Luxury diving watch “the strongest white warrior”, is the Athens watch?

Today, I would like to say a rare, but very handsome watch, the new Diver X dive watch from Athens “White Warrior” (the official name is the Diver X Antarctic model from the Athens diving series).

Senior players know that in China, watches with all black colors are commonly known as “Black Warriors”; watches with all white colors are commonly known as “White Warriors”.

There are relatively many “Black Warriors” in the famous watches circulating in the market. Like Panerai 1441, 292; Hublot’s all-black big bang; Blancpain’s all-black 50 fathoms; Cartier’s all-black and blue balloons, Santos, and many brands have “black warriors”. The “White Warrior” is relatively rare on the market. For example, the “White Warrior” has Blancpain white 50 fathoms, Zenith white DEFY, and Audemars Piguet white royal oak. This is also because the “Black Warrior” with a completely black color scheme can use a black ceramic shell or PVD and DLC black plating for the quality replica watches. The “white warrior” with white color matching has few white crafts except for white ceramics.

The most important thing about the “White Warrior” is that the men’s watch with all white colors is really hard to read. Therefore, there are very few “historically successful white warriors”. However, when I saw this “white warrior” in Athens, I found that the white color scheme in Athens was too handsome, and the face value was very high. Millions, not comparable).

In the Diver X diving watch of Athens, the white “White Warrior” is very conspicuous.

Athens Diver X diving watch “White Warrior”, what kind of watch?

At present, there are two types of dive watches in Athens, one is the entry model and the other is the high-end model.

Entry model: Diver 42, 42mm, steel case, large three-pin, using the improved universal movement of Athens.

High-end model: Diver Chronometer 44, 44 mm, titanium case, small three-pin (with dynamic storage display), using the UN118 movement produced in Athens.

Among them, experienced players and Athens fans are familiar with the Athens “Great White Shark” and the Athens Diver X “Antarctic”, these two Athens “White Warriors” are special versions of the Diver Chronometer 44 (limited edition) ). Therefore, from the “White Warrior” in Athens, we can also see what level of high-end diving watches in Athens.

Athens Diver X Antarctic “White Warrior”, size 44 mm, using titanium shell, waterproof 300 meters. The size of 44 mm is a bit larger in the diving watch, but after using the titanium case, the weight of the watch is greatly reduced. I once compared the weight of the same watch, the steel case version and the titanium case version. The titanium case has a very obvious weight reduction effect and is much lighter. The case of the Diver X Antarctic “White Warrior” in Athens is brushed on the outer edge of the case and bezel. The nameplate on the side of the case has a limited number of numbers. Large-area drawing is also a consistent treatment method for luxury diving watches.

The most prominent thing about the Diver X “White Warrior” in Athens is the white bezel. Diver X “White Warrior” uses a white rubber bezel. The white rubber bezel has the iconic “record” pattern of Athens. The bezel is slightly tilted inward and concave. There are raised numbers and scales on the bezel. Among them, the ice blue “0” at 12 o’clock. Athens diving watches often use rubber bezels. Rubber bezels can be made in various colors. As you all know, Omega Seamaster Marine Universe “Quarter Orange”, in fact, orange is also rubber (now rubber rings are resistant Aging, this can be assured). On the outer edge of the bezel, there is a zigzag shape, which is also a major feature of the Athens diving watch. The shoulder pads of the crown are also white rubber.

The face of Diver X “White Warrior” in Athens is very bright, and a huge “X” shape on the plate is very conspicuous. The “X” pattern is brushed. The “X” and the grainy silver-gray disc surface create a contrast under light. The “X” pattern is prominent. At the same time, the granular silver-gray disc surface has a “bright crystal” flickering effect, which is very beautiful. The layout of the Diver X “White Warrior” in Athens maintains the consistent characteristics of the Athens sailing watch, that is, the top is the power display, the center is the hour and minute, and the bottom is the small second hand. This layout is also the layout of nautical clocks in history. The hands and square time scales of the watch have large areas of luminous light. At the same time, the scales on the dial, the dynamic storage display, and the small seconds dial are decorated with ice blue, echoing the characteristics of the Antarctic. Watch calendar, at 6 o’clock.

The Diver X “White Warrior” in Athens uses the UN118 automatic movement produced in Athens. Self-produced movements like Rolex, Omega, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, Blancpain, etc. are familiar to everyone. Athens may have less contact, but I must say that UN118 is a very good movement. Around 2011 and 2012, I often ran between Beijing and Shanghai due to work at that time. At that time, I happened to see an exhibition in Athens in Shanghai. At that time, I remember that the UN118 movement was just released, and I also knew this movement. Athens UN118 movement, 260 parts, 28800 swings per hour, 60 hours of power, fine-tuning balance with non-caliper weights, magic lever winding, 50 jewel bearings, certified by the Observatory.

The most outstanding place of UN118 movement is the escapement and hairspring using diamond silicon crystal. As everyone knows about silicon escapements and silicon hairsprings, what are diamond silicon crystals? Athens diamond silicon crystal is a layer of diamond coating on the surface of silicon material. The biggest advantage is that the smoothness and self-lubricating ability of diamond silicon crystals is stronger than that of ordinary silicon materials. No lubrication is needed to improve transmission efficiency. The escape fork, escape wheel and hairspring of the UN118 movement are all made of diamond silicon crystals. Diamond silicon crystal technology is unique to Athens. At the same time, the company that produces diamond silicon crystals is controlled by Athens. The silicon technology in Swiss watches is basically monopolized by Athens, Patek Philippe, Rolex and Swatch Group, of which Athens’ technology is very advanced. Because the Diver X “White Warrior” in Athens is densely bottomed, the movement cannot be seen (the regular version of Diver Chronometer 44 is transparent, UN118 movement).

Athens Diver X “White Warrior” uses white tape. We can notice that on the Diver Chronometer 44 of Athens, Diver X diving watch tape, there is a metal section, there are some lettering and patterns on the metal section. This metal section is not dead, it is movable. This metal section is to make the tape fit the wrist better. This is a unique design in Athens.

We can see that it is different from the three most representative professional diving watches in the watch, Rolex Water Ghost, Omega Seamaster, Blancpain 50 Fathoms. The Diver X Antarctic “White Warrior” in Athens generally emphasizes the design and luxury of the watch. The “professional sense” and “tool sense” of water ghosts, seahorses, and 50 fathoms are stronger, while the “white warriors” in Athens are even more cool. So some players said that they think Athens Diver X is more like a “yacht watch” (more emphasis on luxury and precision), I also agree with this view.

In the past two years, Athens has completely combined the most advanced technology and face value from FREAK X, manager Skeleton X, and Diver X. From the “Great White Shark” to the Diver X Antarctic, it can make the white color diving best luxury replica watches so beautiful, and it poisons many players. It is very rare in the luxury diving watch.