Richard Mille RM 07-04 Automatic Sport: Interview with Amanda Mille and Cécile Guenat

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When Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille had just launched its RM 07-04 Automatic sport ultra-light and ultra-resistant sports watch, Amanda Mille, director of brand and partnerships, and Cécile Guenat, director of creativity and development, were talking about the two origins of this gather.

Can you go back to the origin of this series?
Amanda Mille: We really wanted to respond to requests from our partners who were already very happy with the styles they were wearing and wanted a more technical piece to accompany their workouts.

The idea has been ripe for some time. It takes time to create an extremely sporty movement for a watch that is deliberately designed to be so small.

Cécile Guenat: We wanted to develop a sporty women’s model that can be worn both in sports and in everyday life.

This is one of the fundamental characteristics common to all Richard Mille movements. We designed from the ground up a women’s sports watch that embeds the brand code, combining reliability, comfort and lightness. richard mille skull watch replica

After more than two decades of the brand’s existence, creating a sporty women’s watch seems essential to you?
Amanda Miller: Yeah, obviously. We listen to our customers and partners, and taking the time to start this campaign allows us to ask ourselves the right questions.

Our partners work in very different disciplines and require watches with specific characteristics, but we have finally managed to combine all requests into one collection. This is a great technical feat!

This RM 07-04 Automatic Sport is fine. This reminds me of the RM 67-02, a watch that has been developed for our top athletes. We wanted a model with the same desire but designed for women’s wrists. The idea is not to stop at copy-pasting, but to go further.

Cécile Guenat: We allow ourselves complete freedom by emphasizing technicality through beautiful skeleton movements and special flange structures. The suit guarantees the brand’s signature powerful resistance during athletic practice.

Associating color with this sporty collection: another piece of evidence?
Cécile Guenat: Yes, because style is inseparable from women’s sports, and color is very common in sports ready-to-wear. Women’s sports is a very fashionable area, just as color is involved in sportswear or streetwear. richard mille nadal replica

Three years ago, looking at our inspiration book, we defined colors that corresponded to the overall aesthetic that was required for the collection. In addition to the sporty version, we have designed this watch for a wider range of lifestyles.

Amanda Miller: As with other collections it was logical to develop multiple colors and this represented a real challenge as many of the colors in RM 07-04 required a long development time.

How does this new collection fit into the world of Richard Mille women’s watches?
Amanda Mille: We have developed products for our athletes such as Diana Luna (Richard Mille’s first sports partner) and even Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl, the Carbon Fiber TPT RM 07-01, an elegant technical product featuring Lightweight material while guaranteeing impact resistance.

The womenswear collection also benefited from innovation, through the creation of new complications such as the introduction of the flying tourbillon or the first in-house automatic tourbillon movement (RM 71-01 Talisman).

This new collection highlights the beautiful continuity in the world of Richard Mille women’s watches, especially thanks to the arrival of Cécile Guenat, who opened up a more feminine look to the brand.

Cécile Guenat: Offering a women’s skeleton sports watch is a bet few take. This collection is a guarantee of aesthetics and technology.

What were the reactions of the six female athletes when they found out about the series?
Amanda Mille: Everyone was surprised because they didn’t expect us to go this far in development. When they discovered this piece, there was a surge of emotion because I think they immediately realized that we had passed a milestone in terms of brightness.

We’ve achieved one goal, but never lost sight of what’s important to us: technology and the constant quest for reliability.