Tokyo Calls – Patek Philippe Is In Town!

Tokyo Patek Philippe fake Watch Art Exhibition opens a unique watchmaking journey

Wondering why Patek Philippe is considered the ‘ne plus ultra’ of watchmaking and you happen to be in Tokyo between June 10-25? Well, there’s one event not to be missed, as Patek Philippe is in town for its sixth grand exhibition, offering visitors a unique 360-degree view of the brand’s world. Free and open to the public, Patek Philippe will take over the Sumitomo Sankaku Hiroba glass skyscraper to host the largest ever exhibition of the Geneva brand. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Patek Philippe is ready to open the doors of the Grand Exhibition of Online fake Watch Art in Tokyo in 2023.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva or its majestic Rue du Rhône boutique, this grand exhibition is the next best thing to do. Now in its sixth edition, the Tokyo show is the manufacturer’s largest ever and an open invitation to explore the brand’s creations, heritage and rare artefacts. Patek Philippe’s major exhibitions – Dubai 2012, Munich 2013, London 2015, New York 2017 and Singapore 2019 – have welcomed around 165,000 visitors so far.

The grand exhibition will be held at the foot of the triangular Shinjuku Sumitomo skyscraper in a huge hall with a huge glass roof rising 25 meters. In this area bathed in natural light, Patek Philippe will create more than 2,500 square meters of decoration – the largest ever conceived for a major exhibition – reminiscent of the streets of Geneva and the city’s lakeside setting, including the famous flower clock.

Divided into ten themed areas, Patek Philippe will bring together 500 timepieces and objects, including the entire current collection and 50 unique pieces inspired by Japanese culture. One of the most popular sections is the rare handicrafts (enamel micro-painting, cloisonné enamel, micro-wood marquetry, guilloche, gem setting, etc.), which will be practiced by artisans on site. The exhibition will also feature 190 pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. The Antique Collection represents some of the oldest watches in the world, while the Patek Philippe Collection traces the brand’s rich heritage with the first known perpetual calendar wristwatch in 1925, the 1948 World Time 1415 HU and a watch with three 1918 pocket Shopping fake watch with repeater and 30-day power reserve, which once belonged to James Ward Packard (see below).

One of the ten rooms will be dedicated to the grand complications (Caliber 89 and Star Caliber 2000), and the master of sound will appreciate and listen to Patek Philippe’s famous timekeeping watches, including the most complicated Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime and 20 complications, as well as Tianyue Tuo Flywheel reference number 6002R-001. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet and demonstrate with fake Patek Philippe‘s master watchmakers. Last but not least, Patek Philippe will also release limited editions, including some technical world firsts.