to use the same name and classic design for a long time without much change in style and overall style. For example, the price of the new Richard Mille RM 027 Tourbillion is twice what it was made many years ago, but now you can have the same model at a lower price.

Each of Richard Mille’s timepieces is an unparalleled gemstone with a timeless beauty. Its value, quality, function and design are highly respected by people of high taste and supremacy. So it does not say that its value will decline, but that it will increase over time.