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Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino
Jacob & Co. is a brand known for fine jewelry and jewelry watches. It was a popular concept before Baselworld 2014, when the company unveiled the Astronomia Tourbillon watch. While the Astronomia Tourbillon wasn’t Jacob & Co.’s first complication watch, it was certainly the brand’s most striking design at the time. It took the world by storm with its exhibitionist nature and sophisticated original movements. Since then, dozens of creative variants have been launched – each more exaggerated than before – and the watch continues to be the talk of every watch show it appears. At this year’s Baselworld, another member of the thriving Astronomia family was presented, and this one may be the most inventive yet.

Case, Dial and Hands
Astronomia Casino comes in a standard Astronomia case, reminiscent of an aquarium. It’s worth noting how the strap is a continuous piece of sapphire crystal, and how the lugs are hollowed out to achieve this design. Naturally, with the movement and display so stunning, you’ll want to get the most out of the case’s contents. What’s inside the case is huge by watchmaking standards. So much so that the rose gold case measures 47mm in diameter and 27.9mm in height (no, that’s not a typo). In these measurements, Astronomia Casino clearly doesn’t mean — or can — hide under its sleeves. Wearing the watch requires more care so that it doesn’t get caught on the ledge with full force. The only thing that really saves the watch from being completely unwieldy on the wrist is its short lugs that curve sharply downward. What we’ve always liked about the Astronomia case is that it doesn’t have a crown, which would upset the balance of the watch. Instead, the winding and setting of the observatory is done via two buttons on the back of the solid case.

The case is designed like a showcase to maximize the display of the movement and display.
But as impressive as the case is, what’s inside is even more exciting. Full credit to the designers of Astronomia Casino for noticing how Astronomia’s four-armed movement fits into the roulette theme. A beautifully crafted rose gold spoked turret is placed in the center of the movement, which itself looks like a turret with four-claw spokes. So the center section does become somewhat redundant. In fact, not using it significantly reduces the height of the watch.

Presented in a spectacular array of green, red and black enamel, the Roulette at Astronomia Casino is inlaid with mahogany and is activated by a pusher at 8 o’clock (which also winds the movement).
Each of the movement’s four arms features the iconic astronomical display: a 1-carat, 288-facet diamond, a magnesium-lacquered globe, hour and minute sub-dials, and, of course, the biaxial flying tourbillon. Below the arm is the roulette complication. The roulette wheel is also made of rose gold and can be rotated by pressing a button located at the 8 o’clock position of the case. The ceramic balls will then be sent to play, eventually falling into one of the many coloured and numbered pockets. The pockets are presented in green, black or red enamel. buy replicas watch

Driving the Astronomia Casino is an in-house built, hand-wound Calibre JCAM29A. The 395-part, 42-jewel movement has a diameter of 41.40 mm and a thickness of 20.50 mm. Despite its heavy power draw, it boasts a respectable 60-hour power reserve and runs at a stately 3 Hz beat rate. Astronomia Casino has a solid caseback, so the movement cannot be seen through it. Fortunately, most of the movement can be seen from the front, and it is clear that it has been beautifully finished. The bridges, bridges and tourbillon cage are finished with polished bevels, the wheels are rounded, the screws are polished and many other decorative techniques are applied to the visible or invisible parts.

There are two buttons for winding and time setting on the solid case back.

Whether you like watches or not, the fact remains that the Astronomia Casino is a truly unique timepiece, born of sublime creativity and craftsmanship. Outside of astronomical circles, nothing compares to it. It is the ultimate form of luxury in watchmaking, and its pricing reflects this philosophy. Astronomia Casino, jaw-dropping.

The Astronomy Casino juts out like a thumb on the wrist, like a small monument.
Now, while the Astronomia timepiece concept is pretty unique, this watch isn’t the only one with an “otherworldly” design and execution. Take the avant-garde Ulysse Nardin Freak Vision. While the Freak Vision isn’t quite as flashy as the Astronomia Casino, it’s packed with industry-leading innovation. The time on the Freak Vision is still displayed in the Freak way, through the oblong movement itself, a “flying carousel” that rotates around its own axis. Brand new is its ultra-light silicon balance wheel with nickel mass elements and stable microblades, and the Grinder self-winding system, which revolutionizes energy transfer and is more than twice as efficient as existing systems.

Ever wish you could have a fully functional miniature roulette wheel that doubles as a clock? Well, now you can use Astronomia Casino. With its crazy aesthetics, design, and size, this watch is sure to attract critics. But one thing no one can take away from the Astronomia Casino is that it’s a very interesting watch. That, and the level of craftsmanship poured into making the replica watch a reality.