Jacob & Co – Astronomia Sky and Twin Turbo

Jacob & Co replica has always been known for bold innovation and pushing boundaries. This year, the company celebrates 30 years in the luxury goods industry. Founder Jacob Arabo began his career in 1986 with jewelry and a passion for watchmaking. Jacob & Co became a watchmaking company in 2002. In 2014, we saw a prototype of the Astronomia movement, which we reported on here. This year, they announced a new version. Also announced this year is the equally bold Twin Turbo, featuring a bi-axial tourbillon and minute repeater.

Jacob Arabo: Founder and Visionary
Founder and CEO Jacob Arabo started from scratch. He came to the United States at age 14 and began working as a jewelry apprentice. At 17, he opened his own studio, supported by a more experienced partner who provided him with the credibility to seek funding and clients. As a manufacturer, he made jewelry for other brands and soon began creating his own jewelry line and opening his own flagship store in New York, which is still open today.

In 2002, Jacob & Co entered the watchmaking industry with the launch of a quartz five-time zone watch. This watch looks gorgeous, with a brightly colored dial and a very large case. In 2012, Jacob & Co opened its first watchmaking workshop in Geneva. Back in 2005, Jacob & Co attracted attention with its first mechanical watch, the Quenttin, a timepiece with a 31-day power reserve and a vertical tourbillon. This Lange 31 also has a 31-day power reserve and was launched in 2007. We first saw the Gravitational Triple Axes Astronomia Tourbillon in 2014. high quality fake watches

Jacob & Co Astronomia Sky Celestial Panorama Gravity Triaxial Tourbillon Watch
When we saw the photos/computer renderings of this watch, the visual impact gave us goosebumps. The 2014 Astronomia Gravitational Triple-Axis Tourbillon is already an extremely complex watch. The new Astronomia Sky takes this challenge even further. Added to the list of complications are a star display in a three-dimensional display and an oval sky indicator with a 24-hour day and night display.

Jacob&Co Twin Turbo Twin Three-Axis Tourbillon Minute Repeater
The second watch launched this year is another stunning complication. To mark its 30th anniversary, Jacob & Co launches a sporty Grande Complication watch.

The world’s first, double three-axis tourbillon and minute repeater. As if a triple-axis tourbillon wasn’t enough, Jacob & Co also boldly included two triple-axis tourbillons in a single movement. Via a balancing system (in press release language, we guess this means using a differential system), the tourbillon maintains a constant rate of 40 seconds, 3 minutes and 4 minutes per cycle and rotates symmetrically at the same speed. This must be an unparalleled visual feast. cheap watches for sale

The chiming system uses a cathedral gong system and is a digital chime, meaning it can chime the hours, strike 10 minutes (instead of the traditional 15 minutes) and strike the minutes. This may be the fourth timepiece to use this decimal timekeeping system. The first is probably the Voutilainen decimal timepiece, and the other two are the Credor minute repeater and the Lange Zeitwerk minute repeater.

We heard the Jacob & Co minute repeater watch in early 2014 and were amazed by its sound quality and power of striking the time. So we were imagining what a Twin Turbo watch would sound like.

The bold and innovative spirit of the Jacob & Co brand is also imprinted on the sports design. Not only does this replica watches for men look sporty with its titanium and carbon fiber case, but its design is also inspired by cars.