Do you like your own RM’Bubba Watson ‘?

The Masters 2018: Bubba Watson wears RM 38-01 Tourbillon G-type sensor

Some of the world ’s greatest golfers went to Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia to compete in the hope of winning the Masters ’$ 11 million prize.After a few tense days, the dark horse of the game, American Patrick Reed (Patrick Reed) topped the list and won the famous green suit jacket for himself. Although each player’s outstanding performance impressed the loyal fans, for me, the highlight of this tournament is to appreciate the wrist copy men watch.

Golf legend Gerry “Bubba” Watson may not have won the game, but his style can certainly score. Watson wore Richard Mille’s RM 38-01 t ourbillon g-sensor watch all weekend.

RM-38-01 Tourbillon G sensor “Bubba Watson”
Over the past eighteen years, Richard Mille has produced some really good watches designed to withstand the impact of demanding sports such as tennis, F1 racing and golf. In a seven-year partnership between Richard Mille and Bubba Watson, the two released a series of beautiful and well-designed watches, such as RM 038, RM 055 and RM 38-01.

After being selected for its powerful driving force, Bubba Watson watches was selected to test the reliability and durability of the RM 38-01 t tourbillon g sensor.

The large watch has a width of 42.70 mm and a thickness of 16.15 mm. The case is made of grade 5 titanium alloy and has a white rubber shell for protection. The watch also has a ceramic green bezel made of TZP, which is highly scratch resistant and provides a clean and smooth surface. The bezel and case are secured together by many grade 5 titanium alloy screws and steel anti-scratch washers, making the part water-resistant up to 50 m.

Modern materials such as TZP and grade 5 titanium are rarely used in watchmaking, but because of their corrosion resistance and durability, they are often used in the aerospace and automotive industries. Richard Mille is the only luxury men watch manufacturer in the world that uses these materials, making RM one of the most reliable and high-quality watches in the world.

G sensor
Perhaps the most iconic feature of this watch is the patented g-sensor. The g-force indicator is located at 12 o’clock, allowing golfers like Bubba Watson to track the force generated by their swings. The scale can measure accelerations of up to 20 g (green striped hand indicates on the scale) and is easily reset by a pusher at 9 o’clock.

Although the dial does not provide a lot of information such as the date, chronograph and power reserve display, the RM 38-01 does have an unusual g-force indicator and an amazing skeleton dial. The shown floor and bridge are made of the same grade 5 titanium alloy, thus ensuring the best performance of the internal mechanism.

Richard Mille ’s main goal has always been to “make his watch strong and durable”. The RM 38-01 has a white rubber strap and an adjustable titanium buckle, which allows the watch to fit the wearer’s wrist and will not be noticed during exercise.

Do you like your own RM’Bubba Watson ‘?