Patek Philippe “complex steel watch”

Since Patek Philippe’s “most important” steel watch, the Nautilus 5711A, was discontinued, Patek Philippe’s already extremely scarce steel watch lineup has lost another general. Although Patek Philippe has repeatedly emphasized that it will not focus on steel watches, Patek Philippe has kept several steel watches at a minimum.

This year, apart from the Nautilus and Grenade sports watch series, Patek Philippe only retained 3 complex steel watches. They are steel case world time chronograph 5935A, steel case calendar chronograph 5905A, and steel case weekly calendar 5212A. Patek Philippe’s steel watches are rare, which means that the actual market price of steel watches is stronger than that of gold models. Today, let’s focus on the three remaining complex steel watches of Patek Philippe.

  1. Patek Philippe 5935A
    5935A is the latest steel watch launched by Patek Philippe this year, and it is a world time chronograph. Combining the two functions of world time and timing on one watch is very rare in other famous watch brands, and it is a major combination of Patek Philippe. Prior to this, Patek Philippe had withdrawn from the platinum case world time chronograph 5930P, and the platinum case was limited to 5930G, and the steel case version with enlarged case size (41mm) and redesigned panel decoration was 5935A.

Just from the dial of 5935A, it can be seen that Patek Philippe attaches “extraordinary” importance to this watch. The salmon color dial is the color that Patek Philippe only uses on heavyweight watches; the square pattern in the center of the dial is called “carbon fiber” pattern by Patek Philippe, and the “carbon fiber” pattern was only used on the limited 6007A and the orphan 5208T before. . The salmon color is nothing more than the “carbon fiber” check pattern, which is definitely “top treatment”.

In terms of watch functions, we can see that there is a city ring on the outer ring of the watch dial, and a day and night display on the inner ring. The world time function is operated by the button at 10 o’clock on the case. Press it, the city circle will switch to the next city, and the hour hand jumps for one hour, which is very convenient to operate; below the dial is a 30-minute counter, and the second hand in the center of the dial is used for timing. Patek Philippe’s world time chronograph does not have a second hand for running time.

For 5935A, it’s just an illusion. Steel case, salmon, carbon check pattern, so many rare elements are on this watch, how can a mere 490,000 be enough? The actual market price of 5935A is much higher than that. Objectively speaking, 5935A is a representative of implementing Patek Philippe’s new design ideas. While the formal dress is complicated, it combines leisure and sports styles, changing the traditional Patek Philippe, and it is so beautiful.

  1. Patek Philippe 5905A

5905A is Patek Philippe’s 2021 “Steel King”. 5905A is a replacement model of the previously discontinued 5960A, allowing Patek Philippe to always maintain a steel watch in its annual calendar chronograph lineup. The annual calendar timing of the steel case is not uncommon. The first feature of the 5905A is the green plate.

2021 is the year that Patek Philippe will push the ‘green disk’ to its peak. After Patek Philippe launched the green-faced Nautilus, it was followed by this 5905A. The 5905A uses a green disc with radial patterns, and the layout of the disc is the same as that of the regular version. The upper part of the dial is the three windows of the day, calendar, and month; the lower part of the dial is the 60-minute counter. The pointer and hour markers are platinum.

The emergence of 5905A also fully complies with the trend of sporting famous watches in the past two years. The 5905A is not only a steel head and a steel chain, but also obviously, at the junction of the lugs and the bracelet, the transition is further strengthened, so that the 5905A has a strong integrated shape of the watch head and bracelet, which is close to the Nautilus, the Royal Oak, and the vertical and horizontal world. luxury sports watch. It is no exaggeration to say that apart from Nautilus and grenades, Patek Philippe is the “most sporty” 5905A.

5905 itself is one of the larger Patek Philippe watches. It measures 42mm and is 14.13mm thick. Plus the green plate and all steel, very young. Although the green-faced 5905A soared into the sky when it was first launched, it has fallen back in the current general environment. Instead, it is among Patek Philippe’s complex steel watches.

  1. Patek Philippe 5212A

5212A is a “wonderful flower” among Patek Philippe’s complex watches (the “wonderful flower” here refers to being different), special and important. It is special because the layout of the 5212A weekly calendar is different from previous Patek Philippe complex watches; it is important because when the 5212A was launched in 2019, it was the first watch to use Patek Philippe’s new-generation 330 automatic movement.

5212A is a weekly calendar. The weekly calendar itself has nothing to do with it. There are 52/53 weeks in a year (leap year), just add an extra weekly calendar. The 5212A is special in that it uses a sector dial layout with a circle within a circle. The inner circle is the week, the middle circle is 53 weeks, and the outer circle is 12 months. And all the pointers are arranged coaxially, and there are 5 pointers on the disk. Think about it, everyone, Patek Philippe’s previous perpetual calendars and annual calendars were either displayed in windows or on small dials, and the 5212A was the only one.

The special layout of the light is not finished yet. The various days, calendars, months, and weekly calendars on the 5212A disk all use “handwritten” characters. The whole watch has a strong sense of retro and leisure. It has a “spiritual connection” with Patek Philippe’s 1955 antique watch 2512.

5212A is actually the most complex Patek Philippe replica men watches for everyday wear. All kinds of weekdays, calendars, months, and weekly calendars are complete, and the elements of the disk are rich, and the appearance is worth mentioning. The appearance is retro, but the movement is the latest generation. The size of 40 mm is moderate, and the steel shell is also durable.