2020 NEW Richard Mille RM 72-01 Lifestyle In-House Chronograph

Best Richard Mille RM 72-01 Lifestyle In-House Chronograph Titanium Replica Watch

Case: Titanium,Tonneau
Case diameter : 38.40×47.34 mm
Thickness: 11.68 mm
GLASS: Sapphire
Dial: Skeletonized
Water Resistance Depth: 3.00atm / 30.00m / 100.00ft
Movement: Automatic
BUCKLE: Pin Buckle
STRAP: rubber
Year: 2020
Boxes: common box package without paper
FUNCTIONS: Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date,Flyback Chronograph

Swiss high-end cheap swiss watches company Richard Mille has just released its new RM 11-05. The watch is made of cermet, which is commonly used for bulletproof, external aerospace fuselage components and brakes for racing vehicles.

Gray cermets are created using a process called “rapid sintering”, which involves a combination of classic hot stamping and a series of current pulses. It has incredible mechanical properties, is lighter than titanium, and has a lower density, but is almost the same as Diamond is as hard as 2,360 Vickers. The rest of the watch is equipped with titanium screws, carbon TPT strap and grade 5 titanium back cover. The watch is equipped with an RMAC3 movement, a skeletonized self-winding movement, and is equipped with complicated functions such as a flyback chronograph, GMT function, an annual calendar, a variable geometry rotor and a power reserve of up to 55 hours, depending on the timing The usage of the stopwatch.

Time is not just a matter of technology. This is also the loom that creates great art. The acceleration, repetition and breathing-like movements of the clock constitute the pulsation of life, dance and harmony, which is the inner rhythm of our life force. With a vision of time, Richard Mille created a hybrid watch, which is the intersection of art and technology.

With its curves, warm colors and researched zoom ratio, the RM 72-01 is equivalent to high-tech equipment and metronome. The latest timepieces of the Richard Mille workshop are designed for those who believe that performance should not be achieved at the expense of feeling, and even the best technology must meet the requirements of elegance.

Only famous artists can accept such an ambitious project. Like Richard Mille, choreographer Benjamin Millepied and composer Thomas Roussel have created works full of unique imagination and obsession with perfection .

In the tradition of great jewelers, their determination to achieve perfect balance and harmony in the movement is the guide of their creative process. Every day, they prepare to repeat the same actions a hundred times to produce perfect gestures. ‘I admire the asceticism of Richard Mille very much. I also want to treat myself and my dancers as craftsmen. “Benjamin Millepied, choreographer, ballet creator of the movie “Black Swan”, former head of the Paris Opera, and founder of the Los Angeles dance project, explained Benjamin Millepied. Not surprisingly, his comments are correct in Richard Mille’s team.

And, like Richard Mille, Thomas Roussel and Benjamin Millepied did not hesitate to use the latest technology in their works and adopted technical means Come to surpass your own discipline. Benjamin Millepied (Benjamin Millepied) and Thomas Russell (Thomas Roussel) absorbed heritage and tradition in ballet and orchestra respectively, bringing their art to life in an absolutely modern way. They produce unique works that combine the essence of their own discipline with their own contemporary sensibility. It is this combination of science and human emotion that makes them almost logically motivated the watch factory to participate in this new project.

In order to foreshadow the new star RM 72-01 in the dome of Richard Mille, the two artists decided to create a new bizarre work, which was quickly integrated into the film medium WITHI N. And chose to shoot in the middle of the Joshua Tree Desert, which is surrounded by arid terrain of rocks and sand. Millepied explained: “This project requires the creation of endless scenery in endless time.” Indeed, the harsh mineral environment enhances the nobility and beauty of Richard Mille’s preferred materials.

The landscape center formed by Benjamin Millepied in time and space evokes the earliest origins of mankind, and it induces the expression of human primitive energy. In turn, female and male dancers respond to each other, releasing natural vitality through unorganized organic double dance. The dancers showed obvious influence in the style of Terrence Malick, and captured the spontaneous, instinctive movements of the couple brilliantly. ‘I like to shoot such raw energy in such a landscape. In order to capture something more vivid, real, and sincere, I specially gave them great freedom. ’

The sublime environment proves Thomas Roussel’s inspiration. Not surprisingly, composers have been fascinated by metaphysical issues for many years. For example, in his 2015 work “Prequell”, he set gravitational waves in the music to show time warp. ‘Because Richard Mille’s film project attracted time and space, I was immediately attracted. I have created music, and the time in it can be reproduced and copied by myself to adapt to the work.

Inspiration comes from emotions” explains Roselle. The composer starts from the sample of the watch’s stopwatch function and injects rhythm, which is a musical rhythm that matches the dancer’s raw, unfettered energy. Around the vibrant tourbillon, Thomas ·Thomas Roussel weaves repetitive and mysterious original music. The percussion keeps the beat as if for a few seconds. As a return to our roots, this common work brings us back to the past, to the core of soil, stone and water The elements become the cradle of mankind.

In order to restore this special piece in time, 50 musicians from the famous London Symphony Orchestra created it in a real and time-honored context (the recording studio of St. Luke’s Church, London). RM 72-01 embodies the original pulse of movement in its own way, that is, the fusion of human body, sound and time. top luxury replica watches