MB&F Traditional Machine FlyingT Red Gold/Platinum


MB&F Watch Machine HM10’Bulldog’ Another giant watch whose independent brand is unheard of design with its creativity.Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 Invention Piece 1 Vision

The MB&F guys are really full of surprises. On the one hand, the new HM10 “Bulldog” is a typical bold and provocative big man-54x45x24 mm in size-the brand is most famous. But, on the other hand, certain details have never been used in traditional watchmaking, just can’t imagine. First of all, don’t let the modest general indication (we are talking about time monitoring) fool you. Few people currently have a huge emotional impact.

The hours and minutes are displayed through two rotating domes covered with numbers, while the 45-hour power reserve is transmitted in dangerous teeth, hence the nickname of the dog of the watch. As the mainspring is released, the mechanical jaws gradually close. Review fake watch.Now, add two crowns to the picture-one at 11 o’clock and the other at 1 o’clock-you will have the face of a whole dog: the dome that tells the time becomes the eyes, two The crown clearly symbolizes the ears. Does the modern watch industry lack imagination? Well, of course not all.

The new HM10’Bulldog’ manually driven internal movement beats at a frequency of 2.5 Hz, with a titanium case with blue hour and minute domes, and black and black domes with rose gold. Of course, most mechanical materials are carefully processed and can be seen through the surface of many sapphire crystals. Like some recent MB&F watches, this watch displays a huge 14mm balance wheel just below the dome.RICHARD MILLE RM 27-02 Tourbillon Rafael Nadal

MB&F Traditional Machine FlyingT Red Gold/Platinum

Last year’s sensational diamond-free version uses two color schemes.

Last year, the ladies’ watches of the first brand received wide acclaim for their extremely original, but classic-themed appearance and excellent mechanical properties. Although the diamond setting seems very home here, the MB&F guys finally decided to give their customers some other non-rock sugar options from Legacy Machine FlyingT. The case with a diameter of 38.5 mm and a thickness of 20 mm is almost the same. The same is true for the white lacquered sub-dial tilted at 7 o’clock, with blue snake-shaped hands indicating hours and minutes.

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The magnificent automatic movement part rises above the dial, including the magnificent flying tourbillon, which rotates once every 60 seconds. The watch beats at a moderate frequency of 2.5 Hz and has a comfortable power reserve of over 100 hours. The black or blue dial now has an exquisite guilloche pattern, rather than a sea of ​​diamonds or a simple pure black surface. Although the brand does not really emphasize this fact, for watch lovers, there is absolutely no legal obstacle to buying Legacy Machine FlyingT on their own. Of course, ladies hardly mind having other options without diamonds, but with this move, MB&F finally took care of the silent elephant in the room.replica watches luxury

The new MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT has two limited editions, each limited edition: a rose gold case with a black dial and a platinum case with a sky blue dial. Swiss copy watch