Astronomia Clarity Dragon


When the Astronomia Tourbillon was launched in 2014, it was the reinvention of the vertically oriented tourbillon with its four satellites in constant rotation that got most of the attention. perfect replica watches

However, driving the Astronomia Art Collection is the incredible sapphire crystal and precious metal case that shows it all.

So the idea was to develop special artwork to put inside the Astronomia Tourbillon, using its massive sapphire crystal case as a gallery, while still showcasing the incredible Astronomia Tourbillon movement. The brand started with motifs of dragons, octopuses, spiders, horses and more. The incredible success of Jacob & Co. has expanded the Astronomia Tourbillon Art Collection every year since then.

Not many watchmakers show everything, but Jacob & Co. presents the Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity White Gold Dragon. The top, sides and case back are all made of pure sapphire crystal glass, allowing you to see every detail of the fine watchmaking vertical biaxial tourbillon, as well as the incredible 3D hand-carved 18K white gold dragon sculpture.

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The mythical dragon is a majestic creature that represents strength, power, glory and good luck. Jacob & Co. artisans who craft the dragons first conduct research to find the perfect dragon to use as a raw material, then create detailed 3D plans on a computer. From this, the 18K white gold casting was made. Finally, after two months or more, the detail work begins, every part of the dragon is scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb, and every surface is finished and carved, then polished. It was another three months of hard work at the engraver’s bench.

The movement is then assembled with the sculpture, taking care to ensure that nothing prevents the watch from functioning perfectly. The 18K white gold dragon sculpture winds and circles through the advanced watchmaking movement.

Three-axis tourbillon
The flywheel was originally invented as a single-axis rotating frame to carry the regulating mechanism of a mechanical pocket watch for improved timekeeping, and the Astronomia Tourbillon takes this 224-year-old invention to a stunningly modern level. Sophistication and complexity.

The three-axis tourbillon of the Astronomia Tourbillon is at the forefront of modern watchmaking. The elaborately decorated cage of the three-axis tourbillon houses the balance, hairspring, escape wheel and many other vital components. This remarkable tourbillon features a skeletonized cage that rotates on three axes simultaneously. Consisting of a series of exquisite components, the JCAM10 is expertly assembled and fine-tuned to keep accurate time throughout its 60-hour power reserve.

It takes exactly 60 seconds for the first axis to rotate once, which is a tribute to the traditional single-axis tourbillon. The second axis rotation takes 5 minutes to complete, while the third axis rotation is realized by the 10-minute four-arm rotating platform of the Astronomia tourbillon. This allows for a bold new perspective on the function of the tourbillon when designed with cutting-edge, ultra-modern technology and timeless horological tradition.

custom made
Bespoke and bespoke work has been the foundation of Jacob & Co. since its inception and continues to this day. The brand has created many astronomical artworks – dragons, spiders, octopuses, horses, tigers, world cities and more. Please visit any Jacob & Co. point of sale or contact the brand directly to inquire.

The Astronomia art collection has become a hallmark of the brand, and collectors look forward to what’s next for Jacob & Co. Astronomia Art demonstrates Jacob & Co.’s commitment to applying traditional craftsmanship in a contemporary way. The incredible clarity of the case, with sapphire crystal glass on the top, sides and case back, provides the perfect gallery for the incredible artwork of the 18K white gold dragon.

Jacob cut diamonds
Jacob & Co. has been at the forefront of the use of gemstones since its founding in 1986 and has developed a variety of special cutting and setting techniques. The brand developed 288 facets of Jacob-cut diamonds for the Astronomia Tourbillon watch. This particular cut requires only a handful of gem cutters, and the rough is often twice the size of the polished diamond. The faceting must be very precise so that the diamond is perfectly symmetrical and round. In astronomical art, a one-carat Jacobs-cut diamond spins once by itself every 30 seconds. online fake watches

Magnesium Globe Globe
Made of blue-lacquered magnesium to ensure weight consistency, as all four moons must be exactly the same weight. The globe rotates once every 30 seconds.

The Astronomia Clarity has a case diameter of 50mm and a thickness of 25.45mm from the highest point of its specially curved front sapphire crystal to the lowest point of the case. Crafted in 18K white gold, each timepiece features four sapphire crystal windows mounted around the case perimeter, enhanced by large sapphire crystal front and rear windows, allowing unobstructed views of the spectacular movement inside . Lugs invisible set with baguette-cut white diamonds.

dial and hands
The Roman numerals on the skeletonized dial are hand-engraved and filled with black lacquer, while the hand-finished hands are finished in gunmetal blue metallic.

technical specifications
Item No.: AT120.60.DR.UA.C
Caliber: Manufacture Jacob&Co. Manual winding JCAM29
Diameter: 40mm
Height: 17.15mm
Parts: 365
Material: Titanium; 5N Gears
Power reserve: 60 hours
Frequency: 21’600 vib/h (3 Hz)
Gems: 42

Functions: hours and minutes
System: 4 arms move vertically and rotate around the central axis once in 10 minutes
• Gravity Tri-Axis Tourbillon, first cage rotates in 60 seconds, second cage in 2.5 minutes
• Exclusive Jacob cut® diamond with 288 facets: white diamond (1 ct) spins itself in 30 seconds
• Hand carved 18K white gold dragon with ruby eyes
• Magnesium blue painted globe spins on its own in 30 seconds
• Hours and minutes dial, patented differential gear system ℗ maintains 12/6 o’clock position

Diameter: 50mm
Height: 25.45mm
Material: Platinum Pt950; Sapphire with double anti-reflective treatment
Case back: double anti-reflective treatment
Sapphire Case back: Winding and time setting via pull-out rotating bow on case back
Crystal: unique domed sapphire with double anti-reflective treatment
Water resistance: 30m (3 atm)
Dial and hands:
Dial: Titanium, polished and sloped, lacquered indexes
Hands: blue Jacob&Co design hands
Strap and buckle:
Strap: Alligator
Buckle: platinum/titanium alloy folding clasp