Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph

Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds

Five years of research and development represent a double achievement: creating a split-seconds chronograph – the most complex automatic watch to ever come out of our workshops – and producing it in a production run beyond the limited series. During the design process, this high-frequency model was equipped with a new gearbox in the form of a function selector. Crown and movement quick-winding pusher. A first – the Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph, now also available in dark yellow quartz TPT® and light blue quartz TPT®

Perfect harmony is a never-ending quest. At Richard Mille, it is also a fusion. Just like the case and the movement. Once assembled, some 600 parts form the most complex of all the brand’s automatic movements: the RMAC4 calibre, which provides the RM 65-01 Split-Seconds Chronograph with extremely precise timing information.

Just in time for summer, the existing RM 65-01 collection (red gold and Carbon TPT®, titanium, Carbon TPT®, grey Quartz TPT®) is being enhanced with more vibrant colours. Richard Mille continues to show its disruptive personality with two new versions. They evoke the blue sky and the fiery celestial bodies respectively. The first version, with a case made of light blue Quartz TPT®, will join the collection. The latter, limited to 120 pieces, features dark yellow Quartz TPT®, whose brightness warms the splendour of the gears visible through the openwork dial.

The main colours of the dial create a vibrant richness. Each colour is associated with a function on the dial for improved legibility, and the pushers and crown also share this colour code.

The RMAC4 movement with its six-column wheel measures time perfectly. This automatic movement has a high-frequency balance with variable inertia, beating at 36,000 vibrations per hour (vph). The pusher at 8 o’clock quickly charges the spring of the fast-spinning barrel. The chronograph’s motor thus has a 60-hour power reserve. The function selector on the crown allows the wearer to quickly switch from conventional winding mode (W) to setting the semi-instantaneous date (D) or hours and minutes (H). replica watches price

The RM 65-01 Automatic Split-Seconds Chronograph in dark yellow Quartz TPT® and light blue Quartz TPT® brings you a summer full of sensations and experiences.

Given its technical advantages, i.e. the movement consists of 480 parts, we knew from the outset that the development phase would be long and complex, as all “instructions” had to be rigorously checked. But the advantage is that once stabilized, this movement has extremely high consistency. This split-seconds chronograph has been put through a series of rigorous tests and must prove that it will work in any situation

A true racing engine
This chronograph, crafted for the 21st century, has a high-frequency balance with variable inertia – 5 Hz or 36,000 vibrations per hour – for exceptional timing accuracy over longer periods and the ability to calculate times to the tenth of a second. A true racing engine, with a split-second hand to calculate intermediate times.

The Mechanical Cathedral
The integrated movement boasts unfailing consistency with its 6-column-wheel architecture and vertical coupling. Like a mechanical brain, this battlemented component coordinates the various controls and is visible through the base. This mechanical cathedral – standing on a grade 5 titanium chassis supported by grade 5 titanium bridges – draws its energy from a rapidly rotating barrel that maintains an ideal torque for energy transmission throughout the duration of its 60-hour power reserve. The barrel’s automatic winding function also ensures optimal torque when the watch is worn on the wrist. replica best watches

A battery of tests
The chronograph has also been subjected to a battery of rigorous tests to prove its ability to operate properly in any situation. These range from shock and drop simulations to a 10-year accelerated ageing phase for all functions, to water resistance testing and resistance to magnetic fields.

Rapid-winding mechanism
Another milestone is that Richard Mille has developed its first in-house patented rapid-winding mechanism, activated via a push-piece at 8 o’clock. After 125 presses, the barrel is fully wound and ready to time your next event. Richard Mille engineers call this highly practical function “very interesting”, but particularly difficult to develop due to its high level of torque transmission. During the ageing tests, the function was activated thousands of times.

Function selector
The model also features a new gearbox in the form of a function selector inside the crown. This system makes it possible to switch between “traditional” winding (W), semi-instantaneous date adjustment (D) or setting the time (H) by simply pressing the crown. replica watch reviews

Quartz and Carbon TPT®
Quartz TPT® and Carbon TPT® have an exceptional setting surface and consist of layers of parallel filaments obtained by separating silicon dioxide and carbon threads. Quartz fibers are often used in very high-performance applications due to their resistance to high temperatures, their strength and their transparency to electromagnetic waves. The fiber layers are no thicker than 45 microns and are saturated with a grey resin developed exclusively for Richard Mille. The layers are then stacked using an automatic positioning system that changes the direction of the fibers by 45° between each layer. After heating to 120°C and applying 6 bars of pressure, they are machined on CNC machines in Richard Mille’s manufacturing plant. Carbon TPT® is made using the same process, but from carbon threads.

Richard Mille RM 65-01 Automatic Rattrapante Chronograph Technical Specifications
Available in Titanium, Carbon TPT®, Red Gold and Carbon TPT®, Grey Quartz TPT®, Dark Yellow Quartz TPT® and Pastek Blue Quartz TPT®. replica watches sale

CALIBRE RMAC4: skeletonized automatic movement with hours, minutes, seconds at 6 o’clock, date, split-seconds chronograph with 30-minute counter at 3 o’clock, 12-hour counter at 9 o’clock, function selector, rapid winding and variable-geometry rotor.

Case dimensions: 44.50 x 49.94 x 16.10 mm Key features
Power reserve
Approximately 60 hours (±10%) (chronograph not running).
Actual power reserve results depend on chronograph usage.

Baseplate and bridges in grade 5 titanium
The baseplate is treated with grey electroplasma and the bridges are treated with black PVD and grey electroplasma. Grade 5 titanium is a biocompatible, corrosion-resistant and very hard alloy that allows the gear train to operate effortlessly. The alloy is composed of 90% grade 5 titanium, 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium. This combination further improves the mechanical properties of the material, which explains its frequent use in the aerospace and automotive industries. The baseplate of the RMAC4 movement has been optimized for an extremely low weight/resistance ratio.
The skeletonized baseplate and bridges have undergone intensive and complete validation tests to optimize their resistance capabilities

Split-seconds chronograph
The modern architecture of this movement allows its components to be arranged consistently and rationally, avoiding unnecessary overlaps and maximizing the functionality through technical solutions. The RMAC4 movement is equipped with a latest-generation split-seconds mechanism developed by Richard Mille engineers. A new column wheel controls the different levers of the split-seconds function and optimizes the operation of the chronograph. The 6 column wheel ensures optimized synchronized movements, maximum locking of the functions and increased regulation durability.
The almost complete elimination of the initial jump of the chronograph seconds hand and the reduction of the energy consumption of these mechanisms are the result of extensive research that has led to the design and manufacture of dedicated gears and levers.

Split-seconds chronograph operation
Use – The chronograph function is started or stopped via the push-piece located at 2 o’clock. Pressing another push-button at 4 o’clock resets the hands.
Split-seconds chronograph function – By pressing the push-button at 10 o’clock, you can stop the split-seconds hand to read intermediate times when the chronograph is started.
Pressing the push-button again rejoins the split-seconds hand with the chronograph hand.
30-minute totalizer – The subdial at 3 o’clock shows the elapsed minutes when the chronograph function is started.
12-hour totalizer – The subdial at 9 o’clock shows the elapsed hours since the chronograph was started, up to a maximum of 12 hours.

Function selector
It features a highly professional gearbox design for the winding, date and hand-setting functions. To switch between these different functions, use the push-button located in the center of the crown until the desired function is selected. The hand at 4 o’clock will indicate W, D or H accordingly.

Date display
Semi-instantaneous, vertical window at 11 o’clock.

Winding Mechanism In addition to the automatic and crown-winding functions, a fast-winding mechanism has been developed.
It allows for fast rewinding when the watch is stopped. Pressing the push-piece at 8 o’clock 125 times fully winds the barrel. This feature is ideal for fast rewinding after a long period of non-wearing.

Variable Inertia High-Frequency Balance High-Frequency
The free-sprung balance oscillates at a frequency of 5Hz (36,000 vph), offering better reliability in the event of shocks, movement assembly and disassembly, while also ensuring better timing results and more accurate timekeeping over a longer period. This new balance from Richard Mille is accurate to 1/10 of a second, making it ideal for split-second chronographs used in sporting conditions.
No need to adjust the hands, more precise and repeatable adjustments are possible thanks to 4 small adjustable weights directly on the balance.

Variable Geometry Rotor
The replica RM 65-01 uses a newly designed variable geometry to optimize the winding motion of the rotor.
Rotor specifications:
– Central flange in grade 5 titanium
– Weight segments in platinum
– Weight segments with 3 possible positions
– Brass wings
– Ceramic ball bearings
– Bidirectional winding system
This new and exclusive Richard Mille design allows efficient adjustment of the mainspring winding according to the user’s activity level (sporty or non-sporting environment).

By adjusting the 3-position weight, the rotor’s inertia is modified to speed up the winding process during leisurely arm movements or to slow it down during sports activities. This invention allows the movement’s winding mechanism to be optimized and personalized to the wearer’s lifestyle.

Fast-rotating barrel (6 hours per revolution instead of 7.5)
This barrel offers the following advantages:
– Significantly reduces the periodic sticking of the internal mainspring, thus improving performance.
– Provides an excellent mainspring delta curve with an ideal power reserve/performance and regularity ratio.

The bridges and case are spline screws in grade 5 titanium,
This allows for better control of the torque applied to the screws during assembly. These screws are not affected by physical handling during assembly or disassembly and have a long service life.

Key Features
Movement dimensions: 31.78 x 29.98 mm
Thickness: 8.69 mm
Jewels: 51
Balance: Glucydur®, 4 arms, moment of inertia 7.5 mg•cm2, lift angle 53°
Frequency: 36,000 vph (5 Hz)
Balance spring: AK3
Index compilation: Triovis n° 2
The design and construction of this watch demonstrates a highly conceptual holistic approach to movement, case and dial. As a result, everything is manufactured to extremely exacting specifications, using analytical engineering methods used in Formula 1 car design, with chassis and engine developed in complete harmony.
For example, case rings are no longer used and the movement is mounted on chassis mounting rubbers (ISO SW) secured by grade 5 titanium screws. These features are evidence of uncompromising craftsmanship.
The three-part case is water-resistant to 50 meters and sealed by 2 Nitrile O-rings. The case is assembled with 20 spline screws in grade 5 titanium and wear-resistant washers in 316L stainless steel.

Made of microblasted, polished and satin-finished grade 5 titanium, with double sealing O-ring and rubber ring.

Internal flange
Made of carbon fiber and filled with approved luminous material.

Dial: Sapphire crystal
(thickness: 0.35 mm), anti-reflective treatment on both sides, protected by 8 silicon brackets embedded in the upper and lower grooves.
Chronograph counters in titanium.

: Sapphire crystal (1,800 Vickers hardness), anti-reflective treatment on both sides.
Thickness: 1.50 mm
: Sapphire crystal, anti-reflective treatment on both sides.
Thickness: 1.20 mm at the center; 2.04 mm at the outer edge


Baseplate and bridges in titanium, wet-blasted, PVD and plasma treated
Hand-bevelled and polished
Hand-polished locking parts
Polished pivots
Diamond-polished sinks
Pinions with undercuts
Steel parts

Sapphire-blasted surfaces
Hand-bevelled and polished
Screw slots and screws are beveled and polished with rounded tips

Concave chamfers with diamond tool
Rounded decorative surfaces
Beveled wheels with sandblasted bevels
Rhodium-plated (before cutting teeth)
Minimal modifications to the wheels to maintain geometry and performance