Swiss Urwerk UR-100 space-time watch

Launched the world’s first: Urwerk UR-100 space-time watch

Astronomers, scientists and time researchers – here is a fake watches for sale for you. This is also what watch collectors dream of dreaming about: three-dimensional art, watches and scientific works, limited editions, limited quantities, from one of the most powerful small independent brands on the market. I mean, will it get better? The answer is yes. Please be patient until you learn more about Urwerk’s new UR-100 SpaceTime watch.

Urwerk UR-100 GunMetal Watch Replica

A preliminary impression of the Urwerk UR-100 space-time concept
Finally, you will have to read my impressions of this watch because if I tell you what I think now, I will provide a lot of information for this astronomical miracle before explaining its meaning or how it works. However, I said this: Wow. From aesthetic design to superb technical watchmaking and scientific achievements, this watch has everything.

I also want to say that back in 1997, when co-founders Martin Frei and Felix Baumgartner launched their first replica swiss watches under the Urwerk brand (a combination of “Ur” (original) and “Werk” (achievement)), I’ve gone halfway. I have been a watch reporter for more than 30 years. Even then, I was stunned.

By developing orbiting satellite disks that orbit satellites and orbits (usually only some parts of the disks are displayed in innovative cases), Urwerk quickly established its own name and became an innovation and pioneer .

In short, Urwerk captures what other brands haven’t before: mastery of time and machinery. Since then, Urwerk (which produces only about 150 watches a year) has always impressed me with its groundbreaking ideas and unique performance, and has attracted watch collectors worldwide. The latest UR-100 space is no exception, let’s get started.

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Urwerk UR-100 space-time concept
Before diving into the technical specifications of this watch’s incredible movement and features, we need to dig deeper into the science and inspiration behind it. The imatation watch was inspired by the 19th-century pendulum clock (originally made by Gustav Sanders at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago) by the father of Felix Paulcana. (By the way, it was the same World Expo, and young George W. Ferris introduced his now famous Ferris wheel.)

However, the clock with adjuster dial is not designed to display time in hours and minutes, but in equatorial time. It shows the rotation distance of the earth at the equator. A complex equation-and even more complicated mechanics-constructs a clock to track the movement of the Earth, which is always in motion.

It’s perfect for the era of scientists and explorers and fascinates many. Since having the clock, Baumgartner has been fascinated by it and has miniaturized its possibilities for the wrist.

“We live in a universe controlled by three dimensions (time, rotation, and orbit), and we try to measure and master it, but what escapes us is the concept of time and space,” said Urwerk’s chief watchmaker and joint Founder Baum Gartner said.

Urwerk UR-100 spatiotemporal features and functions
Urwerk first showed the movement of the earth around the equator in a high quality replica watches. In fact, even if we are standing still, we are still part of the celestial body that continues to move. Yes, we are always moving forward.

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In order to record the time and distance traveled, Urwerk set out to create a complex movement that combines its hovering hour function with a tracking and measurement function to subtly serve the journey through time and space.

Essentially, the watch is equipped with a satellite dish that displays the time in hours and minutes and the distance traveled through space. Therefore, the name is: UR-100 SpaceTime.

In the UR-100, the red arrow pointing to the lower part of the dial usually has a corresponding hour indicator above it for easy reading of the hours and minutes. When the number of minutes reaches 60 (located on the lower part of the dial), the hours on the satellite disk change, and the red arrow jumps back to zero and starts tracking the minutes again.

However, in this watch, the red arrow does not indicate jumping back to the minute to restart the hour tracking, but passes under the auxiliary dial invisible to the wearer and reappears to show the astronomy of the distance traveled on the earth and on the earth Instructions. The distance traveled by the earth.