MB & F replica watch a flying tourbillon

In 2015, on the 10th anniversary of the brand, many new machines appeared. The first is that HMX truly commemorates this anniversary, especially collectors ’trust in the brand, because this copy watch is directly prepared for them and sold to them at a low price. Yes, you heard it right. But 2015 also marked the first collaboration with the historic watchmaker L’Epée, but this time with Melchior to communicate in time, this is only the beginning of a very creative and fruitful cooperation between the two. But 2015 did not stop there, because we used Legacy Machine Perpetual to launch one of the most beautiful perpetual calendar watches in recent history. This watch is absolutely amazing, of course it is my dream,

Basically, the base month of the replica watch is 28 days, and then the mechanic manages the exceptions for 29, 30, and 31 days. In other QPs, the situation is quite the opposite, which means that the reference month is 31 days, which changes everything, especially to be able to develop a completely secure QP, which means that users can use it to safely change the date, month, and even year indications . Find simple buttons around the case. If you do not operate QP very consciously (for example, changing the date at a specific time), it may be a headache. Therefore, this timepiece adds huge ergonomics to one of my favorite complications, and it looks very beautiful. 2016 marked the second collaboration with L’Epée and Sherman, another desktop clock robot, followed by Balthazar, a double-sided guy sitting behind me,

But if you follow me correctly, where did HM7 go? Well, the HM7 Aquapod was actually launched in 2017, and yes, this is another rather crazy timepiece with a sporty appearance and a shape inspired by the Haiel. In the same year, we saw the LM split escapement system, this time finding the anchor of the adjustment mechanism on the movement side, and only the balance wheel on the dial side.

This development is a direct prerogative of LM Perpetual, because on this watch, they simply do not have enough space to assemble all of them together and have to split it apart, which is different from LM1, which regulates all organ parts Both are pretty close to the balance wheel and the escapement. In 2017, we also saw Octopod, a new collaboration product with L’Epee. This alien design is almost scary. In 2018, HM9 Flow was born. It is a very spectacular double-balance timepiece. It was inspired by the design of airplanes and cars in the 1940s. In the 1950s, MB & F repica once again went a long way in bold design. Okay, I will stop here, it may last a long time, because there are many variants of all these models on top of all the different models that are triggered, and these variants also deserve special attention.