Richard Mille RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough

Richard Mille Replica Watch Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough RM 53-01

We have introduced the RM 70-01 Tourbillon Alain Prost designed by Richard Mille for cycling. When we came to SIHH 2018, the brand released another sports-themed watch RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough. Pablo Mac Donough is recognized as the best polo player in the world, and this watch is a tourbillon watch that can fight side by side with polo players on horseback.

Frankly speaking, since I have seen Nadal playing tennis wearing an RM 027 tourbillon watch, I feel that Richard Mille’s tourbillon watch will appear in any competition in the future, and it will not surprise me anymore, because the brand has perfectly proven it. The super high shock resistance and endurance of the watch. Later, Richard Mille launched the first polo watch RM 053, and adopted the brand’s rare sealed design (also reminds me of racing watches), because the impact of polo sports is one of the best, so this is nothing. Denial is the icing on the cake for the brand’s tourbillon record. After six years, Richard Mille finally successfully developed and launched the second polo watch RM 53-01 Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough this year. Its design is very different from RM 053. The colorful blue design is extremely eye-catching, and the steel cable movement …Well, I admit that I still have to be surprised by Richard Mille’s ideas and techniques.

Richard Mille Replica Watch Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough RM 53-01

Perhaps in order to cope with the violent impact of the polo match, the RM 053 is equipped with an airtight shape, but the RM 53-01 is the complete opposite, presenting the entire movement clearly. This is also the RM 53 developed by Richard Mille. -01’s core goal: to create a watch that is as strong as a protective gear while also showing the exquisite movement.

First of all, the case of the RM 53-01 is made of TPT carbon fiber. Its light weight, sturdiness and high shock resistance have been proven in many Richard Mille watches. The unique texture of TPT carbon fiber also highlights the sporty style of the watch.

In fact, the watch mirror is a big problem for this work: ordinary sapphire crystals cannot withstand the impact of polo sticks at all, which will cause the watch mirror to break. So Richard Mille collaborated with sapphire crystal expert Stettler and drew inspiration from the car industry to produce a laminated sapphire crystal watch that has never appeared in the industry. It is composed of two layers of sapphire crystals with a thin polyethylene film in the middle. Even if it is directly hit by a polo stick, it will only cause cracks on the surface of the mirror instead of spattering. Although it started from the inability to not be broken, but this is to the greatest extent possible to avoid the problems caused by the broken glass: damage to the movement and injury to the wearer. Of course, Richard Mille will not forget to add an anti-glare coating to the table mirror, in addition to adding an anti-UV coating that can resist ultraviolet rays.

Richard Mille Replica Watch Tourbillon Pablo Mac Donough RM 53-01

To solve the external problems, the RM 53-01 uses a specially developed suspension cable movement to counter the impact with new technology. The movement has two independent splints, one is fixed to the case to support the outer edge splint of the cable system, and the other is the central splint that looks like a suspension, which is the main component of the stable movement parts and winding system . It is connected to the outer edge splint by a steel cable. You can clearly see that the central splint is placed on two braided steel cables. The cable diameter is only 0.27 mm. It is fixed by four tensioners and shuttles between ten pulleys. , By allowing the tension to be evenly distributed, the perfect balance of the entire system is ensured, and the force is eliminated when the movement encounters an impact, achieving a highly effective anti-vibration effect. In addition, the double splint and splint are made of grade five titanium alloy, which also helps to enhance the rigidity of the watch. The design and layout of this movement can be said to be beautiful, but it has a shortcoming, that is, the hour and minute hand will only become a supporting role on this movement, which seems to be unclear when reading. replica watches swiss