A new watchmaking legend-Richard Mille


A brand new watchmaking legend begins with a dazzling first chapter.

Richard Mille REPLICA is proud of cutting-edge research, unprecedented craftsmanship in handmade jewelry, exquisite artwork and of course the intersection of the most complex watchmaking industry, RM HJ-01 It is a breathtaking collection to be able to firmly enter the cherished architecture and art references of Cécile Guenat, the creative and development director of Richard Mille, the fine jewelry watchmaking industry.

Cécile Guenat (Cécile Guenat) proposed this vision, he chose to explore her unique Richard Mille identity (the brand ’s identity) through her background in high-level jewelry and her interest in Art Déco Iconic wine box case). Her creative process has enabled her to draw on the luxury cigarette case that combines function and luxury, as well as the unique fascination with architecture for this artistic period.

The result is four extraordinary replica watches made with striking visual lines and breathtaking precious materials. Three pieces are white gold and one piece is red gold. Cécile defines the main colors of these four beautifully crafted “jewels” around four gems: ruby, sapphire, purple sapphire and emerald. Everyone deconstructs the barrel form, exploring the concepts of volume, depth, curves and lines in an architectural way. Cécile decided to balance the curves of the case with complex geometric shapes and line patterns. At the same time, choose to use gems in three different environments: snow, closed and grain inlay, which adds a modern sense to the decoration and emphasizes the role of contrast. It took more than a year to make this case.

As for the dial, its diagonal curves inward, making the work full of vitality and rhythm. The diamond-shaped flange under the crystal carefully extends the lines of the bezel, providing a sense of structure and elegance. This beautiful flourish is not an imprudent choice, because it adds a layer of technical complexity in placing hands and mobile devices into a limited space. But as always, for brands, when visual continuity is threatened, complexity is not a recognized obstacle.

For functional and aesthetic considerations, the black ceramic of the bottom cover was chosen. In addition to being lightweight and durable, this material has extraordinary fine particles and can be processed eternally like an Egyptian statue. As a result, due to the heat dissipation properties of the special ceramics, its silk-like texture has a soothing hug and will never be too cold or too hot. At the same time, the majestic ebony color carefully set off the jewelry mechanism, as if placed on the base.

Through the interaction of gemstones of different colors and sizes, the case and bezel exhibit an absolutely modern asymmetry. The platinum and gold dials are also decorated with decorative stones that drive the automatic movements of these advanced Joaillerie timepieces. In the new, subtle “twist” of the series, the brand’s famous spline screw has been redesigned for the first time, using floral prints here. The lines of the buckle have also been reworked, with a stunning effect, set with gems. Many of these details provide visual contrast and enhance the striking lines of these works.

These four outstanding timepieces combine the fine watchmaking techniques of fine watches with the arts and crafts of fine jewelry.